Friday, May 17, 2024

16 Essential Lessons to Learn About Money

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Master Class Financial Literacy 101.

What is your relationship with money? 

Some individuals will attend school to gain financial literacy and pursue a profession in it, while others will pick up these skills from life's challenging experiences.

Your knowledge and skills in financial matters can be honed in school, but it's your habits, behavior, application of the knowledge, way of life, etc. that will determine how successful you are financially. 

The 16 Essential Lessons to Learn About Money. šŸ’° šŸ’° 

1. Money doesn't stay where there's no budget.

2. Money becomes useful when there's a need for it. 

3. Money doesn't stay where it isn't respected.

4. Money isn't evil; it's people's behavior that is.

5. Money grows where it's saved and invested in realistic schemes.

6. Money isn't static in nature; it either gains or loses value. 

7. Create more value in what you do, and you will attract more money.

8. Money doesn't stay where there's chaos.9. If you can't manage hundreds, then thousands will be overwhelming, and millions will make you go insane.

10. You won't be schooled in everything about money; you have to make a habit of becoming a lifelong learner in financial matters because it is also an evolving sector. 

11. You are in the wrong group if the only thing you can talk about money is how to spend it. 

12. Money is a good friend when you have it, but once it escapes your hand, you have to find ways to bring it back to you. Be a good friend, and it will stay with you; fight it, and it will find the nearest exit.

13. Generally speaking, money doesn't change a person; it only reveals who they really are. 

14. Instead of thinking of one day acquiring the thousands or millions to do something, just do with the hundred and keep it going towards the next level. In case you don't know money is a close relative of time.

15. Stay humble : Money will elevate you to positions of power and influence in the family and in society in general. On the contrary, don't let it get into your heart and head, because the day it escapes you, it will rob you of everything. 

16. Working for money only makes you reach your comfort zone, but what creates wealth is when you have your money working for you.

To find out more about the Financial Literacy Module, schedule a Skill-Up Master Session with me and your youth group.

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Friday, May 3, 2024

The Dark Tunnel In Kenyan Football

Today I want to give advise to all young people, but especially to those who adore football and hope to make a profession out of it. I know a lot of young people who are completely devoted to football and find nothing else to occupy their time, and once in my life, I was in their shoes. 

As someone who has benefited from football, I can say that my enthusiasm for the game has never overshadowed my goals of developing myself off the field. I always knew that there would come a time when my body and other circumstances would no longer allow me to play, even though I still had the desire to do so.

The Gap I Seek To Address.

There are countless examples of people who have achieved success in football at all levels, but the sad fact is that not everyone will tell you how they achieved their current football-related success.

Our paths are all unique, of course, but nobody can imagine oneself moving up the ranks using a definite route. Since the system is complex and constantly evolving, even if you are a star now, someone will eventually surpass you in any given field. For those who may not be aware, Kenya in one of the nations that are at the world rankings for athletes, but we are not considered the best footballing nation. Though the circumstances may appear dire, never give up; there are still benefits to the game, such as exposure, networking and life skills. On the flip side, if you are among the lucky few, you can earn a decent living through football.

Proposed Solution

Investing in additional career options that guarantee ongoing education and creation of employment opportunities is the best approach. Choose your buddies carefully, save money, invest in yourself by picking up new skills, and create a second source of income.

Way Forward

I want to use my initiative to educate young people more so they can make wiser decisions both on and off the field.
The calling to action is to use football to educate the future generation, and I would appreciate any assistance in achieving this goal.

IMPACT and still counting...

Teams Reached So Far; Skill Up Master Session Grassroots Football Teams ⚽.

- Bright Future Starlets.
- Red Eagles F.C
- Mathare United Women's Team
- Mathare North Rangers F.C
- Mathare North Youth F.C
- Cusson PZ F.C
- Mathare Flames Sportive
-  Kibera Angels Sports Academy.

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Training and Mentorship Sessions are  organized by Wilsen initiative (Wi) / IAM a Shero/ +throughMylens.

šŸšØ Skill Up

Every month, I set up five hours to connect, train, and share with any young group in Nairobi on a particular topic. I have a paid package that is tailored to the club's need based on the number of days. Get intouch  today when the offer is still valid #ProbonoWork #GivingBack.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Organisation Story.

Most organizations, in general, have not yet learned to link and learn from their own story, especially when it comes to the past, present, and future. Not many people with leadership responsibilities are able to effectively communicate the organization's story  to the point where it can draw in the necessary funding, elite talent, community support, etc. 

As Simon Sinek well-said: “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe."

What would you say about your organization if you had, say, three minutes to talk about it to a group of donors or, better yet, at a conference that is televised on several channels? 

#ElevatorPitch #StoryTelling

In the comments area, list your top three stories.

Here is a list to consider šŸ¤”šŸ’¬ 

These are only a handful of the areas in which the organization story can be conveyed; there are many more. Please feel free to add more. 

1. The history

2. Vision and Mission

3. The values 

4. The current strategic plan.

5. The team (Staff and Board).

6. The Impact.

7. Learned Lessons (Failures)

8. Your Worth (Assets) + Business model (IGV) + Sustainability Model.

9. The story of the founder. 

10. Funding portfolio

11. Your partners.

12. The market share and where you're placed (The Problem You're Tackling).

13. Organisation structure (Leadership and Governance). 

14. Compliance and Registration.

15. Your Call To Action based on the UN SDG's and any other global causes.


Founder 360° Wilsen Inspired Quotes.


"A great leader isn't identified by their expensive attire, homes, or wealth. It is by their words and deeds that everyone will have a decent life both during and after their rule." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

Change Change Making

"Implementation of the laws that govern the organisation to the letter, regardless of who is in charge, is a more effective way to bring about lasting change." -Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.


" If you merely speak from a place of vision with nothing concrete to show, then only a small number of people will follow you, but they are the ones with a strong probability of sticking with you through to the very end since they weren't motivated by the rewards they will get before joining you." - 

Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

Life Series

"Don't wait to be celebrated by people who already know you. Go miles away, where you aren't known by anyone, and create an impact." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.


"Nobody works in a vacuum, and there are many organizations tackling the same problem as you are. One of the things that makes you stand out is how well you serve and relate with your stakeholders (beneficiaries, workers, donors, partners etc), maintain your relevance, and find innovative ways to implement and adapt to changes (Research and Development)." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

I am available for a Mater class session with your team on organization culture, organization story telling, and other topics if you would need further insights.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

10 Things You Should Know If You Are Employed

 Work Series: +throughMylens / Consult. Bits and Pieces. 

1. You can be fired or incapacitated due to illness or injury.

2. Your contract can come to an end, and there's no guarantee for renewal.

3. Deliberate transfers can mean more than meets the eye.

4. Differentiate between friends, co-workers / colleagues, and acquaintances at the workplace.

5. No one is indispensable. Plan and prepare for how you will quit. 

6. You're working towards achieving someone's vision. What's yours?

7. An organization or company can go bankrupt or become irrelevant. 

8. It isn't your employer's responsibility to advise you about how you use your salary.

9. Create and provide value, or else the next meeting will be about how to get you out.

10. Never ditch your dream just because you're employed.

What else can you add to my top 10? 

I'm always available to share more with your team. My insights are based on my life journey, which I would like to share so that we can start the conversation about work that is rarely discussed in many places.

The Widening Gap 

Our school system prepares the learners for employment, and less on how we can also focus on self-employment and how we can actualize our vision. 

What else can you add to my top 10? 

I'm always available to share more with your team. My insights are based on my life journey which I would like to share so that we can start the conversation about work that is rarely discussed in many places. Our school system prepares for employment and else on self employment and how we can actualize our vision. 

#POV The Change Maker

Many fail because they begin by searching for money instead of identifying a problem they would love to solve and are enthusiastic about. If you're more motivated to solve problems, you can accomplish more, in my opinion, even with fewer resources.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

10 Lessons I've Learned As a Freelancer

 Life Series...

Work Series  - World of Work. #SelfMade

"Being jobless can be tough but it isn't a curse; rather, it's a challenge in life that can be overcome with preparation, unrelenting effort in the right direction, right attitude and focus."  - Wilson Masaka, social entrepreneur and youth advocate

10 Lessons I've Learned;

1. Be willing to try things that might not be in your area of interest but could still be profitable.
2. Never stray from the routine that has helped you succeed. For instance, if you have more time on your hands, don't oversleep.
3. Develop a strategy and keep track of each step.
4. Keep in mind to live within your means.
5. Do what you love and love what you do.
6. Aid others to succeed
7. Seek assistance
8. Establish a daily routine of learning something new.
9. Join a new network that offers a venue for learning.
10. Develop your personal brand.

Invite me for a Skill Up Master Session with your youth groups to learn more.

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Wilson Masaka, Biography.

Wilson Masaka, based in Nairobi Kenya, is currently a Youth Instructor at

Self Employed, bringing experience from previous roles at, CARE Kenya, MIATV, Kilimanjaro Film Institute, NairoBits Trust just to name but a few. Wilson Masaka holds a 2013 - 2013 Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation

Management in Social Innovation Management @ Amani Institute. With a robust skill set that includes

Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design, Team Leadership, Training Delivery and more, Wilson Masaka contributes

valuable insights to the industry through youth training and mentorship program.

Current Occupation

> Youth Instructor @ Self Employed

> Founder and Team Leader @ Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

Previous Position

> Community Mobilizer @ CARE INTERNATIONAL KENYA.

> Web and Social Media Strategist @ MIATV

> Training Coordinator Web developer and Senior Trainer @ NairoBits Trust

> Hub Manager - Moving Tanzania @ Kilimanjaro Film Institute


> Sport fellow @ Dekeyser and Friends (D&F) academy, Germany

> Volunteer @ Mathare Youth Sports Association.

> 1997,98 and 99 represented Kenya in the prestigious international youth football

tournament with Mathare Youth Sports Association as a footballer.

Work Experience

Plan International Kenya, Hope Raisers, Maji Mazuri, MYSA, CMETrust, Paamoja Initiative, Generation Shapers, CARE Kenya, Kilimanjaro Film Institute, and NairoBits are just a few of the organizations where I have provided facilitation and training services under youth programs.

I'm currently available for either short or long term engagement with like-minded organizations and companies.

The New 'error' #DigitalEra #POV


The Hook ' Social Media' 

~  If you want young people to become even poorer keep posting what makes them excited on social media and hide the secret towards creating wealth in a book.

Run Your Own Race. Self Made Series Bits and Pieces +throughMylens 

~ If you didn't try yesterday, then today is better than tomorrow.

~ The only constant factor in succeeding is about trying.

~ There those who never tried and failed.

~ There those who tried and failed and gave up.

~ There those who tried and excelled from the first attempt.

~ There those who tried and failed several times but never gave up untill they succeeded. 

World Of Work Series 

Looking forward to the next challenge and opportunity to make progressive impact in the society within the youth space.

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More about me;

~ Blog:

~ Linkedin:


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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Skill Up Master Session - Mathare United Women's Football Team

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The Mathare United women's squad participated in a Skill Up Master Session I conducted at MYSA Headquarters on Tuesday, April 9, as part of their initiative to empower and mentor young women off the field. Currently competing in the Women's National Super League.

The Wilsen Initiative (Wi) and +throughMylens / consult are advocating for improved conditions for young people participating in sports. A portion of this advocacy involves mentoring and training young people, particularly in areas that will help them develop new skills, close the information gap, make educated decisions, and build careers in and out of sports, to name a few. 

Football hasn't been fully utilized in Kenya to benefit everyone in long-term terms, generally speaking. Players need to be aware of a number of unfinished business matters in order to launch a successful professional career.

'The Dark Tunnel In Football' In my research I found that;

1. A lot of football players are unaware of the requirements for pursuing a professional career in the sport.

2. The majority of teams simply place a high value on their collective success on the field, paying little regard to the well-being and personal growth of their players off the field. 

3. There are significant gaps in the way social media and the internet as a whole are used. 

4. A large number of players lack football profiles. 

5. There is a lack of experience sharing.

6. Many young people play football not because it is a lucrative sport, but rather because they are passionate about the game, have nothing else to do with their time, or harbor dreams of becoming celebrities one day. 

Notes:- Mathare United Women's Team Session the following areas were our focus: 

General Topic Area; Leadership, Personal Branding and Social Media 

- #SelfMade Who AM I ? - I AM ?

      - Dream

      - Passion 

      - Vision 

      - Write a short bio, about yourself. (One Paragraph).

- Vision  Mapping; Now(Present) ! How (What you need to do) wow! (Future)


  + Leading Self.

  + Leading Others.

  + Knowing Self.

  + Knowing Others.

- Football Life Cycle In Kenya (Discussion and Point Of View).

- How to utilise the social media and its impact. 

- Finding and Be found.

- Johari's window.

Book A Skill Up Master Session Today.

This April school break, I'm excited to attend the next meeting of any youth group in Nairobi to learn and share experiences. #TheWiEffect #WiExperience

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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Skill Up Master Session, Capacity Building Training at MYSA Kenya.

I had the honor of meeting with and training the sports zonal coordinators of the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) on April 3rd at their Komarock offices. 

The primary goal of the workshop was to exchange experiences and provide training in effective and efficient methods of engaging the community and developing a leadership style that will guarantee all community-level operations are carried out in accordance with MYSA best practices and values..


+ Build capacity of the team in terms of leadership, personal development and team work.

+ inculcate a culture of good ambassadorship, positive role models and problem solvers.


It is not possible to carry out the same actions as in the past and anticipate a different outcome. Our teams require better tools and training to perform better, particularly when addressing situations that are both known and unknown. The team within an organization is its most significant asset.

I appreciate MYSA for giving me the chance to learn, to share my experiences, and to instruct their team on leadership and personal development best practices.

+throughMylens / Consult

In season!

Every session is run using a participatory approach that includes a presentation, group discussion, individual feedback, and a facilitator's perspective. The ASK paradigm (Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge) helps us accomplish our aim.

Book a session today! 

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