Thursday, December 1, 2016

Entrepreneurnuers Mindset

 Everyday I pass this street next to my neighborhood to board matatu (public transport), I admire the sheer determination of the 4 women selling sweets, biscuits, call cards etc. From my own estimation the total value of their business is less than $30 and mind you they are few steps from each other selling similar products. The questions that I always ask myself are;


  1. What are the profit margins?
  2. Is the business sustainable?
  3. What drives them?
  4. Is there demand?
  5. What makes them wake up early everyday despite the weather?
  6. Is it a matter of competition?
  7. Who do they support with their business?
  8. What would happen if someone could grant them good capital, would they do it big in a better way?
  9. Are they going through tough moment in their life or it’s something to keep them busy?
  10. It is the best location to do the business and did they do some research or it was a gut feeling approach?

#KeyTakeAway The best way to learn as an entrepreneur is to practice no matter how you think of the business.

#SuccessaVsFailure what does success and failure mean to you? #MyTake In every moment of failure there is a part of success experienced.

+throughMyLens Photography:

#TBT a great picture can brighten your day, this is from the archive 2011 +throughMylens as captured.  On my way to Migori, Musoma and Muhuru Bay.

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