Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Death Of Education Is The Key, It's The Foundation.

We are living in the most competitive and amazing time where the majority have been educated, but are still unemployed or under-employed especially the young people. On the flip side the window of opportunities continues to open up to anyone who is ready to adapt despite their education levels, especially in the IT industry and the Small, Medium Enterprises (SME).

It's high time we shift our paradigm in our we view life holistically. During my primary and secondary level, we used to be encouraged by our teachers, parents and also there were many praise songs towards education because by then a big percentage of both the old and young were uneducated. I can remember this Kiswahili song “... someni vijina muongeze pia bidii, mwisho wa kusoma mtapata kazi nyingi sana” in translation this means young people get educated so that when you're done with your education you will secure many jobs.

I don't know if this is the situation at this time of age, and do we have enough jobs for all the graduated every year? In my reflection I'm wondering if the philosophy is still valid in comparison to our economy that has been facing challenges in matching the number of graduates versus the opportunities created by public and private sector and more importantly how many startup ventures by graduates for job creation.

I think it is high time we start to encourage the youth through lectures that foster quality education and lifelong learning, but also not forget the other spheres of life, especially thinking job creation, talent nurturing, partnership, lifelong learning attitude, entrepreneurship mindset, personal branding etc.

The reason why education isn't the key in my philosophy, it's because with the changing times the key is shifting in different sphere of our life even after acquiring the best education possible. Let me use an analogy using the house, we have the door, roof, window, key, walls and the foundation. For stable house one needs to do the foundation right.

 I support SDG4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Here is more insight about the house analogy;
  1. Education = it is the foundation and everyone should get a quality education from the start.
  2. Your brand = You need to develop a brand that people would love to be associated with. This becomes the wall 
  3. Your certification = Get the best qualifications and certification because this is what opens the door of opportunities. 
  4. Your experience, portfolio & network = To open the door of opportunities there are many padlocks and your key is what you say and what you can do (show and tell). 5
  5. Your vision & aspirations: What aspiration do you have and what about your vision. This become the roof. 
  6. Your career: Your career choices is also a window of many opportunities. 
 This is a philosophy which I believe if adapted at an early stage will develop the DNA of young people to think entrepreneurship, start-up and job creation rather more on job seeking. I wish you all the best in your journey.

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