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Organization Culture - World of Work (WOW)

+throughMylens // Consultancy Today I want to highlight a few things around Human Resource also known as HR. I have had great working experiences with organizations within the youth sector in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar. One of the things that I noticed in almost all my experiences, is in how they handled the human resource. I can attest as per my vast experiences one of the strongest link of any organization is the human resource. If the chain is weak at the point of HR there is a good chance many things will definitely fall apart even if you have the funding, the asset, the vision, mission, slogan etc. 

 Notably, in some organizations Human Resource (HR) is handled as a department while in others it is a task within the CEO's or the Director's job description and in worst cases it is anyone's role (Ad-hoc) even though it is quite rare, but can also be seen when an organization is starting. 

My advice is for any organization to achieve the desired outcomes they should be deliberate in sourcing for the best talent, ensure continues training and provide a conducive environment for everyone to perform as per their job description and also allow employees to inject extra individual brilliance which is aligned to the organization's mission. 

One of my worst experiences with the HR department was when the person assigned the role could only put great emphasis on the time I reported to work. This isn't to say I was a late comer, but whenever I came in late for work I notified the supervisor and I could personally compensate the time either by coming early or leaving late. Anyway, the most important part was to make sure I deliver as per the required expectations. 

On the hand, my passion was to see the organization succeed than the time I reported to work that's why I could even go to work on the weekends and not ask for extra pay. In this example, I was later promoted to the management role and one of the issues I championed was having a flex time for everyone who I supervised because I understood that their performance wasn't necessarily based on coming to work at a specific a time. Even though in some situations the flex time policy could also be abused, but I made sure there was a guiding framework. 

Lastly, in summary of my 18+ years experience; 

  •  " Wrong hire means missed targets, and don't be surprised by the end of the year if you didn't perform as per your expectation." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.
  • "Treat people the way you would expect them to treat you. All these positions are temporary and one day you will need those that are down the ladder to reach the next step in life " - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 
  •  " Create a culture where everyone will strive to do what is right, even when you're not around. Most importantly encourage personal review." Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. I’m a big fan of Richard Branson quotes. Branson, the founder and CEO of Virgin, has some fabulous ways of looking at the workplace. 
 One of my favourite quotes is: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” 

 Feel free to share your experiences about Human Resource and let us all advocate for better conducive environment to nurture top talent, train and attract the best. I'm an advocate of SDG4; Quality education and lifelong learning and SDG8 :- Decent work and economic growth. 

 My HR philosophy which is an acronym A.R.T 
  •  - Attract the best talent. 
  • - Retain the best. 
  • - Training continuously. 
In case you need more insights on how to develop a great team in 2022 around the topic of Human Resources (HR) get in touch with me. I would be glad to share many experiences while we discuss how to develop a working solution for your unique situation. 

I specifically target community based organizations, middle level organizations and youth lead initiatives at the grassroots which apparently have many challenges in terms of human resource, capacity building, resource mobilization, project management etc. 

 Picture from archive Maria Rossana Community Centre 2021 

Financial Literacy 101 - Grassroots Soccer Clubs.

#GrassRootSoccerClubs #SelfSustainability The Power of Your Numbers In Generating Your Own Funds. #ParadigmShift Are you a grassroot soccer club with a membership of around 30 players who regularly attend the weekly training sessions? 

If the answer is yes, here is a formula for generating your own funds based on the power of your numbers. Ok, let me share this with you because information is power. Using your existing structures start by setting your yearly financial goal then start. 

By the way, does your club have a yearly financial goal? Or things are just being done on a need basis and ad-hoc manner? I believe grassroots clubs and initiative can be run professionally even if they don't have all the necessary resources. Having a few individuals pay for everything isn't a sustainable model because when they pull out many clubs are left confused than before and some clubs end up breaking. We need to encourage the spirit of ownership whereby everyone contributes towards a bigger goal that will help the club be sustainable using its own resources. 

In my model, I'm thinking of each member contributing the smallest unit that everyone can afford per day, I'm of the opinion that everyone can afford Kes 5 - 10 per day. Ok, let me simplify this, each member will contribute Kes 10 per day within the seven days of the week. 

The maths, so it will be; 
  •  Per day = 30 members X Kes 10 = Kes 300 
  • Per week = Daily contribution which is Kes 300 X 7 days = Kes Kes 2,100 
  • Monthly contribution = Weekly contribution which is Kes 2,100 X 4 weeks = Kes 8,400 
  • Yearly contribution = Monthly contribution Kes 8,400 x 12 months = Kes 100,800. 
So with this formula a grassroot team with a membership of 30 dedicated players should at least have raised Kes 100, 800 in the year 2021. If this maths isn't adding up, then invite me for a creative entrepreneurship session with your team. Let the year 2022 be the turning point towards resource mobilization starting with what you have. As seen in many years of hardship it isn't easy to get a sponsor or sustainable financial support. 

You can raise money that can help your club or initiative start an income generating activity using the active members of the club without exclusion of the players. Do More, Be More and Be Different. Wilson. Masaka [at] 

In pictures +throughMylens 16.01.22 featuring Vihiga Queens Football CLUB Vs. Kayole Starlet Fc Est.2008 the match ended 6-0 in favour of Vihiga Queens #kenyawomenpremierleague

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Skill UP Session Back To School

 #SelfMade #BeyondSoccer #QualityEducationLifeLongLearning Do More, Be More & Be Different On 2nd January 2022, we were honored to host the first Skill Up session in collaboration with Mathare North Rangers F.C and Red Eagles F.C. The teams are based in Mathare North community and they are among the few community teams in the area that have different age categories from U10, U13, U15 and the senior teams respectively. 

 We found it necessary to have a Skill Up session after the holiday (back to school) as part of developing the Next Generation Stars (NGS). Read more the about Next Generation Stars 

 Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Skill Up program. 

 Skill Up program offers a platform that enables the participants learn to learn, acquire new skills, explore more about themselves, co-create, express themselves, connect with mentors etc. The program seeks to empower and encourage the youth and children to use their acquired skills and talents for prosperity.

The program main pillar is based on quality education and lifelong learning. SKill Up Program - Grassroots Soccer Clubs / Initiatives. The session seeks to engage the youth who are actively involved in soccer activities to live a more responsible life and take education seriously as part of the important pillars of their development. Wilsen initiative (Wi) advocates for lifelong learning, sports for development and the importance of education in all spheres of life. 

These are areas that need more emphasis, especially to children and youth playing soccer in disadvantaged communities like Mathare, Korogocho, Kibera, Kayole, Kariobangi, Huruma, Mukuru Kwa Reuben just to mention but a few. Many children and youth playing soccer in the informal settlements have the desire to build a lucrative career in the game especially by playing for top foreign clubs. 

The irony is that the environment they live in doesn't resemble, promote or connect with that dream because of lack of proper infrastructure, poor leadership, lack of opportunities, lack of funding, are just some of the hurdles in a long list that keeps blocking the next generation stars to live their dreams. There are a few exceptional stories that have made it to greater heights in the game, but their stories can't be told without mentioning the struggles, frustration, lack of support, disappointments, uncertainty etc. within their development journey in becoming professional soccer players. 

The question is, how many soccer stars have we lost along the way due to the prevailing environment of uncertainty and different constraints? Below are the Session Highlights; Teams:- Mathare North Rangers and Red Eagles F.C Team official present; Mathare North Rangers F.C (Edwin, Banda, and Omore) and Red Eagles F.c (David,Vicky and Joe). Date:- 2nd January 2022. Venue: - Drive Inn Primary School.

Facilitator & Mentor Brief Bio;

Simon Odhiambo  is a life skills trainer (coach); having trained under the Kenya Youth Empowerment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) being driven by his commitment to transform lives of youth through training by creating a platform where they can display their skills plus talents and gain sustainable income. 

Wilson Masaka has more 18+ years valuable experience of the web design process, teaching, leadership and working in teams, which he acquired from working with different NGO's and the community at large. He love teaching youths from diverse backgrounds especially from the underprivileged communities. He also believes in the World of sharing of knowledge and skills, as the old adage says, knowledge is power!

The Main Objectives Of the Session; 

  1. Explain the life in soccer, especially during the transition. The main highlight being education and soccer, the great values in a player that guarantees progress etc.
  2. Instill the culture of discipline on and off the pitch. 
  3. Encourage more self exploration in participating in meaningful activities beyond soccer. 
  4. How to develop a career in soccer, life after school and the school life. 
 Group Discussion and Insights; 1. Qualities of a great soccer player. 
  1. The quality of a great community soccer club (grassroots football). 
  2. Discuss life after soccer and come with 10 important points. 
  3. What Do You Want to Become In The Future. List 10 things you need / must to do. 
Personal insights / quotes as shared during the session;

  • " Let us not only focus on training and winning matches, but also make deliberate efforts in developing whole rounded stars with the admirable quality on and off the field." Wilson Masaka 
  •  " Take precautions on over relying on playing soccer as a gateway towards achieving your dreams. Make sure as long as you play soccer you must also develop other skills, acquire the appropriate knowledge, connect with the right networks and make sure you get educated by going to school." - Wilson Masaka 
  •  " Sports offer good opportunity, but without an education you aren't sure that you will definitely make it. Injury is one of the threats towards your soccer career, so if you don't have a good education foundation and support, things might be very tough on your side in case you are out of play because of injury. " - Kamuzi Banda
  •  " Education is the surest bet in achieving your dream. Play soccer to the best of your ability, but remember there will come a time you will quit playing and one of the things you will remain with is the education " - Edwin Kipkoech 
  •  " You must have the right values to prosper in life. Professionalism starts with the things you do, what you say, how you say it, how you dress, etc. There is nobody born knowing everything but you need to make it your responsibility to learn new things everyday. Just note, there's time for everything so plan for it appropriately. " -  Coach Davie 
  • " You have to Dream, Plan and Do. Don't let yourself loose by doing things in randomness. Take time to study who you are, what you want, what you need and how to do it. This is a process and never an event. You have to always repeat it several times to make it a habit that will ensure success." - Simon Odhiambo. 
  •  " It is a new year, which could also mean 365 opportunities on offer. Grab every moment of the day by staying focused and by doing the right things. Don't waste the your time doing unnecessary stuff, and when it's time to learn we learn and when it's time to play we play. We should always separate the two and trust that no matter any hurdle towards our development, we shall overcome through self discipline, working smart, team work and individual brilliance. " Coach Joe 
  •  " Don't just pass through school, but make it part of your pillar of excellence by attaining good grades. There is a time for everything that you want to do and with the right attitude, discipline, preparation, hard work and being teachable you will excel in everything that you do." - Victor, Mathare United player. 
 Session was organised by Red Eagles F.C, Mathare North Rangers, Wilsen Initiative (Wi) & +throughMylens. 

We look forward to more of this kind of interactions with the children and the youth in different spaces. There's more we can offer towards children and youth development out of school life. We need to amplify our efforts through collaboration and networking as a way of fast tracking our impact on society, society where the gaps keep on widening especially on mentorship, resource acquisition, training and infrastructural support.

Let the year 2022, be a year full of collaboration towards achieving a desired goal of nurturing the next generation stars in our community.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

5th Edition of the Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament Featuring U12 and U14 Teams from Mathare North zone.

 On 31st December 2021, we wrapped the year 2021 in style after a successful tournament despite the many challenges encountered in mobilising resources. We had a total of 19 teams participating in the 5th edition of the tournament that only featured teams from Mathare North zone. There were 9 teams of the age group U14 and 10 teams of age group U12 respectively. 

 The tournament is part of the ongoing soccer resource mobilization for junior teams (U10 to U15) in Mathare North zone. The tournament and soccer resources mobilisation is inspired by Wilsen initiative (Wi) journey which I started in 2011 as platform of reaching young people in different spaces. I want to thank everyone who supported the tournament, call for the year 2021 which led to its success. 

 I want to take this opportunity also thank every team that participated in the tournament. In a special way, congratulations to Olimpus F.C U12 and Mathare Flames Sportive U14 for emerging winners in their respective categories. šŸ†šŸ†šŸ† 

 As we open the new chapter of the year 2022, I want to make it a priority to continue mobilising soccer resources for the junior teams (U10- U15). I won't rest until every child in Mathare North gets a chance to play safely and with dignity using the appropriate gears for the game. 

The year 2021 tournament came to an end, but the soccer resource mobilization continues all through the year, and anyone with any form of support are still welcome. Think of soccer shoes, balls, training bibs, books, soccer jerseys, goal post nets, training cones, track suits etc. I hope we will get an opportunity to even reach many young stars and teams in 2022. My mission is to assist in mobilising soccer resources for young soccer stars and their teams, especially from U10 to U15 in the urban informal settlements in Mathare North zone. 

 I want to give the kids an opportunity to play soccer in a more dignified ways starting at a tender age. How It Started This idea came about through my experience playing soccer bare feet from the age of 8 yrs to 14 years when I acquired my first soccer shoe as a gift from the late Helge from Norway during his tournament that was organised in Nairobi at St. Benedict parish field, along Thika road. 

The soccer shoes not only protected me from injuries, but also boosted my morale to play soccer to the next level of competition and aspired to make a trip to the prestigious Norway Cup. Part of my lifetime success after acquiring the soccer shoes was participating in the international youth tournament in Norway known as Norway Cup with MYSA U16 teams in the year 1997, 1998 and 1999 respectively So helping the kids acquire the right gears in the game as being one of my giving back model to my community that nurtured my soccer career. 

I believe acquiring, especially a pair of soccer shoes will protect them from unnecessary injuries while at the same time boost their self esteems and aspirations to grow their talents into the next levels just like I had experienced. 

Wilson Masaka, founder Wilsen initiative (Wi) and +throughMylens Blog:- More pictures on Do More, Be More and Be Different.