Monday, November 14, 2016

Personal Branding

Which of the following fits your brand as at 2016. #RealityCheck #TheChampionInYou #PowerBrand

  1. You get paid for appearing at an event.
  2. You get paid for performing at an event, 1 minute is billed in thousands or millions. 
  3. You get mentioned in your absence as a great model. 
  4. People like hanging around you and your activities, they get motivated with your posts, speech and aspirations. 
  5. People name themselves after you AKA's and their siblings. 
  6. You get paid / recognized because of your talents and skills.
  7. You will be definitely be missed if you decide to leave either work, team etc.
  8.  You have received recommendation from more than three people for an assignment. 
  9. You are a brand ambassador of different causes and institutions. 
Choose three! What else is missing?

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