Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Are you the YES type or Otherwise?

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Are you looking for people to join your new initiative or the already existing one?

Here is my 1% tip on recruiting that ideal member.

If you want to go fast get the YES type people in your team and if you want to go FAR get the questioning type.

The difference, of course they're are pro's and cons for any type of a person you enroll into your team. Do your homework especially on soft-skills because technical skills can be trained.

YES - people - Go fast!

1. They want things done but don't like the process.
2. They are already preset in their mind 80% Yes, they will never read to understand the logic.
3. They will be assumed or branded to be the optimists.
4. They only last as much as their energy can take them.
5. They are afraid of questioning or asking.

Questioning Type

1. They will find the WHY's in everything
2. They like process that will lead to already targeted result.
3. They are often mistaken or branded to be pessimists.
4. Hard to convince because they like processing everything the creative and the logic but once everything is all clear they will work and walk with you the extra mile.
5. They tend to be open minded and will seek answers where appropriate.

All the best in 2017

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