Sunday, December 18, 2016

The New Dawn, the Power of Social Media in Leadership

 Today I had a great privilege to train and educate a group of women aspirants for the forthcoming 2017 general election on how to effectively use the social media in reaching out to their constituents. Generally technology as changed the way we do things and anyone developing marketing strategies can't put a blind eye on embracing Tech channels, as much as there is a lot of buzz on how social media can reach millions it shouldn't be used as a replacement to other main stream strategies.

Most of the technological advancement has taken some of us by surprise not knowing how to be part of the conversion. The reality is that if you don't adapt with the latest technological advancement you will be out of the game before you even start. The world runs on two philosophies either your shape in or you be shaped out either in education, transport, business, farming, social life and politics which isn't an exception among other sectors. It isn't too late to learn any new skills and as much as tech advancement is well known as the field of the millennial (Generation Y born 1980 - 1995) I believe there's still a chance for baby boomers (born 1946 - 1965) and Generation X (Baby Bust born 1965 to 1979) of developing a strategy around their work while working with a team of youthful experts.

The old tactics of election malpractices should be done away if we want REAL CHANGE. I'm thinking of if our police department can also have EPU, which stands for Election Police Unit, which will be tasked, trained on matter elections that will include pre and post election and any practice that involves technology, etc. I believe REAL CHANGE is achieved through an educated society that is civilized and is also built on the strong pillars of lifelong learning and unrelenting positive values (peace, love and unity).

Mobile telephony as enable us access information at our palm anytime and anywhere but we should still acknowledge that there is a big percentage of voters that don't use most of the social media tools / channels which are in the hundreds. The solution lies in developing marketing strategies, choosing the relevant channels and continues research to understand your demographic before administering any tools. Below are notes I developed that I shared with the Women aspirants in Eastlands. It is my hope by sharing these tips it will help you learn further in developing solid strategies.

Participants sharing the latest post on their FaceBook channel.

 Training the participants on social media strategies learning the WHY before WHAT and HOW

10 TIPS On How to CREATE Authentic Content Remember Content is King, or Should I say Queen too! 
  1. Connect with your VALUES and that you want to see in your followers.
  2. Contribute to what's happening, give your point of view. BE YOURSELF, BE REAL.
  3. Predict the FUTURE from your standpoint.
  4. Create your own EXPRESSION through multiple channels like photography, video etc.
  5. Capture a mood or feeling that will engage your targeted AUDIENCE.
  6. READ widely from social media and mainstream media.
  7. Create a STORY LINE, though, remember less is more.
  8. Speak to a TARGETED audience, for example youth, women etc. 
  9. Understand the WHY before the WHAT and HOW
  10. Be CONSISTENT and think of your BRAND 
 More tips on social media strategies for aspirants for 2017 general elections in Kenya. 
  1. Do it yourself if you have the time, skills and your are passionate about social media. I would still recommend that you have a team of experts help you with the strategies because you will be very busy with matter happening on the ground. 
  2. Join relevant online communities that have the same interest and values as yours – BE ACTIVE!
  3.  Create positive, engaging content that relates to your targeted audience desire, interest etc. 
  4. Don't spread yourself too thin. Start with at least three channels for example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  5. Create relevant content that people can retweet, share, comment and even quote you. Think of your slogan, craft it carefully. Great example that I like; YES WE CAN – Barrack Obama, Make America Great Again- Donald Trump and Stronger Together – Hillary Clinton. 
  6. Follow influential personalities, engage with an online forum, community groups that Link with your VALUES. 
  7. Activate: Tag people and groups, share, comment. Develop multiple content format videos, text, audio, etc. One thing for sure visual rule the game, people don't have time to read long text and that is why twitter us a limit of 140 characters. 
  8. Have experts handle your social media strategies not everyone is a guru as much as they have signed up for any social media channel. You need a team to handle the social media while you concentrate on meet the people tour. 
  9. Develop a plan that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)

“Social media isn't a replacement to your other campaign strategies.” Wilson Masaka – Visual Communication Designer & Founder at Wi.

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