Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Next Big Thing

There are many factors that contribute to the next big thing, for example the social factors, political factors, economic factors, education system, the gaps and need in the society, technological factors, emerging market trend just to mention but a few.

On the long list of possibilities and influence, I believe the linchpin is with people linked to something else. Let me expound further on these four basic fundamentals with the launch of the next idea as follows;

People with Ideas

First and foremost, coming up with a solid idea can't survive in randomness and reacting just for the sake of having something in place. No individual or group has a monopoly of idea generation, respect everyone in the system and make a culture of start to finish with traces of accountability. Remember, people in higher position don't necessary have the brilliant ideas.

People with Position

The position you hold in any system or company facilitates either the delay or progression of the idea for the next big thing. It takes a bold leader to work and delegate responsibilities strategically and intelligently to their team. Great leaders will always know when to fine tune the idea and train their team on what next step, this is called teamwork.

On the contrary, delays or death of any idea might happen at this stage if the people with position (management title) don't agree or understand the idea as generated from other levels, doesn't favor their thinking or even worse the value of launching isn't clear.

People with Experience

Nothing outshines experience even if you have the top degrees in the world. The experts with vast experience will always analysis the situation holistically looking at the pros and cons, then correlating best practices before making the jump. At this stage humility is key than ego for anything to work through the next level.

People, Brands and Emerging Markets: 

Lastly, let us not forget people working with big brands in the market also have a big stake of influence, trust and loyalty in kick starting the next trends. Think Google, Microsoft, Safaricom, Linkedin, just mention but a few.

Don't despair if you aren't a big brand every entity had a starting point and break through to the next big thing. Explore the unknown market where it's a space for all! The next disruptive market is within the existing, emerging and unknown market place #NextBigThing #PositiveDisruption You have a chance to cause it just do your research and start #HumanCenteredDesign

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