Friday, June 3, 2022

Accelerated Impact Through Partnerships

@artistpatrickmukabi One of the ways to accelerate our desired impact is through partnerships that offer a win -win approach. Choosing the right or ideal partner is a challenging task while maintaining the relationship can also be faced with many hurdles. 

I'm delighted to have Patrick Mukabi as one of the mentors at Wilsen Initiative (Wi) under Plus One Talent platform that offers the children and youth a chance to express and experience their artistic prowess through creative arts. I have known Patrick Mukabi for the last 18+ years. 

He is a great mentor, friend, teacher, creative, down-to-earth, motivator... 

Always a great pleasure collaborating with him in creating different platforms for children and youth to learn, especially inspired by 21st century skill like creativity, innovation, problem solving, teamwork, collaboration and many more. 

 Read More about Patrick Mukabi aka Panye Good read about Patrick Mukabi 


Skill Up (Plus One Talent) #LifeLongLearning #QualityEducation

We organize sessions that will help the participants connect further with their surrounding environment, connect with self and learn how to boost their creative genius. Get in touch with us for a session with your team. Note: - These sessions are also available for the any group that isn't within the children or youth category! Do More | Be More | Be Different.

Play Safe With Dignity & Creative Arts for the Junior Teams

On 6th May 2022, I made an appeal through my network to help me connect 10 next generation stars acquire football shoes (boot) as part of the ongoing drive for resource mobilization for junior players and teams in Mathare North.. I started the mission in the year 2000 under the umbrella of Wilsen initiative (Wi) Play Safe and with dignity. The good news is that on 1st June 2022, I was able to connect 20 next generation stars with quality football shoes and a total of 70 players from the junior teams attended the Skill up Session under Creative Arts. 


I iwant to thank my friends who made this happen and offered different support starting with Joe Macfist , Onyi, Patrick Mukabi aka Panye, Doc, Ernesto Spruyt, Kate Syprine Nyarsoja, Roseline Nanah , Antonio Grasso, Esther Mazira , Bas van Rijsbergen, Pieter Jan de Bruijn PJ and Kamuzi Band.  1st of June is usually a special day for me not only because it is a public holiday called Madaraka day, but more so important it is a day I celebrate my birthday day. 

 A football shoe also knows as boots are one of those items that is becoming a challenge for many children and youth to acquire whilst their parents don't take it as part of their development. Since inception in the year 2000 I have reached more than 500 youngsters, and what I have noticed there is a big shift of not wanting to play barefoot after the shoes wears out, the youngsters have found ways of reaching out to their parents and the ones above 14 years start small ways of savings for a future pair of shoes. 

The campaign continues all through the calendar and should anyone want to support my mission you can always do it anytime within the calendar. One day I would like to set up a learning centre or resource centre where the junior teams will get continues access to different trainings, especially on Creativity, ICT, Creative Arts, Financial Literacy, Personal Branding and Life-skills. Read more about the campaign and the Creative Arts Session and view a collection of photos (gallery 01.06.22 event). 

We Can Do IT! 

 I'm inspired by John Bunyan's Quote: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”