Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mtaa Challenge Competition 2014

Today, I had the pleasure of working with Juliani and youth groups from different areas of Nairobi. The groups are competing for the best idea in the Mtaa Challenge Competition 2014 which is a competition that creates a platform for the youth to learn while they develop their social change projects that will be implemented in the neighborhood. The prize money is Kenya Shillings 100,000 for best project that will be implemented in community to address different needs as captured by the team.

The theme of Mtaa Challenge is about promoting local solutions to local challenges through a two-months competition, training and mentor-ship program. The ideas was founded by Kenyan renowned rapper Juliani who is passionate in working closely with the young people in finding creative and innovative solutions from  the neighborhoods (Mtaa) and later exposing them to other markets and networks.

My major role today was to give feedback / direction to the nine teams who presented wonderful ideas from starting a library, public toilet, social spaces among others. The last presentation is scheduled for next Saturday on the 5th April 2014,  a panel of judges will select the best project and provide professional direction to all the teams. It is always a great pleasure working with like-mind youth groups,  and I thank Juliani and his team for inviting me.

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Making notes during youth presentation.
Youth making presentation

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Launch of New Tshirt Design - You're the Change

Many times people search for CHANGE either Economically, Socially or even Politically. Due to many influences, one is always left in confusion not knowing which direction to follow, forgetting that they have the power to influence the POSITIVE change that they want.

This T-shirt series is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's quote " Be the change your wish to see in the World"  focusing on Africa and its people!  I'm always inspired by quotes from the great philosophers, leaders, scientists, sports men/women etc who have shaped this World positively for whatever it's today, and this counts to my many sources of creativity as applied to my work.

Priscah Modeling the You're the Change T shirt.


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