Monday, June 21, 2021

Learn To Learn Tips +throughMylens

#SelfStarter #LifeLongLearning #Learning2Learn Learning something new can be a doubting task that only the prepared mind with a consistent pattern end up enjoying their learning curve without the supervision of the teacher or a coach. A good percentage of what I know has been through consistent pattern of learning, real life experiences, research, testing etc. within a chosen career pathway. Below, I would like to share with you my formula and if you like it crown it. 

If it doesn't work for you, make sure you develop one for yourself. In the world we operate in today, there are many distractions both online and offline, if you can manage to learn something by yourself, without switching off due to unwarranted distractions just know you are on a mastery level of self learning. 

Here is how I do it +throughMylens 

  1. Have an overall goal. 
  2. Write three sets of objectives. 
  3. Choose a subject matter. 
  4. Allocate time slot and account for it. 
  5. Do a mini project on a pro-bono assignments. 
  6. Read, Research and Create (Input Vs Output). 
  7. Work on a real client (paid assignment). 
The prescription +throughMylens Library. #InputMode 

  1.  One educative video on subject matter. 
  2. One blog article per month (general knowledge and career pathways) . 
  3. Write one articles per month based on my experiences (learn and unlearn). 
  4. Out-Put :-Teach someone or a group. 
In my case I strive to do monthly Skill-Up Master class with the youth. 

Learning Quotes; 
- “Learning isn't a means to an end; it is an end in itself”. Robert Heinlei 
- “No one has ever completed their apprenticeship”. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Life Series

Did you know... 

No plan, is still a plan, 
Inaction is still an action,
Indecision is still a decision, 

One step in the right direction is worth than a hundred steps in the wrong direction. 
Sometimes it isn't the speed of the wind that determines your arrival, but rather it's about how you adjust your sail on the right direction regardless of the speed Life Series... 

My true self, the true North! 

The best version of yourself doesn't live in imitating others, rather it resides in a process of self discovery of what more you can do while you also learn from other people. It isn't how long you live that counts, but rather what you do regardless of the years you live that will continue to live even when you're gone.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Future! Yesterday is in my books, Today is all I have to make the desired change, Tomorrow is what I desire within a short distance, The future is where is see myself after all is done, The past will always be present in our future, never forgets how the past has contributed to your present status. Sometimes we are advised never to look back in some situations, but it's also profound not to forget our past as we focus on the future. 

Your present status is the linchpin that connects your past and your desired future prospects which is based on what you do today as informed by your yesterday.

You Need More Than Just a Great Idea To Turn Your Dreams into Reality.

Do you believe in the power of your dream? 

Here is a small video I have compiled less than 5 minutes in acknowledgement of where have come from and what I'm currently doing. Today is exactly 9 years since I shared my dream during the prestigious youth fellowship in Hamburg, Germany. 

I shared part of the Wilsen initiative (Wi) mission and vision and the desired dream towards achieving a more prosperous community where youth are at the center stage of all actions as catalysts of positive change through their skills and talents. I know there is a lot that is yet to be done but I take this moment to appreciate the journey travelled and to thank everyone who has been part of my journey.

 "The best idea is the one at work and not on paper, start with what you have and remain focused toward the goal." Wilson Masaka, youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur 

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