Saturday, December 17, 2016

Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Every person has a chance to be a millionaire through hardwork, self discipline and most of all mapping your journey towards the future that you want. Poverty is a state of the mind and our behaviors... Even if your are born in a poor family your can turn things a round through genuine means...

The difference between a millionaire and a poor person is that;


  1.  Millionaires know how to spend Kes 2 and make Kes 8.
  2. They will save long term. The future is on their palm.
  3. They have a wide range of financial portfolios and they aspire to create wealth. 
  4. Their money work for them.
  5. They take calculated risk.
  6. They choose their networks carefully.
  7. They have advisors working behind the scene.
  8. Spend 5 save 5 philosophy.
  9.  They will aspire to become billionaires.
  10. Time is a resource and must be spent wisely.
 Poor Person

  1. Get 10 spend all philosophy. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
  2. They work for money and aspire to be rich not wealthy. 
  3. No advisor, hand to mouth philosophy.
  4. They don't choose their networks.
  5. They will save short term.
  6. They will take risks not calculated risks.
  7. One source of income.
  8. They believe they can't be millionaires.
  9. Time to them is a measurement of day and night.
  10. Will live beyond their means. 
 Author Wilson Masaka, founder Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

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