Thursday, July 27, 2017

Open Letter to Young People, Peace Everyday.

 On 8th August 2017 Kenya will be going to the polls which should be a wonderful thing that all of us should be happy about than to instill fear about the aftermath, especially for those people living in areas marked hotspots, we have the power of changing the labels into peaceful spots all over the country. Bad leaders are elected by people who decide not to vote, I take this opportunity to urge you all to come out and vote in the forthcoming general election and most importantly remain peaceful and allow all the laid out systems to take its course.

 One of the ways we can be taken as a serious group is to participate effectively in all platforms and that doesn't include violence. Many years we have been promised a lot of things just to be used as vehicles to elevate people into power who have no concrete agenda for the youth and other marginalized groups. Sometimes we are made to fight each other without realizing our power that is within our diversity and collaboration because our eyes have been covered with political stands that doesn't tolerate others as we approach the five year term of the election calendar.

 The effect of violence causes an everlasting wound beyond our youthful life which rob us our patriotism, diversity, peace, dignity, love, unity, life, happiness, hope just to mention but a few. This eventually becomes the vicious cycle that we pass to the next generation either knowingly or unknowingly. The call for peace isn't music into our ears, but a precious value that should be with us forever in all stages of our life (childhood, adulthood and old age).

Peace provides the enabling environment of achieving our desired dreams despite all the difficulties we come across as young people, thus our voice becomes much stronger when we collaborate through our diversity. I believe part of historical injustice is the seed that was planted in us to hate each other mostly because of ethnicity and political affiliations. As young people we need not to maintain the status quo of allowing the seed of hatred and tribalism germinate in us and be passed to the next generation through political, social and economic advantages just to benefit a few.

In conclusion, the vote is your secret and make your wise decision in choosing a leader that will promote the values you would wish to see in all Kenyans.

 Inspiration Quote: “I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself” - Nelson Mandela

 #IaMaBelieverOfPeace Peace everyday, I invest in peace through my thoughts, time, skill, experience, attitude, actions, belief, habits and desire for a better life for myself and others. #Humanity #PeaceStartsWithMe

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  1. This is true for that change to come in person life he/she should stand up and do something. My prayer is that we have a peaceful country where opportunities will be distributed equally and the youths will be engaged more in various activities and decision making. #IaMaBelieverOfPeace and we need the future generation to see that. Nice article