Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exchange Program Nairobits & Kampabits

Nairobits Trust (Kenya) in collaboration with Kampabits (Uganda) has been working in partnership to strengthen their training especially at the Media Lab level since inception of the new Bits in Kampala. Experienced trainers from Nairobits connect with other Bits teams all over the region (Kampala, Arua, Zanzibar, Addis Ababa and Musoma) either during the set up of a new Bits, curriculum development, virtual meet ups. Learning exchange and during Co-creation workshops Etc.

This initiative has seen the Bits model grow in many strides and very soon there’s going to be another Bits set up in Northern Uganda in Arua called AruaBits in collaboration with Butterflyworks and other partners. My visit to Kampabits was pegged on the same mission of the Learning Exchange (LE) and working together with the staff at Kampabits with the view of strengthening the already developed structures giving alternative approach to the training and self exploration for the grandaunts who will be graduating on the 14th June 2013 before they come in contact with the competitive market.

I have always developed a great passion in sharing skills and knowledge with the young people around the World and I thank Nairobits for making my dream come true through their unique program. The objectives and approach in my teachings during mission such as Kampabits, is to develop an all rounded students who can apply logic and creativity when necessary whereby my ultimate goal is to always inspire good leadership, positive thinking, responsible citizenship, tolerance, self-awareness, learning by doing, passion driven approach Etc.

Training Objectives mission May 2013;

The main objective of the training exchange at the media lab in Kampabits focused on technical, creative and soft skills. Below is the summary of what was covered in class:-  

1. Technical Skills
  • Joomla content management system
  • Understanding the CMS building Blocks
2. Business writing skills
  • Writing CV
  • Writing a personal Bio
3. Life Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Online Presence (Personal Branding).
  • Who I am? (Self Discovery) Personal SWOT Analysis
4. Learn to Learn ( Approach to Learning New Things)
  • The basics of Information gathering (5 W's & 1H) Who, When, Why, Where, What & How
"It was a great pleasure teaching the youths and working together with the team in Kampabits and I look forward to more initiatives to connect with youth around the globe!"  

 Some Pictorials!

 Wilson Visit Kampabists in Kampala 
 Wilson Masaka at Kampabits
 Wilson Masaka at Kampabits

Written and Posted by;
Wilson Masaka Senior Trainer / Web Developer
Nairobits Trust

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Learning Trends of the 21st Century for the Young People.

Wilson’s Diary – Learning 101

To be good at what  you are doing you should love what you do, and do what you love. The effect of doing what you love is great PASSION to take you off the ‘OK plateau’ to success land which never comes easy.
I’m privileged to train at least hundred young people per year in creative ICT, life skills and entrepreneurship skills through Nairobits program ( For the many years in service I have found  fulfillment in my job through teaching, mentoring and inspiring youth to excel in life by accessing vital skills and knowledge of the 21st century.

After an intensive training in the current Media Lab, I thought it was worth sharing the learning experience ( learning curve) of the new happenings in class.  What I have always appreciated, are the dynamics  in  every class of the Media Lab since I started this journey of training in 2003.
It’s not always about the destination , it’s about the journey! This is why I’m delighted to share the journey of the Media Lab training program for the first group of fifty students in the 2013 class.

Tips for Leaning Something New;
  1. Don’t force it: Perfection is the beginning of failing, take a short break in between your work to restart your brain and spirit.
  2. Understand before committing  hours of hard work: The best philosophy that works for me is what I call the RUT hole whereby R = Read U= Understand T = Try and Testing phase
  3. Focus and follow your plans: In todays work environment there are a lot of distractions with the advent of technology which cuts across from cell phone ring after every 10 minutes or so, emails, social media, music, noise etc. The best thing is that you can control it and decide what to do.
  4. Plan and Prioritize well: The best part is planning and prioritizing which is self rewarding especially if you achieve even just a fraction of your to-do list.
  5. Attitude ( Mind and Skill Set): What matters most in any learning adventure is the attitude you have before, during and after learning.
  6. Do a project!  - Tell – Show – SELL: Keeping your work to yourself doesn’t help you at all. Do personal projects to enrich your portfolio , work for charity or for paying clients. Broadcast your best talent, skills and connect with opportunities instantly. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas even as you watchout for copycats who might distort your ideas before you launch it.

This is all for this edition, the next one will be about KampaBits in Uganda. Looking forward…

Uganda here we come!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nai Ni Who - Celebrations

Wilsen Initiative is proud to have participated in the Nai Ni Who celebration on Saturday 11th May 2013 that was organized by the GoDown Arts Centre for South B - zone. Our football team of young stars participated in the procession and later played football with South B youth from the Reuben rehabilitation center. We look for more partnerships of this kind to create a lasting connection and understanding amongst people of all races, tribes, age etc. while also celebrating our neighborhoods.

Thanks GoDown for the invitation. For more follow…

Extract from; 


From May 11th to August 3rd2013, Nairobi is in the spotlight, sharing who we are – the real Nairobians, warts and all! And celebrating our specialness! Nai Ni Who is a 3-month festival of neighborhood festivals -12 festivals in all covering 12 neighborhood zones. Send in your pictures, YouTube movies, and your words on why your 'hood holds an important place in our unique capital city to help create our Nai Ni Who online wall. Get ready to party …. And remember to keep logging in for more info! 

Who is Nairobi?

Pictures by Wilson Masaka : Great experience and I loved taking the photos!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dear Africa,

For God so loves Africa that He gave Africa the natural resources, talent, and wealth. For anyone who utilizes them for the good of humanity shall not perish but shall live in leading our great nations.

For the people who make us fight, who exploit the resources to the verge of creating civil wars, poverty and diseases, shall never escape the wrath of God. The only thing left is to repent and be a good example for many generations to come. I salute Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and many others for standing against oppression and being selfless in leading a cause for the sake of others.

For a long time Africa my mother land, you have been associated with diseases, civil conflict and wars, hence the time is now to make a shift in thinking about how we do things for the prosperity of Africa. Some of the culprits of all these undoing aren’t only historical, from the colonial times, but also at present, the lack of implementation of policies and the dictatorial leadership and egocentric people who don’t love you Africa. All this said and done, there are many things we need to celebrate in Africa; from wealth, flora and fauna of our national resources, talent, hospitality, climate etc.

This is why it’s time we celebrate Africa even if there isn’t a day dedicated to you in the calendar year. Things have happened in the past but we ought to forget and forgive and look at how we can rebuild our institutions by enshrining good leadership and prosperity of our great nations.

I promise I will lift you higher and be proud to be an African. I shall connect with everyone from different cultures around the globe from North America, South America, Europe, Asia,  Antarctica and Australia  in fostering peace, love and unity in the World, as I believe change starts with me. I promise with God’s wish I shall work towards making you prouder than ever before, by creating positive change in the continent and spreading it all around the World. As I conclude this letter, if only Africa you could identify your potentials and utilize it to the betterment of humanity, you can become a super power in terms of a peaceful haven for everyone, and God will continue blessing you abundantly.

Lastly, it is my prayer that this letter will get to you in good time and let your replies be seen in your good deeds in Agriculture, Technology, Sports, Arts and many more for the sake of growth rather than destruction.

Thank you, Global Citizen

Wilson Masaka