Tuesday, January 17, 2017

10 Things Employers Should Shrive To Learn From Their Employees.

Picture by Olu Eletu - unsplash

  1. What are they passionate about and why do they work for you. 
  2. What is their unique talents and how best can you nurture them.
  3. How can you awaken the sleeping giant in your employees. There should be one extra thing they can do which isn't in their job descriptions. 
  4. Check if their performances is steady or fluctuating and WHY? 
  5. What does growth and appreciation mean to them.
  6. Their personal desires and what is in their wish list for your enterprise. 
  7. Can they work alone and in a team. 
  8. Learn to listen to your employees, the best solution might just be with them. 
  9. Break the patterns and expose your teams to different environment where they can get inspired and learn together.
  10. Teach them how to learn and maintain the culture that makes your brand #WilsonDiary

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