Monday, April 23, 2018

The Role of Youth in the Implementation of Devolution Agenda.

5th annual devolution conference in Kakamega.

This week we will be celebrating the devolved government system, taking stock of what has been implemented, what hasn't been implemented, what went wrong and what needs to be fixed. All of us can't be at the conference, but I do believe we have many spaces to share our views that eventually might be implemented or given attention. The internet is one of the many spaces that we have a chance to share our opinions despite our current status in the society or backgrounds, and if used effectively real change can be seen in our society.


 Below are some of the opinions I have gathered from the young people in my community in regards to youth issues and what they think needs to be addressed during and after the national devolution conference in Kakamega County. 

 #ActionByYouth – What do we need to do in addressing issues affecting young people? Thinking of challenges and solutions. 
  1. Investment in lifelong learning and quality education. 
  2. Youth representation in all sectors (private and public). 
  3. Political stability and positioning for example, what does the handshake mean to the youth?
  4.  Defining the real problem and solution by the youth. 
  5. Uplift ourselves. Youth led initiatives and partnerships. 
  6. Positive disruptions through alliances and innovation.
  7. Develop strategy: Strategic position, strategic choices, strategic partnerships and strategic action.
  8. Multi-stake holder approach in addressing the challenge and designing solutions.
  9. Inculcate the entrepreneurial mindset and skill set in the early stage of learning.
  10. Collaboration between people, public and private sector in combating youth bulge and challenges brought about by the situation for example unemployment, insecurity etc. 
 I know there's more, but this is the top ten from my list, feel free to share extra points.

Reflecting backwards and planning forward. As youth what issues would you like to be addressed in the next 5 years?

Devolution as shown good signs of growth and rapid development in our Counties and eventually in our Country. The only concern is that not the same story of success can be written about all the Counties in recognition of the different challenges experienced by different Counties.

All the same there are some issues as young people we feel if addressed can pivot our economy to the next level and these issues affect all the 47 Counties. I had small focus group discussion in my community asking the question; As youth what issues they would like to be addressed in the next 5 years? 

Below are the top highlight as shared;

  1. Labour force, address the issues of strikes.
  2. Adequate funding for the Counties and accountability systems put in place (check and balances). 
  3. Address the issue of tender-preneurship. 
  4. The big four – Infrastructure, health care, manufacturing and housing.
  5. Corruption, nepotism, clanism, tribalism versus professionalism.
  6. Justice to all.
  7. Water and security.
  8. Education system. 
  9. Youth bulge (unemployment, under-employment and youth migration, etc).
  10. Full implementation of constitution.
  11. Strengthen Inter-Counties partnerships.
  12. Civic education on matter devolution, constitution and electoral system.
  13. Implementation of Kenya vision 2030 and also the alignment of our interventions with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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