Thursday, July 30, 2015

Training101 - How to Fish for Skills

#Training101 I had a great day sharing skills on how to design web layouts especially using wire-frames, insights on how designers think, insight on how designers see things, where we source creativity among others. Design is a process and not an event! Don't forget to develop your knowledge base it is very important.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime - Chines proverb.

Key Take Always;

Creative Thinking + Critical Thinking = YOU ( Designer / Developer/ Editor / Copy writer etc.)

Back To Basics

1. How you THINK.
2. How you SEE
3. How you execute IDEAS
4. How you build CONCEPT
5. Places you visit for INSPIRATION
6. NETWORK on-line and offline
7. LEARN from others.

And many more...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

GES2015 - My Perspective

1. What’s your take on the Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

In my mind I would say, any country that consumes more than they can produce will remain poor or a 3rd world country forever, we should think  quality production that is enough for local consumers and can also compete at international markets.

We should revise our school curriculum to reflect the best practices that can be scaled in different industries for example in Tech-preneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Creative entrepreneurship etc. The bottom of the pyramid is to improve the lives of peoples and also think how sustainable are the ventures and can they inspire innovation for more job creation?

2. How do you suppose Kenya stands to benefit from this Summit?

Kenya stands to showcase its products and also not forgetting the human capital that has inspired different innovations. The attention and coverage that we will get also puts us in good radars for different trading partnership, investments, new innovation just to mention but a few.

3. In your opinion, is the Government of Kenya doing enough to bring more Ease of doing business in the Country?

The government is trying, even though there's need to look at the requirements that will attract more local and international investments and partnerships. The is also need to put great emphasis on how we can impact the local markets by having entrepreneurial models running in all sectors especially in the education sector. Entrepreneurship training should be a minimum requirement entry for all the job seekers which will shift the nation to more job creators. Lastly, the government needs to map who exactly is in the entrepreneurship sector and having a database that cuts across social classes would be beneficial  for collaborations, new ventures and a good example is in the Jua Kali sector.

4. Any other comment?

Entrepreneurship isn't an elite club, anyone can be one. You can be either in goods or service industry whereby your product meets some needs. As a country we should encourage our citizen to have the entrepreneurial mindset, character, behaviour and most important start and not worry of failing even though planning is paramount.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Visit to NairoBits Girls’ ICT Centre

Every year many young people enroll into different courses that they believe and hope will connect with their dreams or goal in life. Some of their main objective of enrolling into different courses is to learn new skills, meet some requirements, get quality education, get a job, improve their living standards among others.

Nairobits Trust ( is one of the greatest models that trains and empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with creative and innovative ICT skills, especially using web platforms that seeks improves the young people’s chance of living a better life that they desire. The latest at Nairobits is the establishment of girls’ centres which are based in Korogocho, Kibera and Kariobangi in the Eastland part of Nairobi.

At the Nairobits girls’ ICT centre in Korogocho, It is always my great pleasure to share and learn from different environments which also relates to my love for technology for social good.

Below is a summary of today’s session;
  1. The fundamentals of blogs
  2. Story Telling
  3. Visual Story Telling
  4. General knowledge and Questions
The fundamentals of blogs

Blogs are types of websites that runs online as journals for either personal events, companies or institutional events. The information is always saved in a chronological order based on the content management system approach and the users can always read past posts through the archives.

The Challenge

Creating blogs require more than just creating a name, slogan, signing up or topics. There should always be a better foundation of planning and thinking before starting.

Below are seven points to consider;
  1. Why do you want to create the blog?
  2. Who is it meant for? ( Target audience)
  3. How often will you be posting?
  4. What topics will you address?
  5. How will you gather content?
  6. Which platform will you choose, for example creating a custom blog vs. blogger vs. Word Press?
  7. What will be unique in your story telling? 
Story Telling 

There are many aspects of storytelling; here we focused on personal branding in connection to creating blogs. Why is your story interesting? How can you use your story to trigger positive change? Why should people listen to your story? Is it something for public sharing or consumption? And many more…Generally, the best person to talk about your story is YOU. Remember you can’t run from yourself!

Learning Tips

A meeting with SELF!
The only person you can't hide and ran from is yourself.
Who am I? What do I want in life? 
Where do I see myself in the next... yrs?
Why do I do what I do? Who are my friends? And many more…
The probing question to personal journey towards success

Visual Story Telling

Here we looked at content creation that also helps in advocating for your cause. The challenging part of the blog in the creation of authentic content that appeals and is consistent to your target audience and formats. On the visual content we are thinking of the articles, photos, videos, info-graphics etc.

In your plan you should outline clearly how you will gather this content that in real time.

Learning Tips
  1. You need a plan for your content creation and marketing.
  2. You need more that one skill to generate multiple content formats or alternatively you need to partner with someone.
  3. Define your target audience.
  4. Learn from others seasoned bloggers.
  5. Do research on how you can hone your skills (Make Google your Friend and searching / researching is a must skills).
  6. Learn to Learn.
Generally Knowledge

According to my findings there are many young people who haven’t mastered the art of SELF awareness, potential and learning which is a journey that kicks off the many connections to the next career, opportunities, challenge etc.
My advice is that youth should spare more time with SELF and draw an action plan, especially on learning to learn, financial savings plan, networking, work ethics, personal branding, portfolio (tell and show), adapting into different spheres of life that is different from their usual surroundings and how to bridge the gaps in the ever changing industry of technology.

A simple analysis of my personal blog

Name: The bits and pieces
Url: the X factor
Target audience; Sharing with the young people my learning journeys to inspire and connect.
Started this blog:  2009
Main theme; Personal journal and resume.
Taglines: Creative writing, Photography, Video, Values, Personal journey, Visual communication design, Resume, biography

Other platforms

Let us book an appointment to connect, learn and share while we challenge ourselves to do even better. #theChampionInYou