Monday, November 21, 2016

It Wasn't Me

Failure Vs. Success.
Is it I or We? #Leadership101

There are many types of leaders out there, and the subject here isn't about experience, academic, knowledge and skills. But there are only two things that separate the good versus great leaders or even think of mediocre leaders to bad ones.

An average leader

An average leader mostly use the phrase I... when they succeed and when failure comes knocking they will use WE.. even when it was their mistake!

Good Leaders

Good leaders will use WE... always without accounting for their actions and seems not responsible until there's a clear success.

Great Leaders

They will always give credit when it is due, they will go the extra mile of appreciating their junior staff for their dedication and contribution. They are not biased and they are ready to face the situation head-on and offer clear direction. When failure sets in and it is them who caused it, they will admit by saying or confirming to their team I FAILED... and when they succeed, they appreciate the team as WE... and they know when to account for I... 

What type of leader are you? 

How many leaders do you know who admits when they fail? Failure is the greatest opportunity for learning many ways of doing things better.

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