Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you Care!

The year 2011 has been an inspiring year not only for me but for others around me, through our interventions to inspire and motivate the youth is different forums, class session and sports activity in the community. I hope come next year we shall spread the knowledge, skills, creativity etc to greater height.

I did one session in class about caring and today I’m honored to receive this email from one of my student and I would like to share with you.

Received from Elizabath Atieno Media lab student 2011 at Nairobits trust.

Do you Care
Where are the days that people cared?
Where are the days that people shared?
Where are the days that fear was not part of life?
Where are the days that love and peace ruled?

Where is the land where people care?
Where is the land that care is alive?
So that I can fly to that land,
And grab the care, and spread it to the whole world?

Do you care whether someone cares to be their brother’s keeper?
To save the lives of people dying of hunger?
To save the lives of people dying from road accidents?
From AIDS, from cancer, and from insecurity?

Do you care when your neighbor is suffering?
And do you care when the unborn are aborted?
Do you really care?

I long for a people who care
Can someone tell me where they dwell?
So that I can go and join them
And live with them a life full of love, peace and joy.
Yes I know what to do
I won’t go and I won’t join them
I’m gonna be the care
And I hope that the people around me will soon care
Because I have the potential to inspire them.

(Composed and written by Eligo)