Thursday, December 23, 2021

Maria Russana Organisation End of Year 2021.

On 22nd December I was honored to join the Maria Russana end of year review 2021. End of year review is an important exercise for any learning and progressive organization. 

 You need an expert on organization development and cultures like myself to take you through the terrains of the end of year review because if it isn't down well many things can end up swept under the carpet or it can lead into conflicts and blame games that can make your team feel not appreciated for their efforts through the year. 

 The other angle would be a lot of things can be mentioned just for the sake of the process to end and fear of victimization should one be critical or issues to do with under performance. 

 Some of the questions that must be asked during the review. 
  1. Measurement of individual and organisation's growth. 
  2. What went well and what went not so well. 
  3.  What did we plan for the year and the current status (Accomplished versus Pending). 
  4. New learning and insights for organisations development etc. 5. What does organisation success mean to each individual? 
 And many more. 

 To achieve the best feedback through an objective way, I use some of the tools as follows; 

  1. Organisation scored card. 
  2. SWOT analysis. 
  3. Organogram challenge.
  4. Start, Stop and Continue. 
  5. What went well Vs. What Went Not So Well. 
  6. Way Forward. Thanks Maria Rossana, for the invitation. 
I hope 2022 will bring the best of experiences for personal growth and that of the organisation. To other organizations I'm still available for this type of engagement to help your organisation reflect and Kickstart discussion of project implementation come 2022. Happiest Festive Season You All. +throughMylens // Consultancy Blog:- Email :- Wilson.masaka [at]

Digital Literacy Program (DLP) - Mentorship at Maria Rossana.

 It is a wrap!

Everything that starts well as a good chance of ending well. It was a great honour to have launched a new program dubbed Digital Literacy Program (DLP) in October 2021. This program seeks to connect young people with mentors especially targeting both in and out of school youth. The short master classes are one of the first steps toward promoting digital literacy and lifelong learning within the community. 

 Meet one of the trainee by the name Simon who successfully completed the short master classes that started in October to December 2021 Photo. Simon was recruited to join the program by our founder Mr Ouma Osera who saw a great potential in him. Mr. Ouma acknowledged that Simon joining the Maria Rossana team would fill that missing gap because he saw the great confidence, his creative work, dedication and generally great personality that help would take help the organization grow especially as a volunteer digital content creator and office administrator at Maria Rossana. 

 Before joining the organisation Simon used to spend most of his time with his friends at the 'baze', a hangout place synonymous with young people. He said, as much as he has the interest to pursue further education his parents aren't in a position to assist him further and Maria Rossana Digital Literacy Program (DLP) came at the right time when he was at a crossroads on what to do next after finishing his O'level education in 2020. " I have learned a lot during the training and I'm now confident I can take creative photos, edit and write stories about my community and any given assignment within the organisation. 

I will use this acquired skills to create quality work and I look forward to learn more skills especially in graphic and web design come next year." - Simon Generally, in Eastlands most youth are faced with the challenge of transiting into the next level after finishing O'level education. This situation has left many to wonder what they can do with their extra time and acquire knowledge. Unfortunately, at this stage is when many young people in their 18-25 years, indulge in unwarranted behaviours because of lack of mentors and less interventions on how they can be engaged in meaningful ways about life and career, especially during and after school. Maria Rossana believes in creating a youth friendly environment where young people will get diverse trainings from leadership, Sexual and Gender Base Violence, digital literacy, Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental health among others. 

 Lastly, we take this opportunity to thank Mr. Wilson Masaka for his time and dedication in working with us through this initial stage of installation of our Digital Literacy Program (Digital Literacy Program) for youth in Huruma and the surrounding neighborhood. " It is only through continuous learning in diverse ways, having a more critical mindset, collaborative learning, creative and technical application, and having a problem solving mindset is when will be in the best position to tackle emerging challenges like skill gap, unemployment and underemployment amongst young people." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur Visit more about Wilson Masaka who is a youth advocate, seasoned trainer and facilitator at Read more about the program:- We take this opportunity to wish you all a happy festive season and hope we will do more come next year. Thanks to all our partners who made the training possible and we look forward to expanding the class to at least to accommodate 15 young people per cohort. All this can only happen if we get the required support in acquiring the machines, space, stable internet, cost of operations etc. Should you have any idea of how you can be of help in offering the required support please let us know and we will share a proposal with further details.

Friday, December 10, 2021

30 Questions to Ask Yourself from My Diary +throughMylens.

Life Series... Bits and Pieces Finding & Be Found #PersonalBranding #ConsultSelf #DoMoreBeMoreBeDifferent #selfdiscoveryjourney Life is a journey of so many signs, and some signs are confusing and can lead you into depression, pain, uncertainty etc. 

 Below are my top 30 Questions to Ask Yourself from My Diary +throughMylens. 

  1.  Who Am I? 
  2. What are my hobbies and interests? 
  3. How do I spend my free time? 
  4. Who are my friends and why? 
  5. What do I need? 
  6. What do I want? 
  7. What are my values and principles? 
  8. What are my likes and dislikes? 
  9. How do I achieve my dream? 
  10. What is my passion, talent and dream? 
  11. What is my career pathways? 
  12. What are my weaknesses (learning points; SWOT analysis)? 
  13. What are my unique selling points (SWOT analysis)? 
  14. Where do I see my self in the next 5 -10 years? 
  15. What should I Start, Stop and Continue (SSC Analysis)? 
  16. How does success and failure look like? 
  17. What are the three world that can tell you you are?
  18.  What philosophy do you have about life? 
  19. How much are you worth (salary, remuneration etc.) 
  20. What experiences do you have that can earn you money? 
  21. How does your past look like (where you have come from), what is your present (NOW) and what predictions do you have for the future (mental picture). 
  22. What special skills do I have? 
  23. Which professional network do I belong to and why? 
  24. Which social networks do I belong to a d why? 
  25.  Who did I follow on social media and why? 
  26. What type of books do I like? 
  27. Which sport do I like? 
  28. Who is my role model and why? 
  29. What skills do I have? 
  30. What am I known for? "If you compare yourself with what others are doing, you will live the rest of you life feeling like a failure, hopeless or jinxed. 
Learn to be contented with what you have and develop your own meaning of success." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. 

 "You can't find anything until you create time to find yourself in the life puzzle" - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. Get in touch with me for a session on Life-skill 101 - Self Mastery. Blog:-

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

How To Brainstorm

Life Series... +throughMylens Do More, Be More & Be Different What Does a New Day Mean To You? #MyTake It is another chance to try and brainstorm ideas. Everyday I will strive to do what is humanly possible to make it happen and the rest I leave to God for guidance.

 " Jobless doesn't mean hopeless. Remember what you feed your mind you will eventually become!" - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 

If D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R was an acronym, what would it stand for? #YourTake

 #MyTake in long format:) The Power of Your Brain, Feed it with the right 'food'. 

###Good Read Wednesday Brainstorming

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Next Generation Soccer Stars.

+throughMylens Do More / Be More /Be Different The current state of our field when it rains. Despite the field being muddy kids are still resilient, they will be seen playing in all manner of balls enjoying their time. This December I'm planning to host the annual Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST) featuring U11 and U13 teams. 

The tournament will be a platform to award the teams with branded Wilsen initiative (Wi) jerseys to the teams while we offer an experience that promotes safe play, healthy competition, fun, education etc. 

" My vision is to see all kids in my neighborhood play using the right gears, access safe spaces and play with dignity." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate, Social Entrepreneur and Wilsen initiative (Wi) founder. 

 You too can be part of the mission by donating a ball, your time etc. Read more about the upcoming tournament on

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Do More | Be More | Be Different +throughMylens 

Never underestimate the power of ART One of the loudest voices of advocacy that can reach many people all over the world is through arts which can be found in music, dance, poetry, theatre, graffiti, murals, film, photography just to mention but a few. 

Yesterday I had a great day at Maria Rossana in Huruma Ngei 1(Nairobi, Eastlands) where I met Strokes N Brushes artists who was commissioned to draw a mural at Ngei 1 development hall to sensitize the public about Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SBGV). Art in the Space!


This is one way of using creative arts to advocate for an end to Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SBGV) in the society. #CitationUNWomen The global theme for this year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, which will run from 25 November to 10 December 2021, is “Orange the world: End violence against women now!” 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Training Of Trainers +throughMylens Consult.

Do More, Be More and Be Different. " You can have the right skills but fail to train others on the same, training is a skill by itself." +throughMylens Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur Below are my top 10 tips from my 20 years experience training within youth spaces .

  1.  You must be a lifelong learner. 
  2. Treat every student with the same principle. 
  3. Be a T-Shape person meaning, knowledgeable in variety of areas but still have your area of specialty. 
  4. Practice what you teach and stay relevant to the course. 
  5. Be a good listener and always plan even if you're knowledgeable in the subject matter. 
  6. Switch roles when appropriate from a learner, teacher, mentor and facilitator. 
  7. Develop training model based on Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. 
  8. Use different training methodologies where appropriate. 
  9. Learn To Learn, don't be quick to show the students the answer but rather train them on all the process so that they can develop a more critical thinking, creative, innovative and problem solving mind set. 
  10. 10. Don't forget learning by doing and also embrace fun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

10 Best Personal Quotes

Life Series... Do More | Be More | Be Different

 It is December waa! Just the other day it was January :) Looking back, I can summarize some of my life experiences with these 10 personal quotes which I hope you will also be inspired. +throughMylens 

  1.  "Every professional photographer was once an amateur in the game. Nobody is born with the knowledge of anything, we all learn at different speed and stages." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. 
  2.  " The world can decide to close its door and open many small windows. Don't hesitate to take any window of opportunity to unlock the door." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.
  3. " You can only train what you know, so if you have limited knowledge on a subject matter you can only go as far as what you know." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 
  4. " Teach your children about money at the earliest stages in life so when they ask it from you they will always think about savings, investment and not sweets, cakes, chocolate etc." - Wilson Masaka, youth advocate & social entrepreneur 
  5. " If your customers change their habits you have no option but learn those new habits and design for the moment while you anticipate and prepare for the future." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 
  6. " I rather spend time alone lost in a great book than to spend my free time in a company of bad influence." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.
  7. " Try something so even if you fail you learn. You learn nothing by not trying." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 
  8. " Work with like minded and learn from the rest." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.
  9. " An average idea at work is better, than a great idea saved for the future." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 
  10. "Embrace your own meaning of success even if it looks like failure to other people." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social 
 Featured Quote; " Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Theresa. +throughMylens 

Financial Discipline & Habits

#MoneyMatter #LetUsTalKMoney Do More | Be More | Be Different At What Age Should Children Learn About Money? #MyTake#Parenthood #ParentGood 

 The Home Bank 

 " Teach your children about money at the earliest stages in life so when they ask it from you they will always think about savings, investment and not sweets, cakes, chocolate etc." - Wilson Masaka, youth advocate & social entrepreneur Blog:- 

 One day I was delighted when my son Adrian (9 yrs) told me that I owed him the Kes 30 shillings, that I took from his savings (home bank). This is before we bought this tin that has one slot that allows coins to go through unless we break it. 

The vital skills I transferred here are; responsibility, accountability and security which aren't easy to achieve unless you make deliberate efforts. The secret is nurturing this value in your children by starting with the smallest units (coins) even if you have money. 

Let them learn the WHY and HOW, it isn't about thinking of notes or bigger values. Even if you are poor or in financial difficulties you can still instill this golden value in your children as they grow. Youth Space #YouthAndMoney 

 Did you know the same money you're misappropriating today might cause you some sleepless night in future? 

 Best quote about money; 

  1. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". –Benjamin Franklin
  2.  " It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for". –Robert Kiyosaki 
 Read 100 great inspirational quotes about money

+throughMylens - Mathare North Soccer

+throughMylens - Mathare North Soccer ⚽ Kids will always find time to play even if the ball isn't of the right quality or standard. More pictures

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Soccer For Change – Mathare North Festive Season Soccer 2021-2022

Soccer For Change – Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST 2021-22). Tournament Date: 23rd December 2021 to 1st January 2022 during school holiday

By Wilson Masaka – Wilsen Initiative (Wi), Nairobi, Kenya Mathare North Slums 

Since inception in the year 2011, I have been in the forefront in Mathare slums promoting soccer activities either in conducting soccer clinics, life-skills training and mobilizing soccer resources for community grassroots kids clubs in Mathare North (U10 - U15). 

My biggest success has been running an annual soccer tournament for teams of the age between U10 to U15 years during the Christmas holiday and Easter holiday. The majority of the children between 10 years to 15 years, are one of the most vulnerable groups and they lack necessary platforms, safe spaces, mentors and resources to help them pursue their talents to the best levels they can. 

During the festive season the risk of indulging in unwarranted activities rises because schools are closed and everyone falls into a more festive mood of parties and explorations while the parents are fully occupied fending for their family and there's no one left to take care of the children. 

At least it is a bit safer playing soccer in a team that has a coach who might not have the right skill set, but they will always find time to provide the necessary guidance away from home. I started the annual tournament to offer a platform where the children, youth and community in general would interact in a competitive, safe space, be awarded with the important resources and most important stay away from bad influences in the community. In informal settlements like Mathare it's normal routine to find kids roaming the streets engaged in nothing meaningful. 

My intervention through Wilsen Initiative (Wi) platforms, is to help the children and youth realize their full potential while also finding a meaningful environment to engage in soccer and life-skills training that would help them grow into responsible citizens. We use the soccer tournament to sensitize the youth and children on the issues that affects them directly and indirectly for example, drug abuse, technology, peer pressure, education vs. sports among others. 

Soccer is a great tool that provides a platform for social inclusion while embracing diversity that promotes a peaceful co-existing of people in the society. Our main focus is addressing the future generation on how they can be agents of positive change through their character, behavior and habits (role modeling). Our activities create a platform where youth leaders, coaches and players interact in a meaningful way with targeted outcomes. 

Rarely, the coaches and players receive life-skills training especially off the pitch that would promote their well being and career development. As Wilsen Initiative (WI) we want to make a deliberate effort of filling the skill gap through our Skill -UP master classes that train youth and children in creative and innovative ICT skills, creative arts, creative entrepreneurship, life-skills, leadership and personal branding (21st Century skills). 

My mission is to help the kids play in a more dignified ways using the right resources that will boost their self esteem and also help them avoid the unnecessary injuries. The soccer tournament is a way of having fun, learning, healthy competition and an awarding process for the best teams as per the acquired resources. 

I would have wished to award all the teams, but at the moment, having a tournament is the best way and the most fair way of awarding the needy teams. Call for Support for Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament 2021-2022 (U11 and U13 teams).

This year's theme will be; Do More, Be More and Be Different. 
Goal: - Restoring hope and self drive. 

General objectives: Soccer activities 
  1. To encourage peaceful co-existing of people from different diverse background through soccer. 
  2. To promote soccer talent in the community where children and youth participate in meaningful activities that keep them away from different vices like drug abuse and crime. 
  3. Create awareness about playing safe and importance of education and sports. 
  4. Striving for transformation of different realities / stimulating positive change in the society through young people’s talents and skills. 
Last edition;

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Jigsaw Puzzle in Kenyan Football.

Below is My 10 Points Agenda. It is so unfortunate how things have turned to be on the alleged corruption and misappropriation of funds. I have read many online posts of people saying how the looming FIFA ban will be devastating to their career, livelihood etc. 

The only concern that I have is that the people who will be directly affected should the FIFA ban come, have chosen to sit in a corner while watching from a distance as things unfold. If they talk the best thing they can say is we need dialogue, we need to talk, a solution need to be found and so on. I find this vague and lack substantive ideas in terms of solutions.

I'm talking to all current players, coaches, referees, FKF instructors, etc. I know it isn't easy in your situation, but you need to be bold enough and help come up with real solutions rather than play safe. You know what goes on, even if you can't talk in public seek anonymity and reach out to the caretaker committee. 

Well, maybe I'm over ambitious here, anyway below are my 10 points agenda or should I call them solutions; 

1. Accountability of funds given should be timely. It shouldn't wait, let say three years to account for funds given, for example, in the case of funds given for AFCON. 

In any case, if the audit were done the government should seek to audit at the right time and act swiftly should there be any misappropriation. 

2. The football constitution in terms of voters should be reviewed to accommodate all stakeholders which will also increase the number of people who vote for the president of the federation. I find it very strange like less than 100 people can decide our football fate that is loved by millions. 

3. The officials running football matters in Kenya should have the right qualifications (credentials should be reviewed) and be subject to integrity test, professionalism test, education background in relevance to the post, etc. Here I mean at all levels from grassroots to the top level. 

4. The credentials of the FKF president and the vice president should be reviewed. 

5. The vice president of the federation should be given more roles if that isn't the case. 

6. Increase funding and government support. 

7. Meaningful partnerships :- Work with government in coming up with policies that will see all government institutions and parastatals have football clubs. Remember we had NSSF, NHIF, Kenya Airways just to mention but a few. 

8. The government should enact policies that will encourage the private companies to invest, sponsor the clubs and the league. 

9. Help all the clubs to invest in income generation activity by registering as companies. This will also see the clubs have benchmarks for leadership, operations, financial viability, sustainability, etc. that is allowed or approved by the government. 

10. Work on modalities that will bring back the fans in the stadiums. These are my proposals, if you approve them, please forward them caretaker committee šŸ™‚ 

"People will come and go, but football is here to stay. - "Wilson Masaka +throughMylens 

 Just remember, the fish start to rot from the head and a system is as good as the people who runs it. We can't fix the system without having the right people in charge. Kenya kuna vipindi nyingi tu sana yaani 'michezo

Creative Moment Out & About + throughMylens

I have had this bracelet for 2 years on my wrist. It is unfortunate it broke this weekend, but on the contrary, instead of throwing it, I decided to develop some abstract concept based on my feelings about our beloved nation Kenya. 

Everyone has a part to play in the Kenya we want so; Do More, Be More and Different. #DoersCommunity #PositiveChangeMakers Blog: - +throughMylens 

Don't overly on PASSION, because at some point it fades, 
 Don't overly on TALENT because it comes a time when it obsolete, 

Rather make all efforts to build and rely on your WISDOM because it is one of the surest things that can live in you forever.