Wednesday, August 23, 2023

End of School Break August 2023

Despite failing to organize the customary school holiday football event in Mathare North for U10-U15 teams. We have planned an outreach friendly game between Mathare North Rangers F.C and Michezo Halisi Kenya, the host team in Mbotela St. Paul's pry school grounds. 

The Goal
Our main goal is to provide young talent with excursions outside of the neighborhood so they may experience and learn from other well-established community clubs / teams. In addition to a friendly soccer game, we'll have a pep talk session with both teams especially on life in general.

 " Our goal is to develop a football player that is an all-around athlete with the proper mindset, aptitude, and understanding both on and off the field." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate, Special Entrepreneur and Founder at Wilsen initiative (Wi) 

 Call For Support 

 The team will require some facilitation for transportation, reshmenent and back to school package, therefore we are seeking the help of well-wishers, former senior Mathare North Rangers players, and our friends. 

 In the event that you can help in any way, get in touch with for more information. To the advantage of the next generation, let's work together MORE! 

 Do More / Be More / Be Different.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Play Safe With Dignity - Vincent Mathare North Rangers F.C

My daughter Debrah and I handed a pair of football boots / shoes given to Vincent, who plays for U15 Mathare North Rangers F.C. 

 Collective Effort..

 The Wi-Effect and Wi-experience We are able to reach at least one player or many per month from my personal contribution and the help of friends wherever there's a call for support. 

On the other hand, anyone can offer support anytime, because there are still many who are yet to be reached.

 Thank You Note! 

 I'd want to take this chance to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me realize my goal of providing football shoes to children playing football in Mathare North between the ages of U10 and U15 as well as for the uniform and balls for the teams. 

More Than Just a Shoe... 

I work hard to make a lasting impression on the young football players who, for the most part, wouldn't have the opportunity to play in the proper footwear during their U10–U15 developmental phases. Through my resource mobilization efforts I've been able to provide football shoes to more than a thousand children since the play Safe With Dignity Shoes Campaign began. 

 Highlights :- Learn more about the campaign for shoes. 

 You too can be part of our journey by donating a ball, shoe or uniforms. My vision is to reach every child from U10 - U15 playing football in my neighborhood. 

Do More / Be More / Be Different.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Brankline Masibo Joins Sofapaka F.C In the Kenyan Premier League

The outcome of the Mathare North derby has begun to bear fruit. Brankline Masibo recently made a significant transfer from Mathare North Youth F.C FKF County League East zone D to Kenya Premier League team Sofapaka F.C.

 This is one of the uncommon stories, especially from our neighborhood. This is a motivating tale that clarifies the adage that success doesn't require a "godfather" and that talent pays. 

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Brankline was spotted during the Mathare North Derby, which was contested on July 30, 2023, at Drive Primary School and featured Mathare North Youth and Mathare North United F.C. 

He was one of the outstanding players despite his team losing the derby 2-1 since he scored the only goal off a well-placed free kick. The community of Mathare North is overjoyed that one of its own has been signed into the Kenyan Premier League (KPL). 

It will be enjoyable to watch him play against AFC, Gor Mahia, Tusker, Bandari and other Premier League opponents. Now we have a club to support at the Kenya Premier League and the rest of the children in our community will be inspired to do more and be more in future. 

 Brief History.

Born in Nairobi, Brankline attended Loreto Boys before completing his O'Levels at Kitenge Boys High School. His football career began with Mathare North Rangers FC, a community team that features in local games and tournaments. 

Mathare North Rangers F.C.'s main goal is to encourage young people to achieve more on and off the field by nurturing and developing potential at the grassroots level. 

Masibo joined Mathare North Youth in 2017 and participated in the FKF Sub County League, where he advanced to the FKF County Nairobi League. Since we believe in his abilities, we want to wish him the best at Sofapaka F.C. and with high chances of competing for a spot in the national squad. 

 ~ 'Vijana inawezekana', never give up. discipline, hardwork, talent, consistency and patients all combined pays. 

 ~ 'Chema Cha Jiuza Kibaya Cha Jitembeza', God's timing is the best. 

Last but not least, I commend Sofapaka and other KPL teams with similar perspectives for recognizing the potential of young players from lower-level divisions. I adore this move; if a player demonstrates exceptional talent, regardless of the league in which they compete, they need to be promoted to the top and best league when they are at their peak.

22yrs Position: Left back ~ 2010 - 2017: Community team - Mathare North Rangers F.C

~ 2017 - 2019 - FKF League - Mathare North Youth F.C Sub County League.

~ 2019 - July 2023 FKF League - Mathare North Youth F. C Nairobi County League Zone D.

 ~ August 2023 Signed with Sofapaka F.C featuring in the Kenya Premier League. 


  " To earn a spot in the first eleven of the national team Harambee Stars. Make my mother and the people of Mathare North proud."

 Do More / Be More / Be Different.
 +throughMylens - Wilson Masaka