Monday, August 10, 2009

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No body is an 'island' we need each other and we need to work as a team..

If birds do it ( Team work), who are we not to recognize it?

Express yourself!...

This weekend is the start of the English premier league that takes most of the African fans by storm. I like the game of football so much and I have been playing football since I was 9 years. The only thing that makes me sad is today’s football fans who use the game of football as a way of creating hatred amongst themselves and if you read in the media last time there were many incidents reported like I can remember the guy who hung himself because his favorite time lost. This is really football madness.

My message to everyone who like the game, let us not abuse the sport this is a game to bring unity and understanding from all people of different races and creed. Ask yourself what you are doing to support the local development of the sport if you are really a great fan. There is potential in our youth in Kenya, Zanzibar and all over Africa but where do we go wrong? You have the answers PLEASE DO SOMETHING THE CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU.

The more you are like yourself the less you are like anyone else. You are like a tree you must put forth the fruits that’s created in you. back to our roots...

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