Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Training Workshop on Online Presence for Artists At the GoDown Arts.

On 29th June 2021 I got a chance to reconnect with my fellow artists in the creative sector after a long time due to the pandemic situation. Currently there's an ongoing training workshop for selected artists at the GoDown Arts Centre organized by Eric Manya dubbed RIKA RESIDENCY: PAPER & INTERNET FUN. 

Some of the areas to be covered; Paper Making, Websites, Smoke painting, Non-fungible token (NFT), Collage and Content creation- social media (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok etc) & intellectual property among others.

I had the honor to be invited as a facilitator and I did a presentation on online presence for artists. 

Session Objectives:- 

1. Explain why artists need a website (Online presence). 
2. Explain what goes behind creating a website. 

5 Reasons Why Artists Need a Website
  1.  An opportunity to showcase your work (Online studio). 
  2. Keep your community engaged (updates, educate, entertained etc.) 
  3. Sell your artwork 
  4. To be easily found 
  5. Global Brand Identity 
 What You Need To Know.
- Great website is based on a process – WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHO & HOW 

 What You Need To Know 

- There are different technologies, tools, software and skills required to design / develop a website. 
- Depending with what you need the website to do, you will need the services of an expert (developer, designer etc.) 
-  Website cost time and money. 
- Content is KING and will need periodic updates. 
- A website is just one platform, you will need to create other online platforms and link it with your website as the HUB. 

 Question “As an artist can I create a website with zero budget and zero skills? Answer is… YES. Start a blog for FREE! or Note: there are many others but I recommend Wordpress or Blogger.

Examples; Programme / Community organization and Personal Blog

What is blog?

 A blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual or a team with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. 

Pictorials during the session

YOUTH ADVOCATE / FACILITATOR / SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR / WEB DESIGNER +throughMylens: Consult / Create / Connect ~ Inspiring Life Long Learning! Specializing in training and mentorship
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13 Things Towards Learning and Youth Engagement That We Must Do.

#ParadigmShift #TheNewNormal #DisruptingTheNormal #21stCenturySkill #FutureOfWork #YouthLife #LearningToLearn #UNSDG4QualityEducationLifeLongLearning #UNSDG8DecentWorkEconomicGrowth 

Today I want to share with you part of my journey working with youths in different spaces that has changed my paradigm towards learning and engaging the youth. 

These are important areas we must put keen attention in any program that target the youth and children who are as we say ay the leaders of tomorrow (but we can start today). These areas touches on many aspects for social, economic, political, technological and many other pillars that will nurture the youth in different sphere of life that would promote better livelihood. 

I have trained and mentored the youth for more than 18 years, especially in the education space, creative economy, community service and sports and below are the new shift I would highly recommend;

  1. Followers into Leaders. 
  2. Material gain into Sustainable Values. 
  3. Consumers into More Creators 
  4. Learners into Teachers. 
  5. Job Seeking into Job Creators. 
  6. Competition into Collaboration. 
  7. Motivation into Activation. 
  8. Learn to finish school into Lifelong Learners.
  9. Random discussion into Meaningful Engagement.
  10. Future Leaders into Leadership that Starts Now (LSN). 
  11. Role Models into Mentors.
  12. Problem creators into Problem Solvers.
  13. Thinkers into Critical & Creative Thinkers (CCT) #MasterClass 
Get in touch with me for master class with your youth groups. More about me

Monday, June 28, 2021

Next Generation Stars In Mathare North

Without any doubt talent and interest to play soccer ⚽ amongst children from underserved communities is there. One of the biggest challenge is lack of resources to support every child play in a more organized way that will boost their interest to play soccer to the next levels as a career and hopefully play professionally. 

 General highlight of the gaps; 

  1.  Lack of safe playing grounds. 
  2. Growing number of kids who want to play soccer but no space to accommodate all.
  3. Lack of professional coaches at the grassroots levels. 
  4. Lack of sustainable model to provide material and equipment support, for example soccer shoes, balls, bibs etc. 
  5. Lack of follow up and support from guardians and parents. 
  6. Lack of enough prospects for exposure beyond the community. 
  7. Lack of transportation facilitation cost to attend beyond the neighborhood through soccer exchange programs. 
  8. Lack of deliberate mentorship and positive role modelling programs And many more! 
 At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) we decided to take a more deliberate effort to support the children in their growth in soccer by providing the best experiences even if we lack the adequate resources and support.

 Our Aim 

We seek to convert these hobbies and passion into more interest of building a career in soccer while teaching the children other vital life skills (off and on the pitch) that will ensure a decent livelihood during and after soccer life. We run an ongoing campaign to mobilize soccer ⚽ resources to support teams in Mathare North U10-U15 for the year 2000. 

 We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our soccer resource mobilization campaign for teams in Mathare North. 

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Skill-UP Master Class June 2021

#SkillUpMasterClass #LearningToLearn #QualityEducationLifeLongLearning 

 The Digital Gap - Finding & Be Found 

Wilsen Initiative in collaboration with Oasis Mathare organized a Skill-Up master class for selected youths to learn how they can upgrade their digital skills that would create more opportunities for them to be known for who they are, what they do, their values etc. 

The main objective of the session. 

  1. Learning to learn 
  2. Smartphone photography 
  3.  Content creation 
  4. Social media 
  5. Self marketing 
 General Insight 

Even with the wide spread of technology and gadgets, many young people lack the vital skills to drive their digital footprint in the right direction on how they can utilize the digital space in creating a more relatable and professional brand identity. The advantage of having a strategic brand identity, both online and offline would open many doors of opportunities for the personal growth. 

The Internet 

 One of the things that young people need to know is that the internet never forgets and they should be much aware of the their digital footprints and build strategies around it using the 5W and 1H namely; How, Why, When, What, Where and Who they want to target. 

Get in touch for with us for the next Skill-UP session at your youth centre. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Learn To Learn Tips +throughMylens

#SelfStarter #LifeLongLearning #Learning2Learn Learning something new can be a doubting task that only the prepared mind with a consistent pattern end up enjoying their learning curve without the supervision of the teacher or a coach. A good percentage of what I know has been through consistent pattern of learning, real life experiences, research, testing etc. within a chosen career pathway. Below, I would like to share with you my formula and if you like it crown it. 

If it doesn't work for you, make sure you develop one for yourself. In the world we operate in today, there are many distractions both online and offline, if you can manage to learn something by yourself, without switching off due to unwarranted distractions just know you are on a mastery level of self learning. 

Here is how I do it +throughMylens 

  1. Have an overall goal. 
  2. Write three sets of objectives. 
  3. Choose a subject matter. 
  4. Allocate time slot and account for it. 
  5. Do a mini project on a pro-bono assignments. 
  6. Read, Research and Create (Input Vs Output). 
  7. Work on a real client (paid assignment). 
The prescription +throughMylens Library. #InputMode 

  1.  One educative video on subject matter. 
  2. One blog article per month (general knowledge and career pathways) . 
  3. Write one articles per month based on my experiences (learn and unlearn). 
  4. Out-Put :-Teach someone or a group. 
In my case I strive to do monthly Skill-Up Master class with the youth. 

Learning Quotes; 
- “Learning isn't a means to an end; it is an end in itself”. Robert Heinlei 
- “No one has ever completed their apprenticeship”. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Life Series

Did you know... 

No plan, is still a plan, 
Inaction is still an action,
Indecision is still a decision, 

One step in the right direction is worth than a hundred steps in the wrong direction. 
Sometimes it isn't the speed of the wind that determines your arrival, but rather it's about how you adjust your sail on the right direction regardless of the speed Life Series... 

My true self, the true North! 

The best version of yourself doesn't live in imitating others, rather it resides in a process of self discovery of what more you can do while you also learn from other people. It isn't how long you live that counts, but rather what you do regardless of the years you live that will continue to live even when you're gone.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Future! Yesterday is in my books, Today is all I have to make the desired change, Tomorrow is what I desire within a short distance, The future is where is see myself after all is done, The past will always be present in our future, never forgets how the past has contributed to your present status. Sometimes we are advised never to look back in some situations, but it's also profound not to forget our past as we focus on the future. 

Your present status is the linchpin that connects your past and your desired future prospects which is based on what you do today as informed by your yesterday.

You Need More Than Just a Great Idea To Turn Your Dreams into Reality.

Do you believe in the power of your dream? 

Here is a small video I have compiled less than 5 minutes in acknowledgement of where have come from and what I'm currently doing. Today is exactly 9 years since I shared my dream during the prestigious youth fellowship in Hamburg, Germany. 

I shared part of the Wilsen initiative (Wi) mission and vision and the desired dream towards achieving a more prosperous community where youth are at the center stage of all actions as catalysts of positive change through their skills and talents. I know there is a lot that is yet to be done but I take this moment to appreciate the journey travelled and to thank everyone who has been part of my journey.

 "The best idea is the one at work and not on paper, start with what you have and remain focused toward the goal." Wilson Masaka, youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 

Link me up with any opportunities to train or work with young people. 
 More about Wilsen initiative (Wi) and my personal journey on 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Soccer Shoes Campaign 2021

Ongoing Through the Year for U10 to U15 years. Wilsen Initiative - A shoe a month still makes a difference in someone's soccer' journey. Raising the Bar Beyond Self! Tagline:- Play Safe with Dignity. My target this year is to reach at least 50 young stars (U10 - U15) from underserved communities in Mathare North with quality pairs of soccer shoes. Yesterday I delivered four pairs to make it 10 soccer shoes so far delivered, now remaining 40 as per my target. 

 To make it sustainable, I make necessary efforts to encourage the parents and guardians to buy a second pair once they wear out. The problem we have is a society where parents and guardians don't support the extracurricular activities, especially in sports as one of the avenues of building a career and an all rounded person. Due tough economic situations and unexplained issues, buying a soccer shoe in the most underserved family isn't a priority. 

My story is a testimony which drove me to start this initiative in the year 2000. Call To Action I invite you to be part of this change process by donating a pair or two. I thank all my friends and my family for supporting the calls since inception in the year 2000. 

I want to encourage you to never give up, change is a gradual process and in this case I want to inspire and challenge a mindset that will reach the parents and guardians and the entire community to take sports in this case soccer as a serious venture by investing in their children at the earliest age. 

There are many benefits that a child gets being part of a well organized soccer team /club for example; 

  1. They learn the soccer skills and drills. 
  2.  Improve self esteem.
  3.  Guidance and mentorship from senior coaches. 
  4. Improved teamwork.
  5. Leadership roles, for example being a captain.
  6. Accountability of behavior away from home.
  7. Physical and psychological well-being. Etc. 
Through Wilsen initiative, we want to offer the best experience for the children's growth in soccer while we encourage them to observe the best values that will take them beyond the youth life. We also support education has one pillar of success which, if paired with a great talent good chance of many doors of opportunities will open. 

 +throughMylens #MathareNorthSoccer 

 I don't only want to showcase our soccer journey, but I want to do something by changing it for better, especially with special attention to our young stars who are between U10 to U15. I used to play barefoot so I understand how it feels, read more about how I acquired my first soccer shoes which made me never to look back in helping the young stars where I can.

Best Quote; 

 "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - John Bunyan