Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Office Isn’t the Place to Source for Creativity

I got a chance for the last 2 days to spend time off my office desk and from the usual routines like traffic jam, long to-do list, long hours of work just to mention but a few. Even though I was still at work, the environment provided bundles of unlimited creativity at a place called Maazoni lodge in Machakos County. I have come to recognize and appreciate how the mind works better and in different ways when exposed to different environments and challenging situations.

I would like to share these moments hoping that you will be inspired; by the way you don't need sophisticated equipment or latest model of DSLR camera to make a great photo, everything depends with all you can see and capture, and with the advent of smart phones you can make amazing photos for your blog and other social media channels.

The important note; your choice of equipment will always depend on the assignment at hand, for example, shooting a full movie using your mobile phone is possible, but you will definitely miss important things like quality sound and lighting, long hours of doing simple stuff, low resolution challenge etc.

Just don’t be over ambitious that is why I have in my tool box a DSLR camera for big assignments like events.

Model:  Infinix HOT 3 LTE

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