Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning from Others

In life there are many sources for learning, we have a few which are common or obvious as time goes by for example books, internet, mentor-ship, schools, colleges and universities etc.

Today I want to share with you what I have observed through many years on how one can make use of available resources as tools for learning. There is a phrase that says learning doesn’t stop and isn’t selective of age. I work in a dynamic field performing different roles one of the tasks is to teach and inspire youth through sports in my community.

One of my challenges is to keep abreast with the emerging technologies (systems and tools) and to be on the lookout for any new trends that comes into in the market. I’m a web designer / developer but I like more of systems and automation focusing on the end user and if you are working in IT field you will bear witness on how fast technology is moving to the extent you can’t know everything.

My own opinion is that education is the key to life and if you can get it to the level of PHD the better. There is a saying that says “Your past determines your future “and to expound on this some of us come from deplorable backgrounds whereby they struggle to make both ends meet through the sole source of income. My advice to the youth is that it is never too little or enough you have to work around and observe through your environment sources of learning, inspiration, aspiration to make the dream a reality.

In general life can’t be defined as a straight line there are obstacles, successes, failures which if you conquer you become a winner. It is high time we take action as youth and do something for ourselves, families, communities and the entire World. Did you know that the rich also cry? This is not to overwrite the notion for better education and growth in life despite your circumstances. Find people that can walk and work with you through the bad and good time that can inspire you to identify sources for learning and to achieve whatever you want in your life.

Do you know that there are things you won’t learn at school, colleges and other training institutions? But you shall acquire the skills or knowledge through your surroundings (People, community, internet, traveling, cultural diversity, sports etc). Take a break and think about it…
It is my believe that sharing this tips might help you towards being a better person in whatever you are doing through a simple a way of learning from others. Think about this question.

What type of a person are you?

A) Plug and play – Flexible, adaptable to change or new experiences and always on the ball (meeting deadlines etc). On the lookout for new ideas and trends and adapt to them quickly.
B) Excellence - Do you perform your task to the best of your ability?
C) Wait and See - Are you a person who sits on the fence without knowing what to do?
D) Shareware – Do you believe in innovation and sharing the skills with other people? Do you share and find possibilities?
E) I don’t know – Confused and even doesn’t know want they want in life.
F) God shall take care of it – Always waiting for luck. Let me tell you, prays do help a lot and God gave everyone something that they can do better than the rest but you have to search and work hard for it.
G) Firewall – Makes sure everything is in check before proceeding and takes preventive measure to a problem.
H) Ghetto – Always does things because of their background not minding of how others will feel and react to their action. They feel that they are oppressed and can’t make it in life.

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