Monday, August 26, 2013

Change that Starts From Within

Starting September 2013, through to March 2014, I pledge to buy football playing shoes for twenty talented young children in Mathare North.  The team is called Mathare North Rangers Junior team which is an initiative of Wilsen Initiative (Wi).
You are most welcome to join  hands in this campaign to help the children keep the  hope of pursuing their football career and avoid unnecessary injuries.

My first playing boots were donated by Helge in 1996 after scoring a goal barefooted during Helge’s Cup tournament at St. Benedict grounds. All the other players (21 players out of 22) except me had playing boots. This was the turning point in my football career, and since then I haven’t played barefoot every again. The time has come to give back to the community that has supported me. Last year I bought five playing boots for young girls playing for Otto-Benecker F.C in the same community of Mathare North community.

You can support me realize this dream before March 2014. A shilling, spare boots to donate, uniforms etc will go a long way in supporting the youth. I take this opportunity to thank Hermann, my friend in Germany for donating uniforms to the senior team.

“Kenyan football is like a fish pond without an out-let” - Wilson Masaka founder Wilsen Initiative
Right to play in safe environment to reach their dreams.
I’m passionate about sports for development and football is my genre. I dream, eat and sleep football which is why I haven’t lost hope in supporting young talents nurture their football skills despite the dark tunnel leading towards becoming professional footballers.

Gaps Within

A big percentage of Kenya Premier League (KPL) clubs follow the model of recycling players in the name of experience, and achieving short term gains at the expense of promoting young talents.  Many young people in the informal settlements lack guidance and support, and are left to pursue their own dreams with their parents watching from a distance and playing a minimal role.  In this crowded field of talents and skills, the youth lack the adequate support and their talents are wasted and mismanaged leaving them frustrated with others turning to drugs and crime.
How many football academies are there in Kenya that support and nurture talents to the level of premier league players?

Help me in my ‘pursuit for change that starts from within’ campaign by buying football playing boots for the Mathare North Rangers Junior team aged 12yrs to 16yrs.  My target is to reach twenty young talented kids by March 2014.

Your support would greatly assist me achieve this goal sooner than later, and help plant seeds through mentors, volunteers, Change Makers, Role Models and a Giving back system through Wilsen Initaitive (Wi).

You can reach me at wilson.masaka[at]

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inspirational & Creativity Unlimited

Today I had an  opportunity to attend an introduction of Plato-Yarn art by Ifeoma U. Anyaeji who is visiting the Godown Art Centre for one month. She is scheduled to hold an exhibition  about her work while in Nairobi on 17th September 2013 at ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE.

I loved her inspirational artworks which are created out of used plastic bags , she innovates and express her work in any environment.  The prentation was awesome and  I was able to connect with her artwork looking at my form of expression as an artist in the multimedia platform using ICT.

Ifoema presenting her artworks at the GoDown exhibition hall


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loco Health Center Motivational Workshop.

Saturday 10th August 2013, was another great milestone for the Wilsen Initiative (WI) program in connecting, educating and sharing knowledge with the youth.

It was a great pleasure to share learning experiences with young people at the Loco Health Centre organized by Jabari Inspires, Local Health representative and Wilsen Initiative. The main presenters/facilitators were: Jabari Smith (USA), Wilson Masaka (Kenya), Milly Dallacamina , (Argentina), Rocio Nadal (Argentina), Tetu Tutuma (Kenya) and Peter Ndichu (Kenya).

How the day unfolded; 


Your Time Is NOW! "Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us." Wilma Rudolph 

 There were group discussions and presentations by different speakers and the participants were given a chance to share their stories of inspiration and breakthroughs. Among the topics we discussed during the workshop were;
  • Navigating The Road Ahead: Career & Life Skills; (Milly).
  • Your Wound Is Your Gift: Overcoming Obstacles; (Wilson). 
  • Branding: Identifying Passions, Skills, Talents, & Interests; (Jabari) 
  • The World Is Yours: Study Abroad & Travel (Peter). 
  • Personal Journey and following your passion (Rocio).
  • Music by Tetu Tutuma (vocalist, guitarist, and storyteller). 
 Please get in touch with us to organize a program for your youth group that will motivate them and make them realize their full potential to become actors of social change in any field of practice.

Picture during the workshop; 

Milly from Argentina sharing her experiences (Navigating The Road Ahead: Career & Life Skills;)

Personal Goal exercise

Personal Goal exercise

Jabari Smith opening the session with a great inspiring personal journey. (Branding: Identifying Passions, Skills, Talents, & Interests;)
Music by Tetu Tutuma (vocalist, guitarist, and storyteller)

Visit to Samburu – Cultural Diversity

From the 2nd to the 4th of August 2013 I had the privilege to travel to Samburu and spend some time at the Umoja camp in Archers post. This is the second trip organized by the Amani Institute where I’m taking a course in Social Innovation Management (SIM).

During the trip we learned the cultures of the Samburu people first hand as opposed to reading about it in books. The days were well balanced between our interaction with the community and workshops at the camp whose key highlights were non-violent communication which is an important life-skill for leaders, citizens, entrepreneurs, managers, artist etc.

Even though we didn’t tour the entire  Samburu region, I tend to believe that the good projects that happen in conflict zones like Samburu always get minimal or no attention from the mainstream media. I would urge all media fraternity to always give both side of the story and shun away from the single negative stories which might hinder local tourism or even create wrong assumptions, like I had of the place before visiting.

It is so unfortunate that I have traveled to other countries more than I have traveled around my home country. This is a common experience that you will find shared by many people especially those coming from humble backgrounds like mine. We always dream of visiting USA, UK and the likes seeing them as the only destinations to learn and seek inspiration from. Even though there are great resources overseas, I still believe there are many great experiences at our door step that we need to tap into. Kenya has vast learning and holiday experiences from food, tradition, sports, fashion, music, mountains, rivers etc.

To experience these great flora and fauna of our country, you don’t need a huge sum of money. For example, you can visit a friend who comes from another county in their village, giving you an experience out of your comfort zone, especially the city life.

All Kenyans should be encouraged to visit other communities and learn their daily routines as this will contribute to peace cohesion of all forty two plus tribes in Kenya. At Wilsen Initiative (Wi), which is community based youth-led organization that I founded, we aim to use football as an agent for change  (Peace building, cohesion and appreciation of diversity.

As soon as we receive the adequate funds and support, we will create opportunities for the youth to travel in their country as they learn, connect, share and play with other youths outside of the cities, which in the long term will build understanding for generations to come.

Second from left is Jabari Smith and me on the far right with the Samburu Worriors.

Me and founder of Umoja Womens group at Achers post.