Friday, July 16, 2021

Pan-African Youth Empowerment & Leadership

#YouthSpace #SDG4QualityEducationLifeLongLeaening #Pan-AfricanYouthEmpowerment #WorldYouthSkillsDay I couldn't hold back my happiness after receiving this Certificate of Recognition by Project Pakati under the African Leadership Institute (ALI). 

This initiative seeks to harness the collective influence of Africa’s young leaders by building a networking platform and a community in greater numbers that affords young leaders the ability of reaching a critical mass to impact the issues that Africa faces. AFLI will be working with leadership organizations across Africa to build this networking platform and community to be able to collectively have a greater impact for good. "Pakati" is a Bantu word – Shona, Ndebele and Zulu - which means the 'centre' and aptly captures the objective of the project which is to make young leaders more visible in this journey. 

#MyTake +throughMylens 

As young people we have different spaces we can share our voice to be heard and influence even greater policies that will contribute positively towards Africa's growth and development. I'm always ready to contribute and work towards the well being of young people not only in my country but also in the entire African continent. 

#YouthAdvocate I know I will not remain a youth forever, but I'm certain I will always have a youth agenda at heart and I will always do whatever I can towards contributing positively towards their well being in different spaces. Check out my current initiative, which you can also support me in achieving the desired vision 

My areas of interest are
  • Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Training, 
  • Technology, 
  • Education
  • Sports for development.
  • Mentorship
  • Community development. 
" Kenya will be better placed as one of the leading countries to invest, creativity and innovation only if it takes deliberate efforts towards meaningful youth engagement in all aspects of development. - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. "A country whose youth continues to take the back seat in all aspects of its development either deliberately or by its systems design will continue to be faced with many unlimited changes." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. 

"If we want to prepare the youth for the future opportunities and challenges we need to pay keen attention on the vital technical skills that address today's need while providing future solutions without the exception of soft skills and lifelong learning as part of their development package." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate, Social Entrepreneur. 

 Make Your Voice Heard #SemaSasa 

I want to encourage young people to take an active role in building the future they want by joining meaningful projects and online communities that they can learn, share, contribute and connect with other positive change makers, policy makers, transformative leaders etc.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Bits and Pieces Of the Making of Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

#TheFoundersJourney #StartUpWithNoMoney #PassionDreamResilientBelieve #MyStoryBitsPieces Do you have an IDEA?  If the answer is yes, so what are you waiting for, is it... 
  1. Money? 
  2. Co-founder?
  3. Best time? 
  4. Equipment? 
  5. Constitute a TEAM? 
 What else? #MyStory 

I have learned a lot since the year 1997 when I had an idea of starting an initiative that would support young people learn vital skills and have a voice in shaping their future. The idea evolved into different life cycles to be known as Wilsen initiative (Wi) model ( 

Since inception I had no funds and related resources to kick-start the idea to the next level the way I had envisioned it. The current situation at Wilsen Initiative (Wi), we still don't have any sustainable funding sources that would allow us design our programs as per the schedule and have a more target programming for the youth, but we continue to find innovative and creative ways of engaging the youth with the little resources. 

I know there is need for structured interventions within the youth space but we can only go as far as resources can allow us. Having said that, despite having many challenges to date, I have had opportunities of rallying support for different part of the program for example the soccer shoes mobilization campaign where annually I request my network to support me in acquiring soccer shoes, balls, uniforms etc for youth teams (U10 -U15) in Mathare North. 

In most cases I have reached my target to support the U10 to U15 soccer teams in Mathare North and I continue to rally the support to even reach as many teams as possible. On the other side, I'm aware of what needs to be done to reach the vision of setting up a physical space where youth can access different learning support within the community. 

It is tough call, but I won't give up because lack of adequate resources is just one of the hurdles but I will continue to do whatever I can because my dream and passion it to see Wilsen Initiative (Wi) reach its vision with whatever resource at our disposals. 

One of the successful part of Wilsen initiative is in conducing maser classes under Skill-Up banner for different groups and our target is to reach 5000 people by the year 2030 with vital employability skills offered under 21st century skills like problem solving, innovation, teamwork, creativity among others.

The best Quote From the Journey 

  • "The best idea is those at work not in your mind, books or stored in any form." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. 
  •  "The best way to know if you have a best idea is to START even if you don't have the required resources." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 
  • "The believe, knowledge, courage, initiative and passion to start is much more important than anything else. " - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 
  •  "In a start-up journey money is important but it isn't everything, the most vital pillar of your success are based on things money can't buy"- Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 
Note; Once you kickstart the process of unlocking the idea you get to learn many other aspects and possibility of your idea. 

 Read more about the I.D.E.A here 

  1. Lack of KNOWLEDGE. 
  2. Lack of PLAN. 
  3. Lack of FOCUS. 
  4. Lack of SELF AWARENESS 
  6. Lack of FOLLOWING UP. 
 All the above are avoidable, may you reach your July goal #MonthlyGoalSetting 

 Life Series... #YouthLife #YouthForLife 

What is your YOLO? I know this is one of the ambiguous phrase that can be used in different context. In my experience working with the youth, it has been used to drive the youth into acts that they wouldn't have done if there was alternative thinking and mentorship. 

My YOLO means You Only Lead Opportunities meaning whatever you do is what will contribute to the next opportunity. If you squandered your youth life doing unnecessary things just note, there might be no second chance. More about me +throughMylens Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 

 Internet source 

YOLO" is an acronym for "you only live once". Along the same lines as the Latin carpe diem, it is a call to live life to its fullest extent, even embracing behavior which carries inherent risk. It became a popular internet slang term in 2012. Wikipedia More read;


Sunday, July 4, 2021

Soccer and Lifeskill Exchange Program At Kiss Of Hope Kenya

On Saturday 03rd July 2021, I had a great time with our U15 soccer team @Mathare North F.C on a soccer friendly match tour and life skill training that took place in Murera Sisal Catholic Vatican field in Ruiru/Kimbo in Kiambu County. 

I'm an ambassador of sport for social development (SS4D) where sport like soccer can be used as a vehicle for positive change making amongst the youth. The main objective of the tour was to create an environment where the youth could interact, have fun and learn from each other as guided by the coaches. I take this opportunity to thank Kiss of Hope Kenya for being a great host and everyone who made this mission possible. 

The session was organized by Kiss of hope, Wilsen initiative and Mathare North Rangers. Thank you Thomas Abungu,Edu, Onyi, Kamuzi Banda and the parents for the transport facilitation. As you know I can't do it alone and I really appreciate your support towards achieving the bigger goal of nurturing youths who are responsible, respectful, positive role models, skillful and active citizens. Call To Action Should you be in a position to support our exchange program, soccer equipment and related resources get in touch with me. Currently the team needs tracksuits and balls. I wish one day we all get our branded tracksuits that will help us keep warm but also more important be identified as a one united team. 
Thanks Mathare North Rangers F.c, Wilsen Initiative, Wambua Muinde and  David Kuria Read more on

Thursday, July 1, 2021

14 Things I Have Learned As a Freelance Trainer & Facilitator.

I'm a freelance facilitator and trainer. I offer 21st century skills training to youth groups with key emphasis on employability, entrepreneurship, life-skill, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, technology and quality lifelong learning. 

 Here we go! +throughMylens I hope you will learn something from my journey. 

  1.  Freedom of your time is fun, but if you don't make money to enable you pay the bills things become even tougher meaning no freedom. 
  2. Financial unpredictability. 
  3. Competition from other entities. 
  4.  Lifelong learning, you can only offer what you know. Learning new subject isn't an option, it's part of the business. 
  5. Your network is your net worth. 
  6. Continuous marketing can't be ignored. 
  7. Collaboration and innovation is key.
  8. Strategy is key so you need to have plan A, Plan B, Plan C etc.
  9. Be a T-Shaped person:- Specialization with a mixture of diversification.
  10. Tell, Show & Create should be your driving philosophy. 
  11. Build a portfolio, especially online identity or footprint. If we Google about you, what do we get
  12. Offer value by addressing a need or an existing gap.
  13.  Have a pricing model. 
  14.  Transitioning from 9/5 job into freelance job isn't an easy take, there is a lot of untold stories. 
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