Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Price Of Democracy

‪#‎AfricaRising‬ I rarely talk about politics, but following US politics from a distance I have been inspired to pause for a moment and think why Africa can’t have such democratic space like in the US, etc. I think as Africans we have been stuck for many years in resolving the equation that defines real democracy especially when it comes to electing leaders.

‪#‎IndeepThought‬ watching Michelle Obama's speech I felt very inspired to do this design which I hope will trigger some positive thoughts towards the Africa that we need.

Africa is destined for greatness only if we solve this elusive equation in nurturing our democratic space in matters to do with leadership. The equation that is solved in different ways in many African countries, the question is which more prevalent in your country?

Does money rule the game? What you see is what you get!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

There's Life in Everything!

As a creative person I believe there is life in everything, that's why using +throughMyLens I capture moments that I hope will take the story forward for many years to come. I find life in anything I come across in the sense that it either communicates provide clues and evoke the next innovation, etc.  Apart from the five senses, I have come to develop other senses like observation, relating, synthesizing etc., which I believe there's life in everything, even on artifacts, etc.

Today I want share some of my creative moments as captured last week when I visited Watamu and hope it will trigger new life in you.  Before I take that memorable shot I usually ask myself quick questions as follows;

  1. What is the subject matter?
  2. Where is life in my composition?
  3. Which elements are prominent?
  4. How does it relate to me and what about the next party?
  5. What would be the photos life span? 

These are questions I have come to learn by heart, which forms part of my visual power and creative DNA in producing anything. I hope some of this experience will help you in your learning process. Below are some of the photos as captured in Watamu, Kilifi County;