Friday, July 31, 2009

Tribute to my grandy

Tribute to my grandy Magdalina Ahero Life is a journey..

Yesterday 30th July 2009 night I didn't have a good sleep, I slept at around 13:30pm mid night! not realizing that I was going to receive a phone call from my sister Nana at around 7:36am that my grandy that has been ailing for more than two years has past way. The news got me with a shock but always put God first and everything will be OK.
Rest in peace grandy we love you but God loved you more than we do. You inspired me positively and I learn a lot from you. When I visited upcountry there was always someone who was taking care of me and making me feel more than home, grandy you are an inspiration to me and may God rest your soul in peace.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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It's never too late get yourself a place or ticket on the web...

We have come far with ICT and I can't express how much internet has come to be part of my life. Through internet I connect with friends, learn new things, I got a job and many more. Get connected at least with an e-mail address!

In life there is the up and downs but don't think of killing yourself, use drug to 'remove' stress or ...There's always another chance hang on!

Keep your eye on the promise. There must be a solution to our problems that we face think of the simplest thing you can do like TALKING...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Title: 'The architecture of life'. Make a good foundation for a better tomorrow. Plan well and use the right materials one pillar leads to the other. Don't limit yourself!

Monday, July 27, 2009

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When one window closes others opens (look through the window)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

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"Our eyes will see what we want them to see"

From the archive - different cultures

Hello world! - India



Where next..........Keep it locked!

Through sports (football) I have been able to learn a lot and got to know myself better...

Friday, July 24, 2009

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Like a palm tree...

The science....

Try it...

Facebook What's on my mind "Let us celebrate all the people who work at the background be it a meeting, organizations, governments, construction work........THINK ABOUT IT!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Everyday of our life we learn new things. In Kenya when you buy an orange from a local market the best they can do is to wash and cut for you in four pieces but in Zanzibar they peel it. Isn't the sweetness the same?

Katherine and Salama training the Zanzibits students

Empowerment, women too can do it...

When I grow up...

a day well planned ends well...

Monday, July 20, 2009

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Inter culture: Ruben ( Netherlands) Mbarak (Zanzibar) Wilson (Kenya)
Different countries, color, cultures, religion but one people, one world, peace, love and unity.

Tribute goes to: Lucky Dube ( Reggae music artist)

Express yourself...

Today's lesson was amazing we learned how to expressed ourselves using words and fonts styles both from pen and paper, group discussion, presentation and later we explored the same using computer. Here is what the student's had to say...

"The name of our font is heart font & the word is heart, this means every person has a heart & without heart you can't live also heart can make person to make something or to fill something example someone to fall in love & can hold it when he has had time of life can take it . the colour which we use in our font is red,blue,green & yellow.
red is show that is danger to play with heart or show love
blue is show sea because heart like quiet place like sea side.
green we are creative & yellow is show heart is so friendly with any one who like it.
by zainab,khamis ,rauhia,salum & abdallah."

"title: We told the wold about "BEACH"
Font name: beautiful relaxation

DESCRIPTION: beach is the place you can use for enjoy your self, when you are in happy or sad.this is fresh for relax your self. please use it for make your mind clear.we use yellow,white, green, black and purple color which represent beach, it can used by any one, have natural resources, sun, peace and so on.


"message ; Reduce the greenhouse gases
short description ; To tell the industrialized countries to cut the production of dangerous gases emitted from the industries, becaues these gases destroy the natural habitat of the world, and eventually the life will be difficult.
by; Abeid, Hakimu, Najim, Eliza, and Said."

Students response received via e-mail

photo me...

starting point pen and a paper

Class presentation...

Practise on the computer with fonts

Teachers illustration (Wilsen-x)

Express yourself.......heeee!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

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The process, do something.....

In life there's always difficulties that make us strong but you have to do something to over come them. The answer is the simple things we think of.

Put your eye on the ball..(Prize or the goal)

Control it......

Always there are obstacles on the way but wait and everything will be fine again

Hang on...... When one door closes lots of windows opens

hard work pays healthy!

Be happy! eeeeh!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Title: Dalala
Description: Means of transportation in Zanzibar.

Title: 'The dream'
Description: We need to focus to succed in life

Title: lets play
Description: Kids too has got a chance to lean new things (Back to Basic)

Title: Turning point
Description: Everything is possible and there's always light at the end of the tunnel (Believe and trust in yourself)

Title: From a distance
Description: Far from a distance but yet so near...(an achiever)

Title: 'tree'
Description: For a tree to be called a tree it needs the stem, roots, branches etc we need each other! (team spirit)

Dream team

NairoBits pioneer students 2000. It all started here...
From top left going right; Ann and Joseph - Amahoro, George and Moses
- Jockey,
Simon and John Giache
- Gringos, John and Biasha-
MickeyMouse, Anthony and Idris -
Tom & Jerry, Stephen and Wilson -
Mecca, Bonface and Karani -
MODO, Geofrey and Mark and Otieno (not in the picture) -
Titanic, Campos and Rose -

Thank you guys I will never forget you in a special way!

from the archive click here for more....

The journery...

Awards, workshops and publication

• The Butterfly paper No.1 featured story page 44
• Winner world ‘s best e-content in the category of creativity and culture at the World Summit Youth Award year 2005
• March 2005 attended the Doors of perception 8th conference in New Delhi, India and represented NairoBits at the exhibition.

• Participated in the African Youth Foundation (AYF) essay competition in ICT and education in Africa.

• On September 2005 attend a workshop organised by YIKE (Youth Initiative Kenya) on youth leadership and obtained a certificate for participation.

• Award winner: Poster competition 2004 for young people which was organized by the Safer Cities Programme of UN-HABITAT to mark the World Urban Forum and sensitize young people on urban insecurity. ttp://

Youth award.

By Masaka Wilson, Trainer at NairoBits Trust
At 22 years of age, Wilson Masaka Magambo’s Nairobits Digital Design School won the Creativity and Culture category by using digital design training to transform the lives of slum youth in Kenya. “Nairobits Digital Design School has been the vehicle out of poverty, unemployment and crime in some of the worst areas of Nairobi", said Wilson. “We hope the WSIS will bring new opportunities for growth and sustainability.” read more >

- ya! .pdf article

Job title past and currently

• Trainer / web developer / book keeper NairoBits Trust
• Senior trainer / interim manager Zanzibits
• Volunteer peer educator with MYSA

Some projects worked on..

- Thorntreeproject
- elephantwatchsafaris
- Taabco
- Nairobi-arts
- nairobitsblog.blogspot
- hotsunfoundation

Sports and documentary


- Secretary of Otto Benecker football girl’s team.
- Founder and head coach of Metro Sports FC which is youth lead initiative through sports
in the slum (football). Website: click here
- Captain of Mathare United U16 team, 1998 - 1999.
- Toured with Mathare United U16’s to the Norway Cup in Norway, 1997 - 1999.
- Played for Mathare United under 17 team, winning the Coca-Cola youth tournament in
- Captain of school team, Don Bosco secondary school.
- Winner of MYSA ‘Best Player’ and ‘Fair Play’ awards, 1999.


Television In 2001 I was featured in the BBC documentary, ‘Well Connected’, about the work
of NairoBits and the global impact of the internet. I was interviewed for the
programme by the presenter, Mariella Frostrup, and assisted the production crew
with their filming objectives during their stay in Nairobi.
The programme’s web site please click here...


Volunteer Worker, Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA). MYSA mainly deals with sports projects, community services, self-help projects and leadership training programmes by and for the youth of the Mathare slums. Their work aims to be a viable model, inspiration and source of expertise for similar youth self-help projects in poor urban and rural communities in Kenya and other countries’. My role has included, attending workshops on Drugs and HIV awareness and disseminating the information to the other members; assisting in the running of our MYSA zonal league; coaching the boys’ Under12 and Under14 football teams; attending community services clean-ups.

The dream...

• Web master.
• Start my organization.
• Financial stable.
• Help my family and my community in one way or the other.

From the archive...

Article written 1999-2000 ( Nairobits student.

Edited; 18-07-09


It was on a Tuesday morning whereby I had to leave to the Promised Land of which I had never been to. No creature lived there but it was pleasant place for human being to live in. My journey started without difficulties but the more I increased steps the more it became difficult and dangerous thus remember a thousand miles begin only with one step.
It was so lonely and tiresome; I climbed rocks, mountains and even crossed rivers. Although I had never been terrified I kept it cool. I reached a place where the wind blew merrily and on top of trees there where birds singing their sweet melodies thus on the ground it was a green pasture of which I was the first human being to step on it. To my surprise I was caught asleep until dawn when I woke up. Thus I was to decide for myself where the Promised Land was thus I thought it was there, of which I stood in that place and gave it a name which was an island and rely it was. As for now I still live there ruling the island.
Written by: Wilson Masaka

Friday, July 17, 2009

From the bits and pieces..

Wilsen-x is my brand name I'm a charming guy who like's working with everyone from all race and creed. I love learning new things, socializing and making new friends, exploring new cultures and most especially inspiring the youth in my community and also all over the world through what I’m doing. One thing I have come to learn in the bits and pieces of my life, there is always something, somewhere, somebody or anything of the sort that motivates and inspires you or the opposite. I would urge all the youth around the world to believe in themselves and think about life as a positive vibe.

In my bits and pieces of my life I have achieved a lot but still working hard to achieve more and more. Sky is the limit for me and it’s never enough, I keep on going on and on...

I take this chance to say thank you to the almighty God first for making everything possible for me, when I was down He was there to lift my spirit, when I cried for help He offered solutions for me. Secondly my thanks goes to my entire beloved family who has helped me in driving the vehicle of life to the right direction. Lastly I would like to thank all the people who have helped me in achieving all that I have in one way or the other , I won't mention names for now but some of them are people we have dinned with, worked with, talk to, played with etc, you know yourselves ‘Ahsante sana’.

Having lived in Mathare which is one of the biggest slums in Africa, I have learned the practicalities of life what we say 'learning by doing' or born a 'dreamer' and an achiever from a tender age trying to make both ends meet. Imagine seeing yourself somewhere great in the next ten years but you don’t know how, believe me or not if you apply the practicalities of life you will ultimately succeed.

Below are some of the phrases or quotes I picked from some books some years back when I was sixteen years, some though are my own creations. I would have loved to acknowledge the authors but it is long time since I read this, it is only that they have made me grow and I can't forget them.

Best quotes and phrases;

• If you believe and trust with God anything is possible.
• The 3 D's - dreams, dedication and determination are the swiftest way to success.
• Sky is the limit.
• Wilsen-x (the champion in you...).
• Action speaks louder than words.
• Charity begins at home.
• Hard work pays.
• Work is much more fun than fun.
• All great achievement requires time and tenacity.
• I would rather fail in a course that will ultimately succeed than succeed in a course that will ultimately fail.
• Don't look down upon others despite their age, color, education background etc. Everyone is unique and has potential to achieve.
• Impatience is costly, your greatest mistakes will happen because of impatience
• It's better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation.
• Don't do it for me, but for a purpose.
• These troubles and sufferings of ours are after all quite small and won't last very long. Yet this short time of distress will result in God richest blessing upon us forever. 2 cors 4:17
• Think what next?
• It's better to be hungry now but tomorrow have a smiling face, Persevere!
• It is better a living Dog than a dead Lion.
• God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well Rom 12:6
• Who is your role model and why?
• Don't let the world squeeze you into its own mold let God remake you so that your whole attitude of mind is changed Rom 12:2
• The more you are like yourself the less you are like anyone else. You are like a tree you must put forth the fruits that’s created in you.
• Respect yourself and you shall be respected...
• The person who has no direction is the slave of his circumstance.
• Failure is not defeat it is a temporary detour not a dead end street.
• Don't wait until I get a 'GOLD’ help me in getting it.
• Teach me and I shall learn, talk to me and I shall listen, give me a chance and I shall express myself, correct me when I’m wrong, don't accuse me, help me when I’m down, complement me when have done something right, don't laugh at me but laugh with me. (Great team spirit)
• Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stone to success.
• Ideas are like stars we never reach them but like the marines of the sea we chart our course by them.
• Never give up, hold on...
• You were not born rich or poor you are the one to determine your destiny this are not a permanent status. Anything is possible.
• Three steps forward one backwards.
• Fair play and say No to racism (FIFA)
• Just do it! (Nike)
• If you don’t plan you plan to fail