Sunday, November 29, 2015

Countdown 2016, Are You Ready?

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When I was in school, we were meant to believe getting a degree is everything, this is changing with the rapid development in the world of work that leaves big gaps in the education system. There are many people who are qualified with certificates, diplomas, degrees etc, but the work force is in urgent need of special skills and admirable talents which are still not adequate and this is why some corporate and other institutions have come up with creative and innovative programs to assist anyone who wants to go beyond the education system whereby finding real value and impact in whatever they desire to do.

#CountDown2016 I hereby recommend  The DO School ( and The Amani Institute​ ( as the place to kickstart your journey #BeyondtheClassRoom. I'm a proud alumni of both entity. So what else do I need apart from my education credentials? Here is a list which you can add to... The world of work is looking for?

1. Creative Thinkers
2. Critical Thinkers
3. Problem Solvers
4. Self Driven & Passionate
5. Talented
6. Self aware and Initiative
7. Implementors
8. Team players
9. Values
10. Life long learners

What else?

At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) which I founded we are committed to addressing the gaps as experienced in the education sector at the level of  informal settlement schools. In place we have Plus One Talent ; 1% Ideas + 99% Action = 100% Optimum Success, at Plus One Talent (POT) we organize training workshops, discussion forums, and inspirational talks for young people between 16 – 35 years, with a target to train on subjects that will enhance skills development and talent nurturing with an aim of raising awareness about promoting self discovery and cultures that seek to strive transformation of different realities.

Objectives include;

  • Connecting the young people with the extras (Plus One) that they need to grow their skills and especially their talents which are unique and needs to be tapped into and managed wisely by them to avoid exploitation by others.
  • Creating a collaborative culture which encourages co-creations amongst young people.
  • Striving for transformation of different realities/ stimulating positive change in the societies through young people’s talents and skills.
  • Creating a platform for creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity.
  • Encouraging open dialogue, where youth and other positive social groups connect.

Concept: We take a more participatory approach that engages everyone as an individual or groups.

Immediate goal: To triggers new patterns for lifelong learning.
Participants: Maximum 50 who can work in groups of 10 or 5 depending with what the facilitator wants for achieve.

For more about the program and

Thanks for your contribution; 

Roshan Paul​ ( Amani Institute),  Ilaina Rabbat​ ( Amani Institute), Romy Kraemer​ (Do school) Florian Hoffmann​ (Do School) and Gigi Kilcher​ ( Amani Institute) Thanks for playing a pivotal role in my journey, I have witnessed the impact of your teachings through  2013 - 2015 and I remain committed through 2016+ to realize the dream  @Wilsen Initiative

Monday, November 23, 2015

THE RISING STARS - Through My Lense

‪#‎MakingOfTheChampions‬ ‪#‎BuildingBridges‬ THE RISING STARS, we all start from somewhere!
This is a familiar scene in Kenyan street football, kids play barefoot and without any encouragement for acquiring adequate resources. I admire their determination, passion and energy to make it even big despite the situations that surrounds them.

Kenya hasn't fall short of talent since 1963 but we are in dire need of good football administrators, S3 (Systems, Structures and Strategies), dedicated soccer ambassadors, grassroot support, sponsorship and many more.

#‎IstandToBeCounted‬ Join me at to creat lasting impacts! At Wilsen we are committed to see majority of the kids in Mathare North acquire the basic facility of one ball per team and a shoe for each kid.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Through My Lense - November

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There's 1001 reasons why I love photography as a Visual Communication
Designer (VCD) . My journey started in 2009 using point to shoot camera now I have upgraded to DSLR. Every month I will be sharing some of my pictures taken by me #ThroughMyLense.

Invite me to your events to capture those memorable moments especially workshops, teambuilding,
documentation for projects etc.

More about my photography library / portfolio

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Create Authentic Content

We struggle a lot to create our own spaces, identities and find our own unique voices in this field of content creation from audio visual to writing that targets a different audience, purpose, goal, project etc.

One of the many skills I have come to love is the philosophy or spirit of learning to learn embracing the digital spaces and tools for prosperity, solutions, inspiration, creativity and innovation.

The question is how do you create original content that people can relate to? Be inspired by starting with your own story taking a deep dive in finding your niche from your hobbies, interest, ideas, story, career path, experience etc.

This has been my aspiration to share what I come across that might trigger those positive values, especially in mastering my own stories being at the forefront as the main drivers.

As a blogger, I started the BitsAndPieces blog to document and share my learning lessons which is unique to me hence the slogan the Champion in You! Which is a call to action to the young people to find solutions, energy, inspiration, use their talent and skills while they are motivated to do even better triggered by moments in their own journey's before they join in a bandwagon of like minded communities.

If you don’t become the captain of your journey you will always remain to be a passenger in your story.

Any tips to help us jump-start our journeys?

Here are tips for inspiration from my diary;
  • Use the available tools at hand. For example, if I don’t have my Nikon D5100 camera with me, I will still make a nice picture using my cell phone.
  • Observe and listen a lot of what’s happening around. Inspiration comes from many unexpected source.
  • Ask why it is important to you and others. Evaluate the relevance of your content!
  • To create authentic content you have to plan for it in advance and love the process.
  • Learn from diverse related fields. That is why I call myself a visual communication designer (Photography, Web, Videos are my cup of tea!)

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Featuring Adrian Masaka 

Children learn best by doing! Any child around the world can be what they can be if provided with the right environment for play, learning, interacting etc. Passion is nurtured, developed and spotted at an early stage in life. Even though in some part of the world, it isn't curved on straight visible lines (systems and structures) we can still DO IT

Here I would summary the story in two great quotes by me inspired by my journey;
  • Sport is the best school to learn all most everything that can't be taught in the four walls of the class rooms.
  • If you don’t become the captain of your journey you will always remain to be a passenger in your story.