Tuesday, January 17, 2017

10 Things Employers Should Shrive To Learn From Their Employees.

Picture by Olu Eletu - unsplash

  1. What are they passionate about and why do they work for you. 
  2. What is their unique talents and how best can you nurture them.
  3. How can you awaken the sleeping giant in your employees. There should be one extra thing they can do which isn't in their job descriptions. 
  4. Check if their performances is steady or fluctuating and WHY? 
  5. What does growth and appreciation mean to them.
  6. Their personal desires and what is in their wish list for your enterprise. 
  7. Can they work alone and in a team. 
  8. Learn to listen to your employees, the best solution might just be with them. 
  9. Break the patterns and expose your teams to different environment where they can get inspired and learn together.
  10. Teach them how to learn and maintain the culture that makes your brand #WilsonDiary

Monday, January 16, 2017

My First Job

As much as there are limited numbers of job offers the fact is, someone this year will be taking their first leap into a new job either in the informal (“jua kali sector”) or formal sector (white collar). The questions are; how did you feel when you started your new job?

How did you handle your finances, visa vie your ever growing wish list when you weren't employed? These are mind boggling questions in this fast world where people want to acquire more and money isn't an exception. Looking at my diary reflecting back when I got my first job in 2013,

I had strategies and philosophies that shielded me from derailing from the desires when I didn't have a job and apparently I still do cherish these values.

I hope by sharing these notes it might help you in defining your financial compass by handling hundreds, thousand and millions.

Ten Magnetic Side Of Money, Finding Your True North. 

  1. Have a saving strategy in place even if you aren't employed. Start the implementation immediately once you get the job. 
  2. Treating yourself doesn't mean spending the entire first salary with friends at parties, for any bad habit there was a starting point. 
  3.  Live within your means doesn't also mean rapid scalability in terms of material gains and living big without any sustainability plans. 
  4. Empower people around you while education and business are routes to consider for those who are interested. 
  5. Set financial goals with both a minimal and highest salary you can get. Be realistic when setting the net and gross salary versus what you can deliver. 
  6. Think of the transition from the start, for example, employee to self employment, savings to investment, personal project to community project. 
  7. Increase your self worth by investing in continuing learning. There are many sources of learning for example online education which allows you to set your own speed and environment. 
  8. Do what you love and never stop. A little caution won't hurt when you make job transitions based on finances. 
  9. Buy what you NEED than what you WANT. For example, having 15 pair of shoes that costs keys 5000 each might be a liability to you. You can only put one shoe at a time. 
  10. Don't work for money let your money work for you. 

#Friendship101 #Resolutions101 "You rather be with a few friends who will make things happen than to have more than a hundred friends full of ideas and that is it."  ~ Wilson Masaka

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Spirit Of A Doer

#DoersCommunity A time like this, last year!

 I planned to do some activities over the festive season under Wilsen Initiative (Wi). I'm proud there were good learning lessons (success vs. failures) to do even better this year but in general it was above the pass mark.

 #CelebratingSmallBigWins 1%Ideas 99% Action 

Our philosophy at www.wilsen-initiative.org Inspire : Connect : Educate

Achievements 2016
  •  Art workshop for children between 12 - 16 years 
  •  Document video for the children workshop. My Country, My future Coming soon...
  • Coordinated the Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament for senior teams 5th edition. 
  • Coordinated the first edition of Mathare North Festive Season Tournament for U12 and U 14.
  • Shared my technical skills with women aspirants for the 2017 elections. How to use social medial effectively. 

Among others, thanks to all that supported me in the implementation of the activities, mission and dreams Wilsen Initiative

The Spirit Of A Doer 
  1. Take time to plan - This means see the event happening before even it kicks off, the BIG picture, brainstorm alone, brainstorm in a team. 
  2. Choose your dream team carefully. This are people with time, energy, interest and are passionate they will work and walk with you the extra miles.
  3. You will have to make SACRIFICE - define it! 
  4. Say it and Do It. 
  5. Have an open mind to learn and adjust the original plan. 
  6.  Enjoy the moment and don't forget to document. 
 For more of the stories and pictures about the same please visit. www.wilsenx.blogspot.com More articles on the same.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Unsung Hero - Made in Mathare Slum

David Mbuthia Mwangi (Identity) was born in a family of seven and was introduced to the photography world in 1997 by Lana Wong (An experienced photojournalist) based in America while working as a volunteer in a project known as ShootBack in Nairobi, Kenya.

Over the years, his photos have been in various exhibitions in the world for example Grass root upgrade-reflection on Nairobi Eastland’s photo exhibition in 2012 and Shootback book London gallery in 1999. The current award he won was in Connect 4climate for change organized by World Bank in 2011 in Durban in South Africa at UN conference and Professional Photographer’ category of the 2014 IMF Africa Rising Youth Photography contest at Mozambique.

For last 20 years he has been doing documentary and artistic photography in Mathare slums and it environs. David Mbuthia has worked as a volunteer at slum-TV an organization working in Mathare area from 2006-2015. Recent he has won "#IchangeKenya that was organized by Play Ground, Stockholm, Sweden 2016 in Kenya and Evaluation Week by Development Bank of Africa 2016, Ivory Coast and his photo was shortlisted for Commonwealth Photography of the Year announcement 2016 https://goo.gl/R3mBGy. His dream is to start a foundation that will teach photography and Videography to children in the slums.

This will empower the children with skills that they can utilize in future to tell their own story in their own words and he is also planning to participate in a charity run and to use the proceeds to fund this dream foundation. He would also want to host a solo photo exhibition about his work and to publish a book about his story/photo book about his works. His career path of becoming an artistic professional photographer.

 Photo credits: Wilson Masaka Latest award 2016 – evaluation week. 

 Links to some of his stories / work;

Contact: David Mbuthia | email: davidmbuthia83@gmail.com | https://www.facebook.com/david.mbuthia.9

Mores stories you will be getting from Wilsen Initiative (Wi) whereby we give upcoming artist’s a voice to make a positive impact in their community by inspiring others while they work on their journey of becoming champions. www.wilsen-initiative.org

Article by Wilson Masaka @ www.wilsenx.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Are You Living in a Full Life Cycle or You're Locked in a Half Life Circle ?

#2017FinancialResolutionPlan Are you living in a full life cycle or you're locked in a half life circle with a small inflow and a big expenditures list (Out Flow)?

Here are simple tips that compliments the once I shared late in 2016. The vicious circle, red line, thin line, invisible line, the golden line, whichever name you want to give it the rule of the thumb is that if you are born in a poor family it doesn't mean you will be stuck with the status quo for the rest of your life even if you have a zero foundation from your parents you can still make it through genuine means.

The secret that the rich might not share with you is that they have good discipline when it comes to money, at least those that I know their secret is in balancing the Inflow (Income) Vs. Outflow (Expenditures).

The Rich

  1. Hand to invest
  2. Operates a full life cycle.
  3. Makes the future
  4. Multiple sources of finance

The Poor

  1. Hand to mouth
  2. Operates a half life cycle
  3. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
  4. Single revenue stream.

Best wishes in 2017

Are you the YES type or Otherwise?

#HumanCapital #CriticalThinkers #DreamTeam

Are you looking for people to join your new initiative or the already existing one?

Here is my 1% tip on recruiting that ideal member.

If you want to go fast get the YES type people in your team and if you want to go FAR get the questioning type.

The difference, of course they're are pro's and cons for any type of a person you enroll into your team. Do your homework especially on soft-skills because technical skills can be trained.

YES - people - Go fast!

1. They want things done but don't like the process.
2. They are already preset in their mind 80% Yes, they will never read to understand the logic.
3. They will be assumed or branded to be the optimists.
4. They only last as much as their energy can take them.
5. They are afraid of questioning or asking.

Questioning Type

1. They will find the WHY's in everything
2. They like process that will lead to already targeted result.
3. They are often mistaken or branded to be pessimists.
4. Hard to convince because they like processing everything the creative and the logic but once everything is all clear they will work and walk with you the extra mile.
5. They tend to be open minded and will seek answers where appropriate.

All the best in 2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Next Generation Stars, Are They Made or Born?

#TheNextGenerationStars  #ParentsGuideFiveLessons

Are they made or born?

A good chance our children become what we train, teach and exposed them, which will influence their ultimate decisions when they become adults at least above 18 years. Come to think of it parents always wish the best for their children whilst there are many positive and negative influences that will try to have a part our children's lives, we still have a role to play to make sure they get the best despite of where we live, financial constraints, schools they go to etc. Here is a simple guide which might work for you.

  1. Teach them how to pray. Praying is one of the greatest values if it grows with the children they will  learn to appreciate other values in life like Peace, Love and Unity. 
  2. Let them explore, for example playing in the mud, building something scrap metals or papers, drawings, painting, music, dance, etc. Appreciate them it's where their talents or gifts are hidden and should be nurtured. Everything has a starting point don't be the talent or dream killer. 
  3. Don't 'police' them, but train them on how to account for their time and activities from a young age like from 4 years, so when they grow up it will be normal routine. 
  4. Lead by example if you didn't know children are copycats watch them play with their age group they will imitate what they have seen or heard. You don't expect to tell your children not to drink alcohol and yet you are the drunken master. 
  5. Don't fake your lifestyle, your children will live knowing that is how life should be and when you are no more they will be confronted with the "ghost" of real situation this is especially when you're living beyond your means. The way out is to have what I call realistic shared information which is predetermined by how old the children are and as they grow involve them in family matters. 
I thank my parents for the guidance based on these five principles that I'm glad to share with you today. I pledge to offer the best environment within my means for my children.
Happy parenting!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Big Ending, Great Beginning 2017

#HappyNewYear It was a great closure for 2016 and a great opener for 2017. On 1st January 2017 we played the finals of Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament (MNFSST) 5th edition organized by @Wilsen initiative and youth in the community championing soccer activities. There was a total of 14 teams playing in a league match format and the top four teams went through to quarter finals. Santos F.C vs. Metro Youth reached the finals of 2016 - 2017  where Santos F.C won 1-0 .

The aim of the tournament is to bring the community together especially during festive season where high rate of crime, drug and alcohol abuse are reported. We create this platform so that youth may be free from drugs, crime and alcohol abuse but exploit their soccer talents towards the new season. Generally we put our energies into positive causes that will eventual foster peaceful coexisting of people of different backgrounds, tribes, values etc.

Sports isn't an exception when it comes to peace building. We want to thanks all the teams, our loyal community fans, coaches, young organizers etc for making the tournament a success. Thanks to Wilsen Initiative and The Pollination Project for the support.