Friday, December 2, 2016

A Journey Of a Doer

#Biography Inspired after an interview with Adam JC - NO Fear Of Falling. Looking forward to the podcast :)

Wilson Masaka is a social entrepreneur, photographer, web designer basically he calls himself a Visual Communication Designer (VCD) when it comes to matters ICT while embracing different forms of digital arts as a trainer and practitioner. Currently he serves as a Training Coordinator at NairoBits Trust a hub for training the youth urban informal settlements in creative and innovative skills, entrepreneurship and life skills.

Wilson has played a pivotal role in the last 15 years of employment, setting up other models of the BITS theory in Uganda (Kampala & Arua), Zanzibar and Tanzania (Musoma). Wilson has also founded Wilsen Initiative (Wi) model which trains the youth on how they can use their skills and talent for prosperity.

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My top 10 ingredient for Career Prospect & Person Growth;

This might be unique to me but I hope it will be useful for someone else… If you like it, crown it!



  1. Watch one video a day
  2. Read one article a day
  3. Attend one event a month, build your network.
  4. Write one article a month.
  5. Capture the best moment of learning or ideas. Be present…
  6. Use available tool to illustrate the idea.
  7. Build connection from environment this is called Bio-empathy
  8. Follow relevant individuals and groups on different channels. This is in connection to some meaning that connects to your passion, work, interest etc.
  9.  Endlessly love what you do , don’t wait to be discovered.
  10. Love system and structures. Maintain a daily, weekly and monthly to do list that captures your intention and turn your thought process into action.

I hope there is something you have picked from this list for your action plan in 2017

Season greetings!

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