Thursday, September 22, 2016

Career 101; Are you a great designer,

#Career101 Are you a great designer, good designer or... I have been teaching graphic design for more than 11 years now and I still strive to learn more and more... #InfiniteLearning #LifeLongLearning If there's one thing that will make you not become a great designer is by...

#Career101 #WorldOfWork

Please select the 5 most important factors when considering a job opportunity.

Source: Linkedin

1. Culture that fits my personality
2. Good work/life balance
3. A place I would be proud to work
4. Strong career path
5. Strong employee development
6. Values employees contributions
7. Job security
8. Excellent compensation & benefits
9. Internal transfer opportunities
10. Challenging work
11. Flexible work arrangements
12. A company with a long-term strategic vision
13. Ability to make an impact
14. Good relationship with your colleagues
15. Good relationship with your superiors

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