Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Untapped Potential in Our Society.

In spite of their youthful energy and desire to succeed, many young people remain marginalized, unemployed and lack the voice in the decisions that affect us every day.

 I believe that if young people are given an environment and support to showcase their talents, skills, ideas, and projects, they shall be the source of positive social change, inspiration and creativity. At Wilsen Initiative ( which a community youth led initiative I founded, we strive to create the much needed platforms for youth to express themselves and connect with others in whatever areas of professionalism and interest. I/We shall nurture talents, spot talent from the grass root level and connect the youth with opportunities around them and beyond.

One of the issues I hold dear to my course is having a society that people respect each other and embrace diversity. I believe in a change that start with oneself thus my slogan; the champion in you… which illustrates that everyone has the potential to do something that can add value in their community. Youth being the bigger population in my country Kenya, we are left vulnerable to all manner of vices from crime, drug abuse, political polarization, unemployment etc. I can’t say there is no support at all from the government and NGO sectors but what needs to be done particularly in my country is to support youth led initiatives and tap the emerging talents by utilizing them to reflect positively in the society and create a community of positive role model which is dying.

 An idea would be to strengthen the youth empowerment programs especially in education and sports by offering opportunities to the less privileged youths who have the zeal to pursue further studies but due to unavoidable circumstances they are forced to indulge in bad behavior like alcoholism and crime which completely shut their dreams. My story is exceptional have beaten all odds to curve a career out of football and were it not of the courage and support I was given, I wouldn’t have made it this far. This is a perfect example of making it in life without a degree which is one great document in our society.

Degree and diplomas are important documents in our society and I don’t dispute these facts, but there are many young people with exceptional hands on skills, talents or passion to do something great but they lack the much needed systems, moral support or environments to see themselves as the next Chief Executives Officer a great company established by them, Attaining a degree is one step thus acquiring practical experience and self drive to do something you desire is another despite any obstacle on the ways. I’m really inspired by Richard Branson and Bobby Dekeyser story and for that, let us all support the youths around the clock. We are a treasure of our countries and the global community!