Friday, June 7, 2019

Personal Branding 101 At Garden of Hope Foundation Kibera.

Garden of Hope Foundation is a faith based community organization in Kibera slums Nairobi, Kenya. They are located at Olympic Kibera just next to the Olympic stage. They are passionate about restoring hope through empowering youths on leadership; Entrepreneurship and menstrual hygiene management
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On 6th June 2019, I was tasked to train 20 young people from Kibera on how they can improve their personal brands, below are some of the key take away or you can call them session's objective

  1. To train on personal brand awareness. 
  2. How to have a meeting with SELF. 
  3. How to work in a team and contribute effectively.
  4. How to develop  and manage a personal brand. 
  5. Understanding what personal brand. 
  6. Understand how our values, behaviour, character, and habits influence our personal brands. 
  7. Understand brand association especially take an example of friends that we keep. 
  8. Understand the Johari's window and SWOT analysis in relation to personal brand.

 Highlighted questions of the day;

  • What is personal branding? 
  • Why should we hire you?
 #Insight All of us have something unique we can do than anyone else sometimes it's in form of talent or skills. The question to ask ourselves have we developed the talent or skills to the level where people can pay us for work done? In conclusion, we agreed that there are many factors that can affect our brand visibility either directly or indirectly.  My mission is to influence and impact youth space with soft skills that would enable the youth work either  as employed or self-employed despite their backgrounds.

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