Saturday, September 24, 2016

IAM inBORN Kenyan

Who Am I?

Do you call yourself a Kenyan? Which category do you belong?

1. By Birth
2. By Tribe
3. By Name
4. By Marital status
5. By Dual citizenship

WHAT ELSE?  No matter what you believe in let all embrace diversity inside Out. This is called InBorn.

IAM InBorn

#IAM inBORN Kenyan

As designers we need to claim our space by making great expression that will build the Kenya we want. This design is inspired by the philosophy of inside out values, whereby preaching and  doing what we believe in a prosperous nation devoid of tribalism, impunity, discrimination just  to mention but a few. It is a celebration of our diversity, love, unity and peaceful coexistence in building a great Kenya for all built on the firm foundation of generations that foster greater values that will live beyond the test of time.

“It might be easy to be a a citizen of any nation but being patriotic requires more than changing your name" Wilson Masaka founder, Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Using my work, skills, talent and time I have been working on positive change projects for example T-shirt design and sports venture among others. Today I’m proud to official launch the IAM inBorn Campaign.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Career 101; Are you a great designer,

#Career101 Are you a great designer, good designer or... I have been teaching graphic design for more than 11 years now and I still strive to learn more and more... #InfiniteLearning #LifeLongLearning If there's one thing that will make you not become a great designer is by...

#Career101 #WorldOfWork

Please select the 5 most important factors when considering a job opportunity.

Source: Linkedin

1. Culture that fits my personality
2. Good work/life balance
3. A place I would be proud to work
4. Strong career path
5. Strong employee development
6. Values employees contributions
7. Job security
8. Excellent compensation & benefits
9. Internal transfer opportunities
10. Challenging work
11. Flexible work arrangements
12. A company with a long-term strategic vision
13. Ability to make an impact
14. Good relationship with your colleagues
15. Good relationship with your superiors

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

+throughMylens - Photography Journey

As a Visual Communication Designer, I major in Copy writing, Photography, Web, Print and Video, in general it’s about content creation. I’m a strong advocate of authentic content production and my inspiration comes from many sources. In my photography journey dubbed +throughMyLens I seek to document the positive side of life especially challenging the usual narrative of Africa being a continent of poverty, diseases, crime etc. whereby encouraging the next generation of Africans to proactively build a sustainable Africa by celebrating the good side and most of all telling our stories and not leaving it to predetermined scripts.

 I want to show the other side part of the coin in the story of Africa which wouldn’t make it to the front page of any newspaper because it isn’t termed as news as per their script. I’m a self taught person and I started photography back in 2008 and currently still learning how best to sharpen my skills and later monetizing the skills for quality and affordable prices by training others.