Saturday, November 14, 2009

A poem for you

It is my 5th month in Zanzibar and I have been enjoying it here with many activities to do like swimming, watching football at Mau grounds and today (14th Nov2009 - Old fort) Fiesta 2009. I am looking forward to see my favorite Bongo star artists Alikiba, Baby J, Wanaume TMK etc.

Do you always plan to do something creative or you are that person who can be inspired anytime to come up with a creative concept or anything, whichever still the goal is, you are inspired to do something.

There is this simple tool which is used in all walks of life, a pen and a paper (notebook, diary etc) which can save you a lot in managing internal and external work load, which I also call 'pressure' on the other hand it will help you track your daily to do list. Being a creative person make sure you have it with you all the time, you never know when a new idea might pop up.

To share my story one night I was resting in the sitting room and suddenly I felt a burning desire to compose or write a poem to someone special in my life, and the challenge was I to do it in Kiswahili. hmmmh! it was not that easy but I was determined to come up with one, here we go do not mind the spellings or if it doesn't meet some standard of some sort...

It is called TABASAMU = SMILE


Ninapo kuona mimi utabasamu;
Ukitabasamu roho yangu utabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Ninaposikiliza wimbo wa tabasamu;
Mimi uomba niwe na wewe ndipo ni tabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Wengi watatamani kuwa nami lakini siwezi kutabasamu;
Bila wewe siwezi tabasamu, wewe ndiye tabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Tujichunge na mafataki wahongo waonjaribu kutabasamu;
Ila tuikuze misingi na minyororo ya tabasumu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Msingi inayoleta maisha njema ndipo tuweze kutabsamu;
Minyororo inayotuunganisha maishani ndipo tutabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Wahenga walinena ndipo nipate kutabasamu;
Sinabudi kukubusu ndipo niweze kutabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Wengi wamejaribu kutabasamu;
Lakini hawawezi kama wewe kutabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Ninapokuwa mgonjwa wewe unipa tabasamu
Dawa la tabasamu lako unipa tabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Wengi walitembea dunia kote kutafuta tabasamu;
Nafurahia kuwa na wewe katika maisha ya tabasamu;
Kweli maisha si maisha bila tabasamu;

Mwandishi waroho yako ya maisha; Bwana Masaka

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sport as an agent for change

Today I want to share with you the power of sports. I was brought up in a family of sportsmen, which goes down to my grand father who used to like football so much and my father inherited the talent from his family. The chain is still on the move and currently three of my sisters are playing football which is unlike many families around Africa and in particular my country.

To cut the long story short one day I was amazed to witness someone speak ill about sports in particular football asking questions like what are the benefits after all?

Through books of history sports has been used as an agent for change whereby uniting people despite their background, race or creed. On the other side it has been one of the sources of income for many countries, and on the social fronts great role models are natured through sports. This is untapped area in many developing countries but if I compare a country like England, football is a respected profession just like any other profession for example IT, law, banking, fashion etc. With the will-power, great sound of mind and working as team Africa we can do it!

I believe that all the problems of the world like poverty, war, hunger, youth unemployment etc can be alleviated through sports. So let us all support its growth from grassroots to the top level. Another thing to note, you don’t have to love football like me because this is inherited in our family chain, but there are lot of sports out there that you can support of even participate.

Did I mention sports for physical fineness? In sport you have to maintain a good form through gradual training which also as a result keeps you away from the doctor. Here is a question for you, how much does a football player earn? (Hmmmm.. my answer) this depends with lots of factors like geographical location, institutions and structures etc.

World cup 2010 here we come South Africa, and for those who have questions about what are the benefits of football, catch with me during or after World cup for a cup of tea, juice, coffee , milk or a glass of water .

All the best Harambee stars in your preparation for the tough match a head versus Supper eagles of Nigeria. World cup cum Africa cup of Nation qualifier 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya 14th November 2009, I will miss this because I’m currently in Zanzibar. But I will keep myself glued on TV. All the best and we can do it Harambee Stars.

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