Monday, April 16, 2018

Experiencing the VISION MAGIC

Experiencing the VISION MAGIC.... from Wilsen Initiative diary #YouthGroups #Youth101 Wi. experience...

10 points To Ensure Teams Success   

  1. Do your search in finding the vision match in your team. 
  2. Exploit your strength grow your weak links. 
  3. Consult and brainstorm widely. 
  4. Plan and communicate effectively. 
  5. Accountability 
  6. Maximize on your shared values 
  7. Recruit based on complementing career paths. 
  8. Don't compete but rather compliment each other. 
  9. Praise in public, correct in private. 
  10. Build a working culture ( systems, procedure, standard operation etc.)
Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Steering team 2018 from left to right: Danstan Ochieng, Belinda Nyamboki, Cynthia Kihu, Jane Ruguru Wanjiku, Minnie Kang'ethe and Wilson Masaka 

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