Monday, December 19, 2016

The Cracks within The Creative World Of Today.

Where did we go wrong? Where are our moral values? Is the new normal no values? And many other mind boggling questions if you belong to the same school of thought called Values Inside Out (VIO).

The new normal is breaking the rules of the past which some of us call modernization, trends, fashion or development. In some instance, yes, it does apply to have modern ways of doing things, but I think when it comes to the values they should be nurtured for many generations to come and live by the books of our ancestral parents.

Human by nature likes to explore new things and as we grow up we start by being confined into our family values, school values and society value. Generally, what is expected of us as children, teenagers and adults, as soon as we reach a certain age, we break or develop new rules of the game called life that will define how we are going to move forward, even though there isn't a standard age to experience these changes it depends with many factors for example how your family bring you up, extended society and of course how you experience difference transition from a child, teenager and and adulthood. Let us take an example of the music scene as one of the great vehicles of promoting the great values.

Of late, there has been a rush of releasing the latest and hottest music video that can make a lot of sales. The question is do musicians also put great energy in fostering greater values beyond some common subjects?. On the other hand, with the advent of new dance styles dare not ask a kid to dance for your visitors you might end up being embarrassed because there is also what is trending on the best and hottest dancing styles general I call them the dance bait. All the breakdown of the society’s values fabric I attribute to the media influence from both local and international scenes.

Our kids are growing in the most interesting, but very challenging time for the parents in terms of nurturing the values that we want to see. The solution isn't in locking our children in the room or corporal punishment, I think it boils down to building a relationship with your sons and daughters with an open mind and candid communication of course considering the age. Don't forget as parents and guardians we have the biggest share in portraying the best examples.

#CreativeDiary I have had these questions in my mind as a CREATIVE. What makes a great music video in the secular scene? I'm not a musician, neither I'm I trying to be one. I love music from diverse genres... 

#UntoldAnswers How would you described beauty?
And how would you describe creativity? 


  1. Sexism in some secular music. Women aren't object...
  2. Copycats, just twist some words and you are ready to go!
  3. If you want to sell brake the rule. Is this true?
4. Get people guessing or thinking. 
  4. Content vs. Context 
  5. Nowadays you will find how people will sing how it is cool to be drunk and have more than one relationship etc. 
#TheBIGquestion Where are we heading to, what about our moral values? What else? #YourTake What can music do for our nation building? I hope it's not an obvious question

 ARE YOU READY FOR 2017? Here is some inspiration...

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