Friday, December 9, 2016

NairoBits Digital Garage and Media Lab Graduation 8th December 2016

Yesterday I witnessed another group of brilliant minds ready for the world of work equipped with the necessary skills. I'm one of the pioneer youth who were enroll into NairoBits program in 2000. During our time we experienced a lot of challenges from slow machines, limited internet access, not sure if it was the right course to take, no structure, curriculum, part time trainers, lack of adequate resource, etc. If we made it through all the circumstances anyone else can make it through hard work, self discipline, self starting, continues research, diverse ways of learning and unrelenting desire to make our lives better are among of the things that helped us build NairoBits.

Currently I serve as the Training Coordinator, but I have juggled many other responsibilities in my 16 years tenure in the organization transiting from a student to management levels. At NairoBits 97% of the staff members are alumni and the greatest advantage is in passing the  mantle  of hope, vision, teamwork, skills, hard working, and community service just to mention but a few.

It was a great pleasure leading this year’s graduation and working with inspiring team who are dedicated to matching the best quality in everything they do, these sparks me with new energy and thoughts of how to make our society better.

In a special way I want to thank Emer Beamer (NairoBits Founder), Hester Ezra (NairoBits Founder), Fiona Whelm (NairoBits Founder), Mark Kamau, Ineke Aquarius (NairoBits Founder), Geoffrey Otieno, Don Odera, Faith, Wairimu, Jimmy Ogonga, all my fellow of the year 2000, ex-employees, all the current NairoBits staff and all the NairoBits alumni networks for staying true to the call of our VISION.

Below are some pictures and what was in my mind during the graduation.

#TransformativeLeadership #Leadership101 #ChangeMaking #SustainableDevelopment

If you give people FOOD they will remember you for a moment.
If you give people ORDERS they live not knowing how to do it alone.
If you give people SPACE to try they always think of the next innovation.
If you give people SKILLS they will remember you forever.

A great leader will always strive to make their followers become better leaders than they are! Wilson Masaka – Founder at Wi.

And the winner is...

Awarding one of the best students at the Digital Garage

A big congratulation to all graduates and welcome to world of work. More about NairoBits 

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