Monday, December 19, 2016

The Cracks within The Creative World Of Today.

Where did we go wrong? Where are our moral values? Is the new normal no values? And many other mind boggling questions if you belong to the same school of thought called Values Inside Out (VIO).

The new normal is breaking the rules of the past which some of us call modernization, trends, fashion or development. In some instance, yes, it does apply to have modern ways of doing things, but I think when it comes to the values they should be nurtured for many generations to come and live by the books of our ancestral parents.

Human by nature likes to explore new things and as we grow up we start by being confined into our family values, school values and society value. Generally, what is expected of us as children, teenagers and adults, as soon as we reach a certain age, we break or develop new rules of the game called life that will define how we are going to move forward, even though there isn't a standard age to experience these changes it depends with many factors for example how your family bring you up, extended society and of course how you experience difference transition from a child, teenager and and adulthood. Let us take an example of the music scene as one of the great vehicles of promoting the great values.

Of late, there has been a rush of releasing the latest and hottest music video that can make a lot of sales. The question is do musicians also put great energy in fostering greater values beyond some common subjects?. On the other hand, with the advent of new dance styles dare not ask a kid to dance for your visitors you might end up being embarrassed because there is also what is trending on the best and hottest dancing styles general I call them the dance bait. All the breakdown of the society’s values fabric I attribute to the media influence from both local and international scenes.

Our kids are growing in the most interesting, but very challenging time for the parents in terms of nurturing the values that we want to see. The solution isn't in locking our children in the room or corporal punishment, I think it boils down to building a relationship with your sons and daughters with an open mind and candid communication of course considering the age. Don't forget as parents and guardians we have the biggest share in portraying the best examples.

#CreativeDiary I have had these questions in my mind as a CREATIVE. What makes a great music video in the secular scene? I'm not a musician, neither I'm I trying to be one. I love music from diverse genres... 

#UntoldAnswers How would you described beauty?
And how would you describe creativity? 


  1. Sexism in some secular music. Women aren't object...
  2. Copycats, just twist some words and you are ready to go!
  3. If you want to sell brake the rule. Is this true?
4. Get people guessing or thinking. 
  4. Content vs. Context 
  5. Nowadays you will find how people will sing how it is cool to be drunk and have more than one relationship etc. 
#TheBIGquestion Where are we heading to, what about our moral values? What else? #YourTake What can music do for our nation building? I hope it's not an obvious question

 ARE YOU READY FOR 2017? Here is some inspiration...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The New Dawn, the Power of Social Media in Leadership

 Today I had a great privilege to train and educate a group of women aspirants for the forthcoming 2017 general election on how to effectively use the social media in reaching out to their constituents. Generally technology as changed the way we do things and anyone developing marketing strategies can't put a blind eye on embracing Tech channels, as much as there is a lot of buzz on how social media can reach millions it shouldn't be used as a replacement to other main stream strategies.

Most of the technological advancement has taken some of us by surprise not knowing how to be part of the conversion. The reality is that if you don't adapt with the latest technological advancement you will be out of the game before you even start. The world runs on two philosophies either your shape in or you be shaped out either in education, transport, business, farming, social life and politics which isn't an exception among other sectors. It isn't too late to learn any new skills and as much as tech advancement is well known as the field of the millennial (Generation Y born 1980 - 1995) I believe there's still a chance for baby boomers (born 1946 - 1965) and Generation X (Baby Bust born 1965 to 1979) of developing a strategy around their work while working with a team of youthful experts.

The old tactics of election malpractices should be done away if we want REAL CHANGE. I'm thinking of if our police department can also have EPU, which stands for Election Police Unit, which will be tasked, trained on matter elections that will include pre and post election and any practice that involves technology, etc. I believe REAL CHANGE is achieved through an educated society that is civilized and is also built on the strong pillars of lifelong learning and unrelenting positive values (peace, love and unity).

Mobile telephony as enable us access information at our palm anytime and anywhere but we should still acknowledge that there is a big percentage of voters that don't use most of the social media tools / channels which are in the hundreds. The solution lies in developing marketing strategies, choosing the relevant channels and continues research to understand your demographic before administering any tools. Below are notes I developed that I shared with the Women aspirants in Eastlands. It is my hope by sharing these tips it will help you learn further in developing solid strategies.

Participants sharing the latest post on their FaceBook channel.

 Training the participants on social media strategies learning the WHY before WHAT and HOW

10 TIPS On How to CREATE Authentic Content Remember Content is King, or Should I say Queen too! 
  1. Connect with your VALUES and that you want to see in your followers.
  2. Contribute to what's happening, give your point of view. BE YOURSELF, BE REAL.
  3. Predict the FUTURE from your standpoint.
  4. Create your own EXPRESSION through multiple channels like photography, video etc.
  5. Capture a mood or feeling that will engage your targeted AUDIENCE.
  6. READ widely from social media and mainstream media.
  7. Create a STORY LINE, though, remember less is more.
  8. Speak to a TARGETED audience, for example youth, women etc. 
  9. Understand the WHY before the WHAT and HOW
  10. Be CONSISTENT and think of your BRAND 
 More tips on social media strategies for aspirants for 2017 general elections in Kenya. 
  1. Do it yourself if you have the time, skills and your are passionate about social media. I would still recommend that you have a team of experts help you with the strategies because you will be very busy with matter happening on the ground. 
  2. Join relevant online communities that have the same interest and values as yours – BE ACTIVE!
  3.  Create positive, engaging content that relates to your targeted audience desire, interest etc. 
  4. Don't spread yourself too thin. Start with at least three channels for example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  5. Create relevant content that people can retweet, share, comment and even quote you. Think of your slogan, craft it carefully. Great example that I like; YES WE CAN – Barrack Obama, Make America Great Again- Donald Trump and Stronger Together – Hillary Clinton. 
  6. Follow influential personalities, engage with an online forum, community groups that Link with your VALUES. 
  7. Activate: Tag people and groups, share, comment. Develop multiple content format videos, text, audio, etc. One thing for sure visual rule the game, people don't have time to read long text and that is why twitter us a limit of 140 characters. 
  8. Have experts handle your social media strategies not everyone is a guru as much as they have signed up for any social media channel. You need a team to handle the social media while you concentrate on meet the people tour. 
  9. Develop a plan that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)

“Social media isn't a replacement to your other campaign strategies.” Wilson Masaka – Visual Communication Designer & Founder at Wi.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Every person has a chance to be a millionaire through hardwork, self discipline and most of all mapping your journey towards the future that you want. Poverty is a state of the mind and our behaviors... Even if your are born in a poor family your can turn things a round through genuine means...

The difference between a millionaire and a poor person is that;


  1.  Millionaires know how to spend Kes 2 and make Kes 8.
  2. They will save long term. The future is on their palm.
  3. They have a wide range of financial portfolios and they aspire to create wealth. 
  4. Their money work for them.
  5. They take calculated risk.
  6. They choose their networks carefully.
  7. They have advisors working behind the scene.
  8. Spend 5 save 5 philosophy.
  9.  They will aspire to become billionaires.
  10. Time is a resource and must be spent wisely.
 Poor Person

  1. Get 10 spend all philosophy. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
  2. They work for money and aspire to be rich not wealthy. 
  3. No advisor, hand to mouth philosophy.
  4. They don't choose their networks.
  5. They will save short term.
  6. They will take risks not calculated risks.
  7. One source of income.
  8. They believe they can't be millionaires.
  9. Time to them is a measurement of day and night.
  10. Will live beyond their means. 
 Author Wilson Masaka, founder Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Plus One Talent: Art expression; My country, My future

We had a great event with a total of 35 young people between 12 to 16 years all represented. The majority of the youth came from Mathare North and Mukuru in South B. The event took place at the GoDown on 11th December 2016. Our main theme was My country, My future. We aim at creating a positive dialogue that will promote the values that will foster peacefully coexisting of people.

We had the following activities;

  • Games – Games are an important tool to use in fostering interest and interaction amongst the participants. The youth got a chance to introduce new games to the rest of the team. Our main objective was to have fun and bond together in readiness for the day activities.
  • Group challenge – We formed five groups of six participants and the challenge was to build the tallest tower using the resources provided. This challenge helps the participant to listen more, work in teams, and work on time management among other soft skills.
  • Brainstorming – This process helps get divergent views on a specific topic. Our main topic was what makes Kenya great? And also looking at what we should change as Kenyans? The two sides of a coin tapping into the young people’s mind and activating their voice through painting and discussion.
  • Painting – Appreciate art as one of the greatest mediums of expression. Art in school isn’t that strong like it used to be back in the 1990’s we want to bring this important aspect of expression and learning to young people as a way of unlocking their potential through critical thinking, creativity and innovation which might not the primary goal in most of the schools administering the 8-4-4 system.

Last we had a break out session with refreshments before the closing session. In a special way I want to thank Kate Syprine (Co-founder Wilsen Initiative), Janet Nawire, Andrew guest tutor, Edwin our videographer, GoDown Art Centre, Dorwaf restaurant and the Pollination Project for making the day a success. These are questions that we seek to address using the Wilsen Initiative Model (Wi) as expressed through our mission and vision.

Our mission is to develop positive young change-makers in informal settlements in Kenya.

Our vision is to have a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change using their talents and skills for prosperity.

How might we?

  1. How might we connect the stakeholders to address the needs and the gaps in the society
  2. How we develop a more sustainable vision of success.
  3. How might we internalize in people the motivation to develop  a more  sustainable vision of success.
  4. How might we encourage the pro-activity and attitude towards making change
  5. How might we make children positive agents of change in Kenya
  6. How might overcome the “sheep factor” towards skills develop in achieving personal genuine potentials.
  7. How might we define Kenya’s success?
  8. How might we have short term gains that will leads into long term solutions?

More photos at


Expected Impact

We work with renowned artist and community youth leaders in facilitating these workshops. The participants get a chance to evoke new ways of thinking through artistic expression, work together and dialogue through meaningful conversations. We envisage a community of positive role models who are responsible to the community whereby engaging in activities that promote great values (Peace, love, unity, hard work, teamwork, empathy etc.) for a better tomorrow.  After art and craft was abolished in the 8-4-4 system the interest of many young people participating in artistic projects has gone below the expected levels because some think it isn't a career option.

Friday, December 9, 2016

NairoBits Digital Garage and Media Lab Graduation 8th December 2016

Yesterday I witnessed another group of brilliant minds ready for the world of work equipped with the necessary skills. I'm one of the pioneer youth who were enroll into NairoBits program in 2000. During our time we experienced a lot of challenges from slow machines, limited internet access, not sure if it was the right course to take, no structure, curriculum, part time trainers, lack of adequate resource, etc. If we made it through all the circumstances anyone else can make it through hard work, self discipline, self starting, continues research, diverse ways of learning and unrelenting desire to make our lives better are among of the things that helped us build NairoBits.

Currently I serve as the Training Coordinator, but I have juggled many other responsibilities in my 16 years tenure in the organization transiting from a student to management levels. At NairoBits 97% of the staff members are alumni and the greatest advantage is in passing the  mantle  of hope, vision, teamwork, skills, hard working, and community service just to mention but a few.

It was a great pleasure leading this year’s graduation and working with inspiring team who are dedicated to matching the best quality in everything they do, these sparks me with new energy and thoughts of how to make our society better.

In a special way I want to thank Emer Beamer (NairoBits Founder), Hester Ezra (NairoBits Founder), Fiona Whelm (NairoBits Founder), Mark Kamau, Ineke Aquarius (NairoBits Founder), Geoffrey Otieno, Don Odera, Faith, Wairimu, Jimmy Ogonga, all my fellow of the year 2000, ex-employees, all the current NairoBits staff and all the NairoBits alumni networks for staying true to the call of our VISION.

Below are some pictures and what was in my mind during the graduation.

#TransformativeLeadership #Leadership101 #ChangeMaking #SustainableDevelopment

If you give people FOOD they will remember you for a moment.
If you give people ORDERS they live not knowing how to do it alone.
If you give people SPACE to try they always think of the next innovation.
If you give people SKILLS they will remember you forever.

A great leader will always strive to make their followers become better leaders than they are! Wilson Masaka – Founder at Wi.

And the winner is...

Awarding one of the best students at the Digital Garage

A big congratulation to all graduates and welcome to world of work. More about NairoBits 

Monday, December 5, 2016

End Of Year Festive Season Football Tournament U12 & U14

At Wilsen Initiative our happiest moment is when we help young people transit into new experiences in life. Soccer / football is one of our vehicles that we use to reach out to young people discover more about themselves (gift, skills and talent).

Accessing good football pitch, lack of resources, lack of enough opportunity, low self esteem, minimal positive role models are among the hard faced challenges. Yesterday we were able to create these positive chains of events by successful finishing the two week football/soccer tournament for U12 and U14.

We awarded the winners with our branded Wilsen Initiative (Wi) jerseys, football and football shoe for the overall best player. We thank the young people who worked with us tirelessly in organizing the tournament and the Pollination project for believing in our theory of change.

#ComingSoon This Sunday we shall host 30 young people through an artist expression workshop at the GoDown Arts Centre.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Plus One Talent: Art expression; My country, My future

This is a platform that will bring young people of 14 to 16 years together at the GoDown Art centre on the 11th of December 2016. Our main theme My country, My future aims at creating a positive dialogue that will promote the values that will foster peacefully coexisting of people. Next year we will be having the general elections and from the street talk and media there is little evidence in organizing a celebration of things that bind us together as Kenyans apart from the forthcoming Jahmuri day celebration on 12th December  (Independence day) which is gazetted. 

It is so unfortunate the small gains and activities such as what we have organized doesn't get the attention in the mainstream media, majority of top news is when remarks are made that are controversial to the norms are made especially towards polarizing us further through tribal affiliations, political affiliation etc.  Thanks to the new media, we are able to share our passion, activities and create platforms that appreciate our diversity as Kenyans even in a little way and as key stakeholders of the Kenya that we want to see.

Target Group

Our target group (14 to 16 years) won't vote come next year, but we want to start somewhere by inculcating a culture of a new generation that appreciates our diversity, make informed decisions and promote the great values of peace, love and unity (peace ambassadors from within). For a great nation to meet its development agendas, we need the effort of everyone without excluding the children and the youth, their energy needs to be linked to deliberate program and activities that will promote great citizenry.

Expected Impact

We work with renowned artist and community youth leaders in facilitating these workshops. The participants get a chance to evoke new ways of thinking through artistic expression, work together and dialogue through meaningful conversations. We envisage a community of positive role models who are responsible to the community whereby engaging in activities that promote great values (Peace, love, unity, hard work, teamwork, empathy etc.) for a better tomorrow.  After art and craft was abolished in the 8-4-4 system the interest of many young people participating in artistic projects has gone below the expected levels because some think it isn't a career option.

At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) we promote art and soccer activities as our vehicles of delivering value through learning new skills that wouldn't be trained in the confines of the classroom. Art is a wide field with many genres from music, painting, choreography etc.

Main Facilitators

A Journey Of a Doer

#Biography Inspired after an interview with Adam JC - NO Fear Of Falling. Looking forward to the podcast :)

Wilson Masaka is a social entrepreneur, photographer, web designer basically he calls himself a Visual Communication Designer (VCD) when it comes to matters ICT while embracing different forms of digital arts as a trainer and practitioner. Currently he serves as a Training Coordinator at NairoBits Trust a hub for training the youth urban informal settlements in creative and innovative skills, entrepreneurship and life skills.

Wilson has played a pivotal role in the last 15 years of employment, setting up other models of the BITS theory in Uganda (Kampala & Arua), Zanzibar and Tanzania (Musoma). Wilson has also founded Wilsen Initiative (Wi) model which trains the youth on how they can use their skills and talent for prosperity.

More at; | | | 

My top 10 ingredient for Career Prospect & Person Growth;

This might be unique to me but I hope it will be useful for someone else… If you like it, crown it!



  1. Watch one video a day
  2. Read one article a day
  3. Attend one event a month, build your network.
  4. Write one article a month.
  5. Capture the best moment of learning or ideas. Be present…
  6. Use available tool to illustrate the idea.
  7. Build connection from environment this is called Bio-empathy
  8. Follow relevant individuals and groups on different channels. This is in connection to some meaning that connects to your passion, work, interest etc.
  9.  Endlessly love what you do , don’t wait to be discovered.
  10. Love system and structures. Maintain a daily, weekly and monthly to do list that captures your intention and turn your thought process into action.

I hope there is something you have picked from this list for your action plan in 2017

Season greetings!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Entrepreneurnuers Mindset

 Everyday I pass this street next to my neighborhood to board matatu (public transport), I admire the sheer determination of the 4 women selling sweets, biscuits, call cards etc. From my own estimation the total value of their business is less than $30 and mind you they are few steps from each other selling similar products. The questions that I always ask myself are;


  1. What are the profit margins?
  2. Is the business sustainable?
  3. What drives them?
  4. Is there demand?
  5. What makes them wake up early everyday despite the weather?
  6. Is it a matter of competition?
  7. Who do they support with their business?
  8. What would happen if someone could grant them good capital, would they do it big in a better way?
  9. Are they going through tough moment in their life or it’s something to keep them busy?
  10. It is the best location to do the business and did they do some research or it was a gut feeling approach?

#KeyTakeAway The best way to learn as an entrepreneur is to practice no matter how you think of the business.

#SuccessaVsFailure what does success and failure mean to you? #MyTake In every moment of failure there is a part of success experienced.

+throughMyLens Photography:

#TBT a great picture can brighten your day, this is from the archive 2011 +throughMylens as captured.  On my way to Migori, Musoma and Muhuru Bay.