Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Life Cycle of a Soccer Player in Kenya

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During our time we were left to educate ourselves especially on off the field matters and I think that shouldn't be the case with any soccer club from grassroots to the top professional levels. This confusion of pandemic has made me to reflect on my soccer journey 20 years ago and I believe sharing this insights will help current soccer players to reflect on their soccer journeys.

Currently I'm offering master sessions in life skill, personal branding, creative entrepreneurship and technical skill in different spaces and soccer clubs are part of my targeted spots. Here are my top 10 things to note, thank me later. 

  1.  Know when you're at your best and make those necessary moves to that ideal team that can pay you well and help you build your career. (Timing and top performance).
  2. Sometimes you must consider a stable job offer at a stable club not at the top league than to be in top league and face endless challenges like salaries, insurance etc. (Think Sustainability). 
  3. No matter how creative and skillful you are, age will catch up with you and you will no longer be attractive for any signing. 
  4. Think beyond the game, invest and acquire next level skill. You don't necessarily need to go for degrees, but also the technical skills (TVETs) comes very handy in your life during and after soccer. 
  5. Your dream career can be abruptly be cut off due to relegation, termination, pandemic, injury, funding etc. 
  6. You can be a star in club A and end up at the terraces at club B. Learn how to deal with different situations. 
  7. Not everyone who plays soccer has a happy ending story. Just craft your meaning of success and own your story. Remember, playing for clubs abroad might also be a tall order and it isn't clear or no information is shared in open public on how someone can make it abroad through a trusted system unless I'm missing something. Learn what's required at the early stages of your career and work towards that. 
  8. Not everyone will play for the national team and there are many great players at club levels but they haven't played for national side. Be patient, be consistent and focus on building a brand that people can relate with on and off the pitch. 
  9. There are many great stars of your generation who didn't make it to expect levels due to known and unknown factors. Learn from others people's success and mistakes. 
  10. Think of your transition at an early stage for example from a player, coach, team manager etc. Some people made it through random engagements but you can make yours a deliberate vision by defining the end game. 
Just note, soccer legends in Kenya are somehow easily forgotten and so far there are no statue of the greatest, a stadium or a road named after them unless I'm forgetting something. So aspire to mentor and coach the next generation in your own ways and God's reward is the greatest of all. 

More inspiration and teaching ex-soccer player and community coach Credit photo @2019 +throughMylens Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST-2019)

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Brand Identity Logo Design +throughMylens - Create

 Apart from T-shirts, posters, brochures and website design I also do design logos which is one of the trademarks an enterprise should have. I do design for different clients while I transfer the same skills by training young upcoming designers on how to design effective logos through a process. 

 Good Read from online source; Credit 

 A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form, and it conveys the owner's intended message. You should follow the five principles below to ensure that your design meets all of these criteria: 
  1. Simple 
  2. Memorable 
  3. Timeless 
  4. Versatile 
  5. Appropriate 

This is my process 

  1. Step 1: Client brief - Understand the client need which includes the use of the logo, what they do and preferred colours. 
  2.  Start the visualization / brainstorming process and sketching on paper for different ideas and possibilities. At this stage I generate as many ideas as possible no right or wrong idea.
  3. Research further for inspirations 
  4. Develop 2-3 concept on the computer starting with black and white version thereafter include the color scheme. 
That is it, wait! There's a down payment of 30% that is non-refundable, which from the total amount. The amount is paid before starting to cover all the time and resources used should a client not agree with any of the ideas. The final stage the client pays the remaining balance and receives different versions of the logos. 

 +throughMylens // Consult 

 Are you working in the creative economy either as a musician, graphic designer, photographer, etc finding difficulties in dealing with clients in terms of pay, even pricing etc.

Get in touch with me for a master session Creative entrepreneurship 101 Pricing / Dealing with clients and sourcing for clients. I train a group of 10 - 20 per session to ensure quality delivery. +throughMylens it's all about the experience!

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

10 Ways On How To Engage Children Without Any Teaching Qualifications.

#FamilyMoment #ParentGood  Learning doesn't only take place in the confines of a classroom and it doesn't have to be expensive to acquire it. What matters most is also what takes place outside the classroom especially starting at home. 

#LifelongLearning At this time of pandemic the biggest challenge is on how to engage our children in meaningful activities with all the limitations in place. The question is how do we engage our children in creative, innovative, fun, challenging and educative activitivies without going to school?

Today, I had an opportunity to observe my daughter Debrah Kintu (4yrs) operating the DSLR camera after introducing her to the basic steps #SkillsTransferStartAtHome 

" It is not what you say to your child that matters most, but what matters most is how you say it and the actions that follows" - Wilson Masaka 


My diary, crown it if you like it! Below are some of the very basic but important ways towards children's development that you you can engage your children (4 - 8 years) without having teaching qualification or experience are as follows:- 
  1. Drawing and painting. 
  2. Storytelling (How to tell a great story). 
  3. Simple, fun and educational apps on your smartphone. 
  4. Photography using your smart phone and editing using the apps. 
  5. Simple questions and answers time can be general knowledge, religion etc. 
  6. Patterns, puzzles etc you can use available resources. 
  7. Singing and dancing together. 
  8. Maintaining high level hygiene 
  9. Inculcating the saving culture. Don't think sweets and how to spend think on how to save that one coin.
  10. 10. Manners, respect and discipline (values). 

This can be introduced through simple mobile apps, taking your time to personally guide them and time for watching educative TV show like Akili Kids. After all is said and done be a good listener and observe a lot. It is ok for the kids to make mistakes for example not drawing the perfect picture, what matters most is how you will explain the mistake and guide them to the ideal picture. #Feedback

No child is born stupid, as a parent you have the opportunity to make your children the great and you can either break or build your children confidence and self esteem through what you say, how you say it and the actions that follows. 

Just note, what works for me might not be the same for you but all of us can deliberately invest in time to listen, observe and engage our children in a meaningful ways despite our current challenges with the advent of pandemic or general life status. 

I'm not perfect, I do have my challenges too and still learning as a young parent but whenever I get that opportunity to engage the little ones I give my best. Off course, there are many other ways just find the best routine that fits your lifestyle and give your best because children might not be in a position to make those choices on how they can spend their time. Happy parenthood and parent good! 

Friday, September 11, 2020

The Power of Social Media, Content Creation and Transitions into Different Careers and Skills Development

#CreativeEntrepreneurship #MasterClass #SkillsTransfer #MindSetSkillSet #WorkdOfWork "Teacher where are the jobs? I have good grades... " One my students asked this question.

 #MyTake I'm a champion of SDG1, 4 and 8 - 
  1. No poverty 
  2. Quality education and lifelong learning 
  3. Decent work and economic growth 
A part from the papers and good grades youth need to invest more in themselves because currently we a living in a more competitive society where there are many people who are qualified in terms of papers but still there exist a gap in skills and values that employers are looking for beyond the papers. 

We need to have school systems that encourages students to acquire the best training and grades without losing focus in building learners capacity to survive in any situation especially out school despite their grades. #SchoolSmart #StreetSmart 

 " We should encourage the learners to acquire good grades and never forget to instill great values in them to survive in any situation out school despite their grades. " Wilson Masaka - Youth Advocate / Trainer /Social Entrepreneur 

This is what I do using my platform +throughMylens where I offer master class sessions to different youth groups especially focusing on the technical, creative and general life-skill using the 21st century skills as the foundation. 

More of what I do #MasterClass #CoCreation #SkillUp #creativeentrepreneurship #skillsknowledgetransfer 

 The Power of Social Media, Content Creation and Transitions into Different Careers and Skills Development.  

I had the greatest opportunity to co-facilitate with Mulama Brenda Photography who is a seasoned photographer and content creator. 

Below are the subjects we covered in our session which was attended by 30 youths in a shift of 15 per session while observing all safety standards. The session was organised and conducted at Integrated Education for Community Empowerment (IECE) based in Kariobangi. 
  1.  Building value proposition
  2. Finding your passion
  3. Building networks
  4. Selling strategies 
  5. Communication strategy.
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Content Creation
  8. Professionalism (Personal Branding) 
  9. Client personas and database
  10. Business Identity ( Private vs. Public footprint on social media). 
  11. Managing client and clients portfolio 
 Get in touch with me for master class with your youth group. Note: 
All photos courtesy of +throughMylens mobile phone!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Basic Financial Tool Kit For Youth

Currently I'm a freelance youth consultant and a trainer, I'm also searching for the next job opportunity which is also a job by itself and not easy bargain especially with the new normal. So If you come across any opportunity that matches my credentials don't hesitate to link me up. 

 Anyway, today I want to share with you my next course of action and learning goals towards achieving a stable financial cash flow and I believe it isn't too late at my situation to acquire that new skill or extra knowledge. In the society there's is a growing gap of lack of financial knowledge, training and mentor-ship. 

If you give it a deep thoughts, our ignorance as young people towards matters finances is what has also contributed to our current struggles or challenges in life. Even though this situation can't only be tagged on one single factor, there exists many deep rooted causes linked to myths and facts. Take an example of this myth that financial education is a preserve for accountants, business students, CEO's and financial administrators. 

Just note, everyone needs to be financially literate despite their chosen career or status in life. . Reflecting back in our education system there is little emphasis on matters finances unless you are taking it as a course and there's little done by the employer to educate their employees about finances and their well being. 

Count yourself lucky if your employer is concerned about your next transition which would include your financial health or portfolio before you either resign or get fired from your job. 

Below is a proposal start up personal tool kit on areas you can start to educate yourself. You can do it even without a job it will help you visualize and plan your pathways towards your desired financial portfolio. It also includes areas to invest time in learning. 

Here we go! 

  • Step 1: List your sources of income and label if it is from single source or diverse source. (current income versus targeted income analysis). 
  • Step 2: State your financial goal/s for 6 months - 1 year (Short term) 
  • Step 3: Write your overall financial goal statement and describe the desired change. (Long term) Step 3: Write your objectives (S.M.A.R.T Model) 
  • Step 5: Activities plan towards achieving the goal. 
  • Step 6: Map your expenditures (Budgeting, needs vs.wants, cost cutting, fixed Vs. flexible cost)
  • Step 7: Start and Stop analysis 
  •  Step 8: List projects you want to DO! Step 
  • 10. List your measurements of success. 
  • Step 11: Knowledge Bank (Educate yourself package).
List new areas for learning and research from savings plan, investment, types of income, career mapping etc. 

This is it, I have just did mine this morning now back to you don't procrastinate plan a day it will take you less than 3 hours to complete during your 'ME-Time' if you have one. I believe through sharing our learning journey of success and failures we will eventually narrow the knowledge gap on matters finances among the youth, avoid exploitation, improve our general awareness of money, secure the future and inspire an informed society that will be financial healthy. We wish me luck in my journey as I wish the same to you.