Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Be On the MOVE

Don’t be comfortable be on the move, learn more, do more, discover more, help many…”

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Postive Traces of Inspiration

Our work at Wilsen Initiative (Wi) is to foster positive change through the use of TALENT and SKILLS. Everybody has a STORY which if shared can foster positive chains of events. The Champion in YOU...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tips to Help You Land That Dream Job

In most cases before you land your dream job; ideally there is usually a series of steps, a system, structure or procedures that involve short listing the applicants before settling on the final candidates. Some companies and organization advertise for vacancies through internal networks, the public space or outsource the process.

Young aspirants to the world work need to know that no job will come easy on a silver platter.  They  should always be on the lookout for that golden chance for networking, researching, and practice to gain experience while they are increasing their knowledge base and skill sets. The World of Work (WOW) is evolving so fast in all industries, and there are new processes, products, prices, and the like. Thanks to the advent of the internet, we can  find almost anything we want while we grow our careers as access to information  is with a few clicks or a touch of a button especially with the boom in the mobile application industry.

There any many routes to acquiring your dream job, and here I’m not referring to the ‘Panya routes’ (Short cuts of any kind). The ideal road maps of getting a job such as your CV or resume won’t get you a job, rather they grant you a chance for an interview slot in the final shortlist. This is a situation whereby you have applied for the post and no one knows you , and only your CV/ resume will  help you either make it to the list or not.

Lest me dissect the most important part in the road map as I see it playing out;

Application process

  • You have to read the instructions and the requirements carefully
  • There’s nothing like a generic CV/ resume ( One fit it all CV)
  • Understand what the required qualifications are
  • Deadline for application
  • Location of work and if there are any benefits mentioned, even though this might come at a later stage.
  • Industry and how big is the company, does is it operate at the community level, regionally, international etc basically do a research of the company.
  • What is there core value, mission and vision 


  • Who is your referee? Do they know what you do and why you do it? When was the last time you shared with them what you do?
  • Ask your potential referee permission to put their name on your CV or resume
  • Do you have any credits, certifications, recommendation letter, awards, testimonials etc.

  • Tell and show principle:  do you have a digital footprint? Do you have anything you have done? Any client served? Or rather any community development start up etc
  • Experience and skills
  • Projects successfully completed
Question and Answers
In most cases during the interview process there are two great questions you can’t escape and these are;

  • Tell us about yourself? Why you should be hired? 
  • Strengths and Weakness: Take time to learn more about yourself and that is the outer and the inner you; make it to be one brand you.

There are other parts that are also important in the process towards landing your dream job, but these points are on my top four priority list. Please share any other important key issues that shouldn’t be missed by anyone preparing for the World of Work.

Happy Labour Day
@Arusha, Tanzania