Sunday, June 22, 2014

About Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

We are a team of young professionals, role models and change makers who inspire and educate our peers to use their talents and skills for positive social change.

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    Saturday, June 21, 2014

    Where Ideas Comes From Part II

    This idea I captured during the Creative Entrepreneurship session that took place at Crowne Plaza upper hill. I used Alcatel – Onetouch mobile phone to take the pictures, and creativity inspire by the setup of the room (interior deco) from the form and function, colors, design, connection, etc.


    Where Ideas Come From Part I

    Monday, June 16, 2014

    Branding - Poster

    This poster I design just to showcase some of my work in terms of design, layouts and photography.

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    The Launch of Wi Bags - Don't just carry books, carry IDEAS

    Today I'm proud to launch Wilsen Initiative (Wi) bags; Don't just carry books, Carry ideas. Get yourself  a copy and support Wilsen Initiative (Wi).  More to come watch the space...

    Monday, June 2, 2014

    Visual Communication Design

    Visual Communication Designers may design products such as trademarks, logos, brand and corporate identity materials, packaging and image design for products, posters, sign and way-finding systems, websites, motion graphics, diagrams, maps and graphs, publication design for books, magazines and brochures and promotional materials.  

    As a specialist in Visual Communication Design, you will develop advanced conceptual and technical skills through studio courses in photography, typography and new media. You will move from designing specific instructor-directed projects to creating complex visual communications using both traditional and digital methods and media. With each studio course, you will continue to develop aesthetic sensibilities and style. 

    As you progress through your design studies, you will find out how and why visual communication design is an essential part of our daily lives. You will be challenged to use your design skills to persuade, communicate specific messages, and inspire thought using symbols, words and images. Each experience will lead to a greater understanding of the strategies needed for effective problem-solving through the practical application of critical thought. Our program provides you with a technological environment that is current.

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     Graphic  design: Bags, logos, business cards, websites etc

    Sunday, June 1, 2014

    A Wish & Pledge During My Birthday!

    Today is my birthday 1st June, it is another time I’m adding one year to my storyline or journey since I was introduced to the World.  I have changed physically and grown mentally,  but many things that I cherish forever is the values and principles  that I stand for, generosity, love, happiness, passion, hard-work, determination, prosperity and teamwork.

    Thanks to all who have made me who I am and helped me in discovering myself as a champion of life. I thank God for installing the right ‘Apps’ in me with a stable operating system.  I will continue to share, inspire and educate my peers in discovering their own paths  by using their skills, time and talents.
    May I live to see my grandchildren and I pray for God’s guidance all through my journey and never to change my BIG heart of helping others.

    Asante Sana!

    Pictures taken early morning 6Am on 1st June 2014 by my wife Lela.

    Original and edited version.

    Creative Time as Captured

    Below is a small piece of artwork I took using my mobile phone Alcatel onetouch during the opening of creative entrepreneurship class which took place at Crowne Plaza.

    We were served with bottled water, a glass and a small paper coaster or mat written DRINK, THINK, RELAX. As a creative I was challenged with the three words to do something in connection to the item presented to me and emotions that surrounded me.

    So far so good and I’m learning new things. Top on my list so far;
    •  Money and Meaning
    • Opportunity spotting
    • Creative Life Cycle
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