Sunday, September 11, 2022

Training at Generation Shapers On Mobile Journalism (MOJO), Content Creation and Storytelling

On 10th - 11th September 2022, I had the pleasure of training the first group of young people from Generation Shapers based in Mathare on Mobile Journalism (MOJO), Content Creation and Storytelling. Currently, Generation Shapers are running a project called The Voice for Just Climate Action  which seek to engage different stakeholders on developing and showcasing different creative climate solutions.

My main role was to;

1. Training the participants on content creation.

2. Help the participants develop creative content based on Storytelling.

3. Help the participants understand climate change from the point of causes, effects and action.

4. Equip the participants with skills for Mobile Journalism (MOJO) skills to enable them to tell stories that matter to them and those that drive climate justice.

5. Train the participants on a chosen Mobile application (Mobile App) for photo and video editing. 

Below are some pictures captured during the session;

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

She Can (I'm a SHERO) Project under Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

 About the project I'm a SHERO, is a platform that advocates for better terms of engagement for girls / women in sports. The platform seeks to inspire young girls in sports starting with football which is one of the popular games played at the underserved grassroots communities. 

We want restore the hope and dignity of girls / women playing football through training and mentorship. We hope our intervention will create a lasting ripple effect of self-awareness that would lead into more responsible lifestyle. 

Esther Mazira, Project Leader / Co-founder at Wilsen initiative (Wi) She Can (I'm a SHERO).

Who is a sHERO?

In our own definition a sHERO is a woman of excellence who aspires to do more, be more and be different in creating their own meaning of success whilst helping others find meaningful pathways towards whatever they desire to become in future. 

Her passion and dedication is to achieve more beyond self while also helping others women /girls in their transitions through sharing life experiences, skills and knowledge. The sHERO advocates for more and better engagement for the girl child without any biasness towards the opposite gender. 

The Background Kenyan football for many years has been faced with many challenges from alleged corruption, poor leadership, lack of enough support etc. In this bubble Women football has been one of the most affected making it difficult to convince the ladies that there’s a great future playing football especially after MYSA temporarily stopped participating in Norway cup like it used to be due many factors for example lack of funding and the arrival of Corona virus. 

Young girls / women in Kenya playing sports go through a series of challenges from lack of mentors, lack of time, limited remunerations, lack of funding, lack of playing gears, early pregnancy, just to mention but a few. This situation can only change if we create targeted programs that would address both known and unknown obstacles that deprive the girls and women the opportunity to excel in their chosen sports. On the flip side despite all hurdles, we can't totally write off what football (generally sports) can contribute towards achieving a holistic social well-being and development for the girls through training and mentorship. 

Esther Mazira, Project Leader / Co-founder at Wilsen initiative (Wi) She Can (I'm a SHERO).

Our Brief Theory of Change 

We want to address some of the issues affecting the girl child by creating a network of sHERO who will deliberately create different bridges that would help the girls living in the underserved communities. Our main target is to work with organized women /girl groups between 12 - 35 years at the underserved communities for example football teams, chamas, in school etc. 

Our Values;
  • Meaningful engagement 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Informed choices
  • Collaboration 
 Our Program
Our program is designed in such a way that all the sHEROs bring unique skills, knowledge, experience etc. that defines our activities. We have a framework which is based in the A.S.K models (Attitude, Skill and Knowledge) in all our delivery. 

Our Main Activities.
  • Skills and knowledge transfer. 
  • Mentorship & Training 
  • Mobilizing for resources for example sanitary towels, football shoes for the girls’ teams, uniforms etc. 
  • Organize women / girls competition and learning excursion visits. 
 Our Goal 

Our main goal is organizing training sessions that would help the girls in their general well-being in terms of Sexual Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR), Life skills, leadership, Creative Entrepreneurship, financial literacy, career development, education just to mention but a few. Secondly, we also aspire to create a network of women in sports as role models who have the time, passion, experience, qualifications and are committed to train and mentor the upcoming women in sports from underserved communities playing in different sports disciplines. 

Call for Support 

Currently we lack the adequate resource (funds, team, material etc.) to run the project as envisioned but we are determined to Do More with the little that we can access. Should you be in a position to offer different support get in touch with us. We also accept material support for example football shoes, uniforms balls etc. for the girls’ teams at the grassroots. Currently we aren't able to operationalize all our activities due to lack resources. We call upon all well-wishers to come on board and help us rollout some of our activities in the community. 

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Inspired by Wilsen Initiative - Do More | Be More | Be Different.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Brief Personal Biograph, Esther Mazira -aka Essie.

Esther Mazira -aka Essie.
Footballer, Project leader / Co-founder She Can (I'm a sHERO) at Wilsen Initiative (Wi). 

Esther Mazira aka Essie was born in 1994 and was raised in Mathare North community in Nairobi, Kenya in a family of footballers. Her late dad and siblings inspired her journey of playing football in a society where not many parents would encourage or support their daughters to pursue sports as one of the vehicles in achieving excellence. 

Esther is one of the women football stars who have raised Mathare North zone flag higher in different football platforms locally, regionally and abroad. She is an aspiring professional footballer and co-founder of She Can (I'm a sHERO) project under the umbrella of Wilsen initiative (Wi). She has more than 8 years’ experience working with children and her peers in community project that supports the well-being of both the children and youth. 

Her great passion is also to positively impact the lives of others, especially the young generation while working on community development initiatives that incorporate diverse cultures. Her career aspiration is to work in an environment where she will be in a position to help the next generation develop skills that would enable them become positive change agents at the earliest stage of their life. 

Her determination, talent, skills, discipline and unrelenting passion has enabled her achieve great exposure abroad and accolades in football and education. Despite being brought up in a humble background, she has been able to defeat many challenges that are associated with girls living in less privilege society by pursuing football and education as two of her gateways towards success. 

Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Commerce at the Kenyatta University while implementing her dream project known as She Can - I'm a sHERO hosted by Wilsen Initiative (Wi). Over the years Esther has gained valuable experience working with different organizations as a data clerk with the main responsibilities being; editing digital content for online products, classification of data and processing required data to ensure accessibility and reliability of the data to its users. 

 Brief Football Profile
  •  Position: Midfielder. 
  • Community club: - Ottobenecker F.C  Mathare North Zone. 
 Teams played for: - 
  • 2018 to 2022 :- Played for Kayole Starlet soccer club that features in the Kenyan Women Premier League. 
  • 2017 Gaspo F.C 
  • 2015: - Participated in Africa University Games at University of Nairobi (UON). 
  • 2014 -2015:- Played for Kenya Methodist University (KEMU). 
  • 2002 – 2014: Played for Otto-Benecker football club based in Mathare North. 
  • 2002: Participated in the International Norway cup soccer tournament in Norway with the MYSA team representing Kenya. 
Personal Best Quotes 

“Football made me, I have educated myself at some point, I have expanded my network of friends, played in the Norway cup and many more. My vision is to set up a center that will help the children and youth especially girls in leading a more responsible lifestyle. As a lifelong learner and a champion for quality education for all, my drive in life is to encourage girls / women in sports not to relent in pursuing education as part of achieving excellence. 

“It is important for the girls/women to find the winning combination in sports and education as two greatest avenue to excel in life. The unfortunate part there are no many platforms that train or mentor girls in the same line of thinking to make an informed life changing decision at the earliest stage like 12 years.” - Esther Mazira aka Essie. Footballer, Project Leader / Co-founder of She Can (I'm a sHERO)

 " Playing football is one thing, understanding your surrounding the next important thing but knowing yourself is the most important of all." - Esther Mazira, Project Leader / Co-founder at Wilsen initiative (Wi) She Can (I'm a SHERO). 

Featured Quote 

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” - Lou Holtz The Power of Sports and Education 

 Education Background

  •  2019 to date: Pursuing Bachelor of Commerce at the Kenyatta University 
  • 2014-2016: Diploma course in business administration at Kenya Methodist University. 
  • 2012-2013: Attained certificate in counseling and psychology at Eden Therapy 
  • 2009-2012: Attained Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at ST. Teresa’s Girls High School in Nairobi County. 
  • 2003-2008: Attained Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) at Valley Bridge Primary School in Nairobi County. 
  1.  To create a network of dedicated role models who will train and mentor young girls in sports. 
  2.  To play profession football in top clubs. 
  3. Acquire coaching qualifications. 
  4. Establish a learning centre for children and youth.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Skill UP Master Class

Life Series... +throughMylens #KnowledgeAndSkillsTransfer #Softskills #21stCenturySkills Skill Up Is Back }} One of my forte is training delivery. I love teaching and facilitation. I'm an advocate for quality education and lifelong learning. 

Over the years, I have acquired great experiences as a trainer, facilitator, photographer, manager, mentor, football coach just to mention but a few. I love sharing knowledge and skills acquired, especially with the young people so that they can make an informed decision in their shaping their career pathways and defining their own meaning of success. 

 "A better society begins with sharing our skills, knowledge and experiences." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur 

I would like to share these life changing experiences with the next generation of workforce starting with young people. 

 Taking an account of my last assignment, I have gained a great deal of experiences in the following areas; 

  1. Communication skills. 
  2. Interpersonal skills. 
  3. Organisational skills. 
  4. Ability to work under pressure. 
  5. Ability to lead and manage teams. 
  6. Problem solving skills. 
  7. Critical thinking skills 
  8. Supervisory skills. And many more... 
 "You must learn a set of soft skills to earn the next opportunity. Ignore soft skills at your own risk." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. 

 "You can't buy experiences, you must be determined to through the tunnel which sometimes is dark and be determined to come out from the other end as a changed person." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur 

"You don't grow old by acquiring skills and knowledge, on the contrary you become even wiser especially when the same is shared" - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate Social Entrepreneur. 

Over the years I have acquired great experiences as a trainer, facilitator, photographer, manager, football coach just to mention but a few. All these are part of the cornerstones of Wilsen Initiative Inspire / Connect / Educate.

Link up with me especially for master sessions / classes with your youth groups. Do More / Be More / Be Different

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Golden Goal For A Golden Boots.

Sports For Development, Restoring Hope Through Football. 

Growing up, my parents (even though my dad was a great footballer) didn't get a chance to watch me play competitive football or attend my regular football training sessions. I don't blame them because that was a different era where sports were seen as an extracurricular activity that had limited remuneration compared to the current situation where things are a little better.

 Golden Goal For A Golden Boots! 

As a child, I use to play barefoot until the age of around 14 years whereby a well wisher by the name Helge from Norway donated a pair of football shoes after scoring a fantastic and the only goal during the tournament that was organized in his honor known as the Helge's Cup in 1996 played at the St. Benedict parish field along Thika road. 

I can remember vividly, I was the only player in the match, without football shoes (boots) not only from our team but also including the opponents. The match ended 1-0 in favour of our team Helge Sports F.c and we played against an all-star side from Mathare United youth. 

In the subsequent years that is 1997, 1998 and 1999 I was honored to have been selected as part of the MYSA team after going through a competitive and challenging selection process from the 16 MYSA zones. The selected team of the best 16 players would proceed to the Norway Cup, in Norway to represent Kenya in the prestigious annual international youth tournament.

As a nation, we are still struggling to develop a vibrant sport economy, but sport can be one of the top contributors to GDP and a powerful vehicle to unite all as seen in other developed nations. I have great testimonials of how playing football has contributed to my development either in education and international exposures.

The Journey

I will continue supporting my children and all the kids under our program through Wilsen initiative (Wi)  to be who they want to become through training and mentorship using football as a vehicle towards a prosperous future. 

I won't force them to be like me, but I will encourage them to be more and I will create for them different experiences which will lead them into their desired dreams. Child development in sports and creative arts are two great pillars at Wilsen initiative (WI) where we mobilize for soccer shoes, uniforms, balls etc. to support kids whose parents who can't afford the equipment living in the underserved communities.

We also create an avenue for the kids to develop in other skills through training and mentorship which are based on the ASK model (Attitude, Skills and Knowledge). For any type of support you can always reach me through In the picture; 

The Masaka Family :) 

Quite a special day 27.08.22 whereby together with my wife Lela we travelled to support Debrah and Adrian during their trip to EMBUL-BUL in Kajiado County. This was during the football exchange program organised by Wilsen initiative (Wi) and Gudush Academy based in Mathare North. Do More / Be More / Be Different