Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What do you know of 1st December?

1st December is World AIDS Day, an annual international event to raise awareness about HIV and the people it affects.

It is a day that different organizations,government institutions, individuals, private sector etc address and highlight issues to do with HIV/AIDS campaign with the major objective being;

1. Raising awareness and funds to support those living with HIV in our communities.
2. Promoting sexual health messages to those at risk of HIV and STIs.
3. Raising awareness generally about HIV. etc

And so on...

As a creative person in the field of digital arts today I got some few hours to utilize my creative moment, and what came to my mind was to design a poster and make a contribution to the ongoing campaigns on digital and print media.

The result was a poster designed using Photoshop and Illustrator which I hereby share with you.

So what is your contribution towards a zero HIV/AIDS society?

Check out this links and more online;

  • http://www.worldaidscampaign.org/
  • http://www.worldaidscampaign.org/2011/11/unaids-world-aids-day-report-2011/

Thursday, November 24, 2011

TRANSLATING “Idle hours” into Creative moments

In our daily schedules we get to operate machines, teach, interact, eat, sleep, play etc; this and many more are activities that finds their place in our to-do list, some are a routine and others are influenced by other factors. This is what I call “idle hours” which you need to translate into creative moments. Imagine even pilots and accountants have the desire of doing something new after long hours of service which can be either taking vacations, family holiday, swimming, jogging, volunteering at a camp etc; though this options can’t fit in a single box because it’s a personal choice on what to do with your available time.

What we can’t escape from is that moment you have 'nothing' to do, and as the old adage says “an idle mind is a devils workshop” so don’t fall as a victim. Don’t be cheated that there are people who are busy 24 hours /7 days, even during creation time God took rest, and at least you can get a hour or two to reflect or try something new.

Below I share some of my personal tips that can be used to make hours of ‘idling’ into creative process;
  1. Develop interest of something new for example if you like football one day watch basketball.
  2. You don’t have to be a great artist to draw or paint. Play with colors and think of an artwork to draw for your family, spouse etc.
  3. Use available materials to create some drawing for example with a stick on sand. See examples below
  4. Read a book, magazine or newspapers.
  5. Write an article for your blog if you have one or website on subjects that you like.
  6. Use the internet for edutainment, learning, socializing etc.
  7. Be an experimental photographer.
  8. Try cooking your favorite dish.
  9. Watch a movie with a friend.
  10. Do some exercise with a group this will help boost your self esteem and teamwork spirit.
  11. Go for a walk, swim or even sleep. And many more…

The most import thing that you need not to forget is to note (on a book or diary) the ideas as they pop in your mind. This is what has made me capture my creative moments and that is why I’m glad to share this personal moments. Everyone will have their own way of finding and experiencing creative moments but if you like this approach crown it.

Picture by Wilsenx: theme: What’s above your head…take a photo!
“Ideas come from different spheres of life when you don’t expect them” Wilsenx

Drawings by Wilsenx: Use different medium to express yourself…

Drawings by Wilsenx

Use fonts, shapes, texture, line and color to express your ideas (apply the elements and principle of design in you composition)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trip to Musoma Tanzania 31st October to 12th November 2011.

Musoma is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in northern part of Tanzania neighboring Kenya along the borders of Lake Victoria. I enjoyed the food, culture and the hospitality offered to me during my stay in Musoma. The most fascinating of all, is the climatic condition experienced with cool breeze on a hot sunny weather and vibrant activities in the main market. I usually try to visit the market of any place that I visit around the world not only to buy food but to source inspiration and learn especially on colors, language etc. That is why I love the old adage that says; “In every market there’s a mad man” though I use it as a positive reference in my learning expedition.

On my mission courtesy of Nairobits Trust was to train at the Musoma information center run by Nairobits in partnership with Terre des Hommes who are the main donors. The centre trains youth in life skills, entrepreneurship and ICT skills that shall enable them improve their lives either in the formal or informal sector. The centre in hosted in Musoma dioceses (Matumaini katika vijana centre).

Subjects that I taught during the two weeks visits are;

  • Design in general with a focus on web and creativity.
  • Technical aspect of the web e.g. CSS and DIV’s.
  • Motivation sessions, just to mention but a few…

Below are snapshot pictures of my trip courtesy of Nairobits Trust;

Warm up games: Unity and great teamwork

Tips and tricks: Start on paper before heading to the computers...

Motivational talk and discussions

Giving lectures on the technical side of the web

Students demonstrations

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The raising poet from the heart of Mathare slums

NAIROBITS acrostic poem by; Kebane Victor ( NairoBits student)

NairoBits is a Digital Design School that provides education to the Nairobi slum youth. They put digital tools of expression in the hands of the youth who have the creativity but not the means to express themselves. These youth in turn act as multipliers to the organization that they partner with. For more please check; www.nairobits.com

No comparison can match the positive change in our lifestyles now

Amid the challenges we face, we have with us ICT multimedia skills

It was a dream back then, a seed of the digital design school was planted back then.

Reality it is now, a number of our peers are making it big through the now grown plant

Onwards, onwards we soldier on, the impact is felt when we are in the field.

Bits by bits we execute the creative skills, translating to positive contributions for a balanced society

In our hands, the digital tools of expression we get rank second to none, thank you we say softly

To multiply the skills to the community we learn at the school, we do it wholeheartedly

So many are benefits one gets from the school, we wish the institution nothing but success.

I'm proud to be associated with the NairoBits family. Wilsenx initiative highlights exceptional talents in the community be it in sports, drawing , painting etc; whereby we provide platforms for the youth to express their talents and make contribution to a better world. Victor Kabane is one of the many great artists that you find in the heart of Mathare slums using their skills and talents to make both ends meet.

Continue writing brother...