Thursday, February 17, 2022

Sustaining Your Idea into the Next Level With Limited Resources.

 #TheUntoldStoriesOfFounders #TheFounderJourney #TheIdeaBubble The Idea Bubble - The Making Of Wilsen Initiative (Wi) ~  Did You Know Wilsen Initiative was founded based on the acronym W.I.L.S.E.N which is also one my nicknames? 

 The idea came about from my real life story of self, family and community that I believe if well told and documented could inspire many to take charge of their desired future by doing what they love, utilizing their skills, building relevant networks, embrace lifelong learning, family support and use their talents for prosperity. 

 W.I.L.S.E.N stands for:- 
  •  W - Willingness or Willpower to do what you love. 
  • I - Inspirational or Initiative. 
  • L - Lifelong learning. 
  • S - Success, what it means to you. 
  • E - Exploration or Exchange of ideas. 
  • N - Networking within and beyond. 
 The Genesis 

 Wilsen initiative (Wi) evolves around the story of self and the story of us, and collectively trying to find solutions to our problems through collaboration, skills and talent utilization. Since inception in 2000 the main tagline has been the Champion In You.

 I had the idea bubble (light bulb moment) when I was really going through rough times in life with a lot of uncertainty that affected my health. Pursuing education to the best of my desired levels was a great challenge leave alone our family trying to make both ends meet every day. I'm happy so far all the hurdles in the past were all conquered through a more deliberate move to understand myself and by using what I had especially talent and skill to build on other opportunities. 

 The champion in you is a philosophy that focuses more attention from inside out working around the values that would eventually push you to tackle any emerging life challenges. 

So between the year 2000-2010 the ideas revolved around myself trying to understand (self discovery moment); 
  1.  Who I Am. 
  2. What Are My Dreams. 
  3. What Skills Do I Have. 
  4. What Experiences Do I Need To Acquire. 
  5. Who is in My Network. 
  6. How Can I Be a Solution Provider in My Community. 
  7. What Do I love the Most. 
  8. What gaps are there in the society that I want to address, etc.
I have always tried to document my journey BITs and Pieces on my blog Later in 2011, after understanding the journey of self awareness and transformation Wilsen initiative (Wi) geared up with more stories of US where we could learn together, share our stories and build on our knowledge through collaborative learning. 

So far we aren't where we want to be but there are a number of great works we have achieved with limited resources from; 
  1.  T-shirt design campaign that reached more than 500+ people since inception between the year 2000 to 2021. 
  2. More than 5 creative art session for the kids. 
  3. More than 10 football tournaments for both juniors and seniors in Mathare North. 
  4. More than 300+ football shoes delivered to deserving kids from disadvantaged backgrounds in Mathare North under soccer shoes and other resource mobilization. 
  5. Awarded more than 10 teams with branded Wilsen initiative (Wi) jerseys. 
  6. Conducted more than 10+ Skill-UP master sessions in different locations 
  7. In 2010 established Mathare North Rangers Football club (juniors and seniors) 
 All these great milestones and achievements have been made possible by the support from my personal contribution, friends and family. 

I encourage all my friends to support us further in making sure our work is sustainable and predictable. Currently, we only plan whenever the resources are confirmed and available. 

 "Any idea that is developed by starting with the end in mind stands a better chance of growth than an idea which stands on random and reactionary approach" - Wilson Masaka, founder Wilsen Initiative Wi, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 

 "Don't let your idea bubble bust just because you missed a certain resource, use what you have to get started while the rest will build up slowly." ~ Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 

 Thanks to everyone who have always supported us in different ways. More about Wilsen initiative (Wi) Be intentional! #StrategicThinking #CriticalThinking #MissionVision Do More | Be More | Be Different

Friday, February 4, 2022

The Launch of Mathare North Combined +throughMylens

· The mission is to play top friendly matches outside Mathare North and our target is to play teams at Division 1, NSL and Premier League. Every year we will target five top friendly matches a d the team will consist of players from at least two or more teams in Mathare North. 

The team will be constituted based on a call up basis like they do with the national team during different fixtures. Only players who are in active play at different levels and are passionate to make football as a career will be engaged. The coaching unit will also be constituted as per the matches on schedule and there will be no permanent coaches or players. We will not be active in any league and the vision that we have is to expose and export our top talents to the next levels starting with the top local clubs. 

We know getting this top friendlies matches is a tall order and the process can be tiring with a lot of speculations and sometimes uncertainty, but with the right approach it is doable as evident in our past friendly engagements with Tusker, Sofapaka, Mathare United, Utalli F.C, Red Berets just to mention but a few. We will knock all possible doors and for a start, we will use all the resources that our teams have from uniforms, balls etc. thus the idea of a combined community team. 

The idea is about using what we have to get what we need and I believe by combining our efforts will ensure football becomes profitable for our emerging top talents who majority are currently playing in our community league or have opted out for retirement at an early age. 

If you like this idea, let us make all necessary arrangements by being part of this idea whenever called upon. So far there are no officials and the idea isn't about having officials, but the focus is to always come together and strategies on our next course of action, the roles will be interchanging as per what is required. I know with your support and blessings we can do it together for a better Mathare North and soon we will be back on the football radar in Kenya has it used to be or even better. 

I want to thank Police F.C for this golden opportunity to play their team. Do More | Be More | Be Different +throughMylens -Wilson Masaka

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Mathare North Soccer, Resource Mobilization.

 +throughMylens Mathare Rangers F.C received different assortment of sportswear courtesy of my friend Lenze Pekelsma who arranged the collection of the donation from In 2010, I founded Mathare North Rangers F.C with a group of friends. Currently we have players from age categories U10 to U15 years and Over 16 years respectively. 

According the package size this time around our over 16 years players and the coaches were honored to receive the gift. I continue to request for more support for our community teams especially in acquiring tracksuits, soccer shoes and balls. 

 Wilsen initiative is all about offering a different experience, especially in our football journey starting at the base what we call grassroots and our main target are is Mathare North. Football for Hope At Wilsen initiative (Wi) At this era no kids should play bare feet and their football talents combined with education should provide answers out of the vicious circle of poverty through the platforms that have been designed to tackle existing and emerging challenges in the sector. 

One of our vision of Wilsen Initiative (WI) is to be a centre of excellence in offering the best experience in grassroots football that will ensure no top talent is lost or untapped. It starts with what we have to get what we need and no gift or support is small. In a big way, thank you Mr. Lenze and On behalf of the team, we say thank you and we continue to encourage everyone to do something for the betterment of our community. 

Do More, Be More and Be Different. Our website:- www.wilseninitiative.wordpress.comWilsen Initiative - Mathare North Rangers F.c