Saturday, August 31, 2019

THE Wi- EFFECT Skill UP Training at Nairobits Trust

The Wi effects is an experience that connect learners with different creative learning experiences as facilitated by both the students and trainers as learners.

We plan our sessions based on the ASK model which stands for Attitude, Skills and Knowledge transfer. Back in the year 2000 the digital divide was mostly based on access but now things have changed and it is all about what to do with the ever changing platforms and new trends at our disposal, while access has been made possible through affordable smart phones, tablets, internet penetration etc.

It was a great honor to connect with Nairobits Trust and the media lab class whereby we conducted a three day boot camp on job preparedness using our model (The WI effect)

Below are the lesson topics covered;

  1. Defining your personal brand.
  2. Defining your career path (the web).
  3. Reviewing Curriculum Vitae and presentation.
  4. Creative writing skills.
  5. What is in your briefcase? CV, Portfolio, Your Story, Experiences and Network.
  6. Feedback and general communication skills.
  7. Preparing for interview, during the interview and after the interview.
The methodologies used in our delivery; Peer review, group assignment, individual assignment, facilitators insights, question and answer. Get in touch with me for a session with your trainees, we offer training boot camps on web design, graphic design, blogging, life skills, internet research, creative entrepreneurship and photograph.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019


Yesterday I bought a soccer ball for our team Mathare North Rangers Juniors F.C which I hope will serve them as we mobilize for more resources for them.

Our team has 30 kids from the age of 10 to 14 years and every year we need at least 10 soccer balls and each player needs a pair of soccer shoes as the minimum basic to run the community team successful. Most of our field and not leveled with grass, they are mostly gravel making it dangerous for our players and also making both the balls soccer shoes not last for long time.


 If you believe in soccer for change and hope, don't hesitate to join us in achieving the bigger vision through acquiring the most basic but very important equipment for a soccer career or journey.

 You can donate new or used;

  1.  Soccer balls 
  2. Soccer shoes 
  3.  Uniforms 
  4. Training bibs 
  5. Tracksuits 
  6. Markings Conn's And many more... 
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