Thursday, May 5, 2016

Made Through Soccer, What We Can Learn From Soccer

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Yesterday, I watched Manchester City play against Real Madrid in a match that ended 1-0 in favor of Real Madrid who are in the finals of the UEFA Champions League finals against Athlectico Madrid in a Spanish affairs finals to be played at San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy, on 28 May 2016.

I was supporting Manchester City with reasons only know to me even though I think they weren't in their best form and Real Madrid deserved the win, was it fatigue or they were just beaten to their game?

Real Madrid expressed the greatest determination to seal the slot to the finals and a big congratulations to their former player who is now the head coach Zinedine Zidane. This is an impressive performance from Zidane, I love all the substitutes he brought to play who added some great impact pressing forward. From my diary of soccer playing and coaching, the best way to defend is to keep the ball and attack as much as possible and if you can add the extra goals the better.

What is the secret of a great coach that can be replicated in organizations and company’s leadership?

This is what I learn from soccer since I started playing and now coaching a community club at grass-root part time at Mathare North Rangers F.C in Mathare North, Nairobi. These philosophies informs my decision making in other unrelated quotas like work, building teams, leading other among others.

Top ten lessons from my diary as a community coach and player;

  1. You have to be present during the match to win the game studying the way your team is playing and not forgetting the opponents.
  2. The coach should be ‘fit’ for demonstrations, lead by example be an aspiration for others and not act like BOSS in the colonial era.
  3. Your character and overall personality in dealing with conflict, decisions and most important building a team.
  4. Your knowledge, experience, skills will also earn you credits don't forget your CV or portfolio. What else have you done?
  5. Have a strategy and adapt to situations.
  6. How do you handle your star players on and off the field just don't forget the star player can't play a lone this a team sports develop many other stars has we have witnessed with Leicester City winning the premier league.
  7. The players should be well facilitated, treat the team with high level of professionalism, full stops! There are friends to the coach and sometime brothers or even sons playing for the team that you coach, how you treat the relationship will also earn you winning mileage.
  8. Plan for transitions and this can be either players moving to other clubs or even getting injuries. Sign the ideal players and make it a process that is why the top clubs work with their academies to develop talents to scouts in finding the future season signing to join the club. This isn’t an event, it is a process.
  9. Have some time for social time that the players can join in with their families or even watch a match together as witnessed by Leicester City players who joined Jamie Vardy at his home to watch the crucial match that was the title decider for their club.
  10. How do you handle a win, a draw and a loss in points or a crucial match or at the finals. Do you blame or you use the situation to develop new strategies if the contract allows. If the contract ends how do you redeem yourself as a coach, what is you come back strategy?

What is your take? Please use #Coach if you are coach of any club from the grassroots etc, #SoccerFan if you are a fan

The below video documents my soccer journey; No destination I will keep inspiring many young people to use their skills and talents in any platforms and soccer is one my pathways.

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