Monday, August 30, 2021

Mathare North Rangers – New Soccer Jersey

Weekly Program Saturday 29.08.2021 10am Mathare Flames Sportive vs Mathare North Rangers 0-2. Mathare North Rangers F.c won. 

 #TheSavingCulture#ResourceMobilization “Kidogo Kidogo ujaza kibaba” 

Below are pictures of some of players who received their soccer jerseys after they saved for 8 months. As we continue to seek for more support within and abroad I want to encourage everyone to continue contributing towards the teams goal of acquiring the necessary resources for example soccer balls, Conn’s, goalposts nets etc.

"Provided we have a shared value and vision, we can achieve our desired goal as a team no matter how long it takes ” – Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur Our dream is one day to have tracksuits for every
one šŸ™‚

10 Time Management Questions For Self Accountability.

Life series...
  Form Ni Gani Leo? #Slang a phrase that is synonymous with the young people that means what is the plan? It is just two days into September, the question is are you able to account for your time spent from Jan - August? 

Below Are 10 time Management Questions for Self Accountability. 

Take time and think of the following 10 questions; +throughMylens #MyDiary #ANewChapter #UniqueSelf #PersonalBranding 

 "You can't be like someone else, but there's a lot you can learn from others only if you listen and have a positive attitude." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Football Made in Mathare North Featuring Kamuzi Banda

#MaLegends #MathareNorthSoccer Did you know there was a time Mathare North had more than 10 players featuring in different teams at the top tier of Federation of Kenyan football now known as FKF Premier League? 

What happened? 

 Did you know we had only one player who featured for Mathare United in the just concluded season where Tusker F.C were crowned as the champions 2020/2021? 

 On Sunday 22nd August 2021, +throughMylens I had a chat with Kamuzi Banda who featured for the AFC Leopards in his last stint at the Kenya Premier League some years back and also later around the year 2017 played for Kenpoly F.c before resigning from active football because of a serious knee injury. He sustained the injury while playing for a Mathare North Rangers F.C a community club he co-founded in the year 2010. 

 Below are the 10 questions and answers based on our conversation. 

I hope this conversation will be of help to players not only in Mathare North but also all over the nation. As football players (current and ex-players) we have some similarities in our football journeys, but also there exists many different unique experiences within our stories that we need to share for better development of football from the grassroots. #MeetOurStars

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Peer Learning Session At Oasis Mathare

#SkillGap #LifeLongLearning #LearningToLearn #SDG4QualityEducation #CareerPathways #CreativityInnovation #21stCenturySkills  

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to share my knowledge and experience about resource mobilization. 
Did you know resource mobilization is more than just fundraising? 

Session Highlight;

Community based organisations should develop two road maps towards their sustainability at the early stages and that should be; 

  • Deliberately establish an Income Generating Activity or Venture (IGA or IGV). 
  • Develop a fundraising strategy that will attract a wide range of funding portfolios. 
Apart from funds organisations can mobilize for the following resources; 
  1. Human capital: - think of volunteers, individual expert etc. 
  2. Social network: - Join formidable networks that will create an avenue for growth and collaboration. 
  3. Physical: - think of assets, equipment or materials that you need for your organisation to achieve your mission. Among others... 
So what is resource mobilization? "Resource mobilization refers to all activities involved in securing new and additional resources for your organization. It also involves making better use of, and maximizing, existing resources. Resource mobilization is often referred to as ‘New Business Development’." Read more on 

Get in touch with me for more insights on resource mobilization with your group. 
Read more on my blog +throughMylens I'm available for Skill-Up Master Class with your team drop me an email Note: I do charge a small fee for facilitation.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Break Out Of The Shell, Go Out There and Face Your Fear - THE BRAND THAT IS CALLED YOU

 #TheGoldenEgg #Metaphor #Analogy 

 "I have failed countless times, I have been rejected, I have been denied the opportunity that I deserved it; but what I have intact is my aspiration, acquired skills, acquired experiences and passion to excel in life. My dream keeps me awake everyday, I strive to learn a learn a new skill, teach others and have a positive attitude in every moment I encounter." -Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur.

 Apart from the fear of contracting Corona virus there exists a long list of fears. Below are ten FEAR factors you might encounter; 
  1.  The fear of rejection.
  2. The fear of failure. 
  3. The fear of lack of adequate knowledge. 
  4. The fear of not being loved. 
  5. The fear of life. 
  6. The fear of tomorrow's uncertainty. 
  7. The fear of the known. 
  8. The fear of the unknown. 
  9. The fear of falling sick. 
  10. The fear of falling out of a circle or losing friends. 
 What else? 

It normally to have fears, but it isn't ok to stay within the mindset forever in your life. 

Way Forward 

All this together, put God first, have a positive attitude, love what you do, do what you love, have an open mind for learning, keep the consistency, seek for help, love yourself, try countless times and join a supportive team. Get in touch with me for a motivational session with your team (Say, Become & Do Challenge) #DoersCommunity.

+throughMylens Life Series... #YouthSpace Did you know stress can lead you into other behaviors that doesn't conform with your desire brand? I know life can be tough but I believe we can still strive to achieve a more purposeful lifestyle that will get us close to our desired dreams. 

Turning into crime, drugs, alcoholism isn't a solution to our problems, all these only make our life difficult and shorter. 

Life Series... 

+throughMylens #YouthSpace 

\Did you know stress can lead you into other behaviors that doesn't conform with your desired brand? I know life can be tough, but I believe we can still strive to achieve a more purposeful lifestyle that will get us close to our desired dreams. 

Turning into crime, drugs, alcoholism isn't a solution to our problems, all these only make our life difficult and shorter. 

Below are some of the areas you can consider within your journey; 
  1. Choose your friends wisely. 
  2. Make learning a lifestyle. 
  3. Define your gift and take advantage of it. 
  4. Define your values. 
  5. Account for your time. 
  6. Establish meaningful partnerships. 
  7. Do something meaningful for example, volunteering, learn a new skill etc. 
  8. Don't envy what people have, appreciated what you have, even if it is less. 
  9. Get a mentor or life coach that will walk and work with you. 
  10. It is ok not to be ok, but ask for help when you need it. 
 I'm available on call for a master class - motivational talk (Say, Become & Do challenge) as inspired by Wilsen initiative (Wi). #DoersCommunity 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Celebrating 20 Years of Community Service & Giving Back.

Giving Back +throughMylens & Wilsen initiative (WI) philosophy. Soccer Shoes - Play Safe with Dignity! 

Every day I visit our community soccer field in Mathare North I spot a young star with exceptional talent struggling to make it happen. 

Even though many lack the necessary resources they still enjoy the game unaware of the injuries they expose themselves playing bare feet. In the year 2000 I started the soccer shoes campaign to assist the young stars (Age category:- U10 to U15) and teams from Mathare North acquire quality soccer shoes which would protect them from injuries and play with dignity. 

So far I have assisted many, but due to tough economic times and the number of children and youth, introduced into soccer there is still need of continuing my campaign and call for support. 

 JOIN ME Today! you can organize a pair for someone who needs it. They are many, but if we pull together we can make a massive contribution and timely impact. 

Soccer Shoes - Play Safe with Dignity! 

This is part of my mission I started back in the year 2000 through Wilsen Initiative (WI) philosophy of giving back Join me today, get in touch with me in case you want to donate a pair. 

 "I dream of a day when owning a pair of soccer shoe will be considered by parents and guardians has one of the MUST have basics for their children playing soccer from underserved communities."  Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur

 Read more;
 "You don't have to be a millionaire to help others achieve their goals, helping someone doesn't necessarily mean you have a lot at your disposal, but it starts with your generous and empathetic heart" - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. 

 “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan


In a special way I want to thank everyone who has supported me achieve the set goals every year, of course I didn't do it alone. I don't know If I would be doing the same without your encouragement and support. Thanks for believing in my passion and dream to help the youngsters play safe and with dignity.

My vision is to link soccer and education by helping the youngsters' purse quality education by offering soccer educational scholarship to top talents who have performed exceptionally well in school.